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The reason we went to MHS was because they allowed us to use the coach on consignment. Every one of the staff members helped us out on the deal. We travelled over 2000 miles to get here and glad we made the trip!

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Jordan was very professional. Basically everyone I met was great and courteous. I will definitely buy again from here. I really like the condition of the RV. Prices here are great across the board, and they have a wide variety of high end quality RV’s. Sales with Jordan were fast and easy. The walk-through was very detailed. I will be a referral of MHSRV.

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We are repeat buyers becuase of the ease of purchase and the selection here is outstanding. When we consider upgrading again, we will definitely be back. Very friendly, knowledgeable people here. Ted is easy to work with. Colin delivered the walk through and made it fun and educational. Excellent prices and excellent service at MHSRV.

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It was their selection, reputation, and reviews that had me purchasing with Motor Home Specialist. MHS offers reasonable prices, good quality RVs and excellent service. The Monaco Montclair I purchased was used, in great condition and in our price range. Brain Kelley made for an excellent (5) sales process. He did an excellent (5) walk through as well. It was a pleasure to work with and very easy to work with Motor Home Specialist. Everyone was very professional. We plan on coming back for our next purchase. The staff is very patient and caring. It was our first motor home so we had too many questions. :0)

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Motor Home Specialist had exactly what I wanted and was able to make the financing work. Prices here are competitive and they have an excellent line up of motorhomes. We purchased a 2005 Monaco Signature and I really like the Roadmaster chassis, Cummins diesel, tag axle, and my wife loves the interior colors. Brandon made the sales process awesome. Financing was perfect and Arturo delivered a very thorough, professional walk through of our new RV. We received top notch service here at Motor Home Specialist. Keep doing what you're doing! I don't see anything that could be improved upon. You guys and gals are awesome!

Stock: 15836

MHS had the availability of the coach I wanted. They have the best prices and good service. The selection of quality RVs they have in stock is excellent. I really like the floor plan, options and color package in my new Monaco Diplomat. Steven was efficient during the sales interaction and Matt delivered a good overview of my RV. I will be a referral of this company.

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I chose to work with Motor Home Specialist for our RV purchase because of their high quality inventory selection and competitive prices. We like the rear bunks for small kids, the 15K towing capacity, and modern finishes / colors in the Monaco Diplomat. Lonnie made things very simple and Arturo did a very good job walking us through our new coach. Excellent service here. 5-star rating.

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It was their prices, quality, courteous staff, and the presentation that had me purchasing from Motor Home Specialist. I really like the features of my new RV. Jimmy made the sales experience easy and breezy. He delivered an excellent walk through of the RV. Even the finance portion was superb. I will absolutely recommend Motor Home Specialist to family and friends.

Stock: 15839

I am a returning customer and I love the ease of working with MHS. They offer great prices, a great selection of quality brands, and perfect service. I really like how easy it is to work with the MHS team. Ted made the sales experience easy and Stephen / Arturo did a thorough job at the walk through. I will be back for my next purchase. 5 stars across the board.

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Getting a big one and chose to do business here. 5 stars for MHS. Worked with Marty and Arturo who were both excellent. Prices, selection, finance, sales, and service were also all excellent. Will be sure to send friends and family to MHS.

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MHS had what we were looking for at the correct amount. Really like all the features and options in the Monaco Camelot. Mark delivered a flawless sales experience and Lee was very informative during a walk through of the coach. Perfect service at MHS. Really enjoyed the people I dealt with. 5 star rating.

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Price at MHS is the BEST! It is the lowest for the value. The quality of RVs at MHS exceeds my expectation. Ted was very helpful and friendly. Excellent finance portion too. Ted and Juan did an excellent and knowledgeable job during the walk through. Excellent service overall. 5 star rating.

Stock: 12003

Did business with Motor Home Specialist because of their good prices and volume. John was good to work with and Arturo performed a very good walk through. Very good serviced received overall.

