Stock: 18882

My experience here was excellent; I have nothing but great things to say. Well-run facility and friendly staff from mechanics (Travis) to Andrew (walk thru), Carl in sales, and even Mark Henry in finance. No tricks or gimmicks; will buy from here again!

Stock: 18574

We were very happy with our previous purchase. We also decided to shop here because of the MHSRV prices, which were the best in our search. Also, the website helped in making our decision on this coach; youtube confirmed our choice. I appreciate that we were able to venture out on the golf cart and look on our own. Great experience beginning to end.

Stock: 16579

We chose to purchase our 2019 Dynamax Force from Motor Home Specialist because of the excellent service we received and the overall price of our new coach. This Force had all we wanted for a fair price. Justin was our sales person and he did an excellent job throughout our experience. Juan delivered a very smooth walk through on the new RV. Overall it was an excellent experience and thanks for everything.

Stock: 18640

Everyone was great to work with, very friendly and informative experience. Motor Home Specialist offers reasonable prices on a good selection of RVs. Jordan Buckley & Martin helped to make the experience good. I will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 17734

I chose to do business at MHSRV because they had the right RV at the right time. Great prices and a great selection of quality motorhomes at MHSRV. David was easy doing business with. Jordan was very professional during the walk through of my new RV. Perfect service at MHSRV. 5 stars! Great job!

Stock: 16623

We purchased a Thor Chateau from Motor Home Specialist and really like that it’s a diesel coach and is easy to use. The MHS website is easy to use which also made things easy for me. Marty and Mark were extremely helpful and patient with my sales process. Thanks fellas!

Stock: 17447

Everything was efficient and professional every step of the way. MHSRV makes buying a joy, not a chore! During the final walk through before leaving, Omar was very detailed and professional, an excellent experience. Ted made it an easy buying experience as well!

Stock: 17525

Motor Home Specialist had what we were looking for at a good price. Brian was very personable and Chris was very thorough during the final walk through. People were so friendly and welcoming. I will be sure to recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 16898

We chose MHS primarily because of price – you get a great value for the money. They have an excellent selection of quality coaches. Excellent job by Staven – great job for helping us narrow down the final options and for helping us land on the right unit. Excellent sales culture at MHSRV. Even the closing/ finance portion of our interaction was nice, relaxed and informative. Travis did an excellent job as well, showing us all the features in our new coach. He was very thorough.

Stock: 16303

Marty has been a great contact person through this process. He was quick to respond and helpful in the process. We purchased an Entegra Anthem and really like the quality and craftsmanship of the coach. 5 stars for Arturo who delivered a very good walk through on our new RV. We will be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 18494

Thanks for making it fun and easy!! No Hassles!! Excellent prices, excellent selection and excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. 5 star rating!

Stock: 18988

We chose MHS because of their very competitive prices and because of the features on the RV we wanted. We purchased a Thor Chateau and of all its options and features, we especially love the TV location in the living room, the outdoor TV and outdoor storage. David Garza was our sales person and he was very easy to work with and made the sales process painless. David and Billy were awesome! Couldn’t ask for any nicer people. Everyone we came in contact with greeted us by name and was super nice. Outstanding service received! Great staff! We found the website very helpful. It had lots of photos, videos and all information needed, especially price.

Stock: 16622

I will definitely buy here for my next need and I will recommend! :0) I ended up purchasing a Thor Chateau and I like everything about the RV. Prices at MHS are the best and they have great inventory. Carl and Juan were both great. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 17293

The RV was available to purchase for the right prices and MHSRV. From the initial inquiry to the final sale, it has truly been a great experience! 5 stars rating for MHSRV.

Stock: 17725

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist! Great prices, a great selection of quality inventory, great overall service! Oscar and Arturo were both great to work with. I found the pictures and videos online to be very helpful when making my decision to purchase here. When we get ready to upgrade, we will be back. Thank you all.

Stock: 17673

The RV that fit my needs was here at Motor