Stock: 15442

David, our salesman was great and really helpful. Tim did a very good job showing us the features of our Diplomat. 5 stars. Have already referred friends/family to MHS.

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price and inventory - both of which are excellent. Sales experience with John was excellent and the walk thru experience with Lee and Collin was also excellent. Overall, excellent service. 5 star rating.

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Went with MHS because of price and service, both of which are excellent. The selection of quality RVs at MHS is also excellent. Really like the size, color and options in my new Diplomat. John Powell and Arturo were excellent. Even the website was helpful when deciding to purchase from here. Will be a referral of this business.

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The area for customers to stay in was awesome! Everything and everyone was awesome! Thanks for being there. Every time we had some little something to fix it was fixed immediately. Steve, Matt & the rest were GREAT! 5 Stars! MHS had the model and make we wanted, which was the Monaco Diplomat. We really like the corner fireplace, furniture, floor plan and outside color of our new coach. We will refer friends and family to MHS.

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chose MHS b/c of price and selection. They offer fantastic pricing. Brian made the sales process smooth. Financing was simple and Mike was informative during the walk thru. Great overall service at MHS. Will be referrals of this company.

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I've done previous business with Motor Home Specialist. They offer very good prices, excellent RVs, and excellent service.

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Chose MHS as my Motor Home dealership because of price and service. Pricing was the best I could find here with a good selection of quality motorhomes. Really appreciate the size, roominess, engine and inside amenities of the new Diplomat. I worked with Mitch who was very relaxed during the sales process. Michael did an excellent job as well. Best experience I have ever had making a purchase. Excellent service at MHS.

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Location / selection. Motor Home Specialist - 5 stars. Great prices, great RV selection, and very good service. Marty in sales was helpful, professional and available. Lee did a very good job during the walk-through process. Ended up purchasing a Monaco Diplomat and esp. like the bunks and towing capacity.

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Because of cost. The quality of their RVs at MHSRV are 10 out of 10. Purchased a Monaco Vesta and like the air ride - leveling and the interior. Justin did a great job in sales and Mat was very good walking me through the Vesta. Very good service overall. 5 star rating.

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MHS is a larger dealer. They have great prices and wonderful coaches. Worked with Justin in sales which went perfect. Matt was also fun to work with during the walk through of the coach. 5 star rating. Will be a referral of MHSRV. Really like the complete attitude and buying situation.

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On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 6+ star rating from MHS. Your team was excellent with the purchase of the new coach, would definitely, 100%, tell others about MHS. You have top notch coaches with unbeatable prices. Chose the Diplomat and mostly like the luxury and appearance of the coach as well as the engine power.

We really like the quality of the interior and attention to details in our new Monaco Diplomat. This is the second coach we've purchased from Motor Home Specialist and we would recommend them to anyone. We are very satisfied with the overall service and they offer great pricing and a great selection of quality motorhomes.

Mitch was one of the best sales person I've encountered in years. Not pushy, answered all questions, and was very friendly!!! Michael was also great and provided us with good information. Great service at MHS. 5 star rating.

I enjoyed all the people at Mhsrv. I felt like they cared about what they sell and their customers. Buck and Stephen were outstanding to work with. Mhsrv had the best pricing I found and a great location. I really like the tag axel of the Monaco Diplomat. Outstanding service here.

5 stars for MHS! Good pricing, great RVs. Jordan and Stephen did a good job. Will refer friends and family here.

Great experience at Motor Home Specialist from the price and great quality of service to the salesmanship and very efficient sales process. Even the walk through process by Steve was very nice. Jordan helped to sell us the Monaco Diplomat which we liked the overall options it offered. Will definitely be a referral of MHS.

Rodney did a fine job at selling us the Monaco Diplomat. I mostly liked the tag axle, refrigerator, and shower of the Diplomat. Steve was very informative when performing the final walk through. Very good service received from MHS.

We're return customers. The quality of service is always outstanding with an upfront and honest sales process.

Great assistance & knowledgeable (know-how) The walk-through with Steve was a A+ performance. The prices at MHSRV are very good and the quality of service is excellent.

The prices at MHSRV are the best and our sales process was excellent & truthful.

We would absolutely recommend MHS. Right coach. Right price and a great/excellent closing experience.

We decided on MHS because of price and prior dealings. The prices, quality, sales process, finance, closing, walk-through and quality of service are all excellent.

The prices are very reasonable! The quality is outstanding! Carl Lewallen was very nice, friendly and truthful. Steven who performed our walk-through was also very patient & thorough.

The quality of service and the walk-through with Brandon was excellent.

The main reason we decided to purchase from MHS was the price. The sales process with Lance went very smooth and our walk-through with Steve Evans was very thorough.

Mr. O'Banion, I wish to thank you and the entire MHSRV Team for a great experience in the purchase and delivery of our Diplomat. You have a great Team and I wanted to highlight some folks who deserve special thanks. Please pass on our huge thanks. Our salesman was very helpful and ensured our delivery experience was excellent. His sharing of his knowledge and advice on the coach and the motor home industry in general helped us make important decisions. He provided excellent assistance and advice. Steve Evans did a great job getting the coach and us ready to go! Steve was very patient with us and spent an inordinate amount of time with us. Steve had to work through several issues on the coach that he went out of his way to ensure were corrected professionally. Carlos of the body shop did a great job repairing the back access door where the hinge was defective from the factory. Ms. Scott and the other folks in the office were very professional, courteous and efficient. A very smooth operation. Again, thank you and your staff for great service and the your help leading to the delivery of our new coach.

The quality at MHSRV is excellent. 5-Stars.

Outstanding, would buy again.

The sales process was the best! - and the quality at MHS is very good A+ - 5-Stars

Our sales process was very honest. You were conservative on describing our coach so we were impressed that it was better than described. You didn't oversell on the phone.

The main reasons for deciding to buy from MHS was the price, overall selection and people. Chris was excellent.

The prices at MHS are the best and our sales process with Robert Easley was painless.

I would like to say that the experience with MHSRV was the BEST I have ever experienced in my life. It was a pleasure dealing with Sesty and Rodney. I would recommend MHSRV to anyone. When I need another motor home you can bet I'll back to MHSRV. Thank you both for the personnel help that you gave us. It was a true pleasure to work with you both and we love our Monaco Camelot.

Erin: Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the great service and making my trip a success. This journey started months ago on your "best in the business" website. I had some early discussions with salesperson Jimmy and some documents were forwarded for my review. After settling on a rig, the deal was put together by telephone and fax. Thanks to Sesty at the reception desk for following up on my messages. After flying out, all day on four different airplanes, and a night at a motel near the airport, I was picked up by Patrick, part of the management team and driven to your facility. We shared some war stories though our wars were forty years apart. Good to find people a half country away that share many common values. On arriving at your facility I was introduced to Jimmy who I had been talking to. Then to the delivery stall where T.J. and another fellow gave me a thorough walk- through and introduction to the Covina, then to your office where the paperwork was completed. Another fellow I met in the kitchen was kind enough to brew me a pot of coffee to get me on the road. The best part of the whole experience was there were no surprises. Everything went as planned. Realizing that my purchase was not a big deal looking at the scope of your business, I couldn't have been treated better if buying a Prevost. My only regret is that I will not be able to utilize your shop/service facility due to the distance. I will however, share my story and refer anyone interested. You seem to have found the business model for success; Honesty, courtesy and follow through. More success in the future and thanks again. I t was my pleasure doing business with you.

I shopped for 8 years and over 100 dealers and the prices are about 30% lower at Motor Home Specialist than what I found elsewhere. The quality of service is excellent and they have first class qualified people working here.

This is a first class operation. Do not change anything. I was amazed about everything and there was no pressure put on me. That was a great feeling. Thank you for everything.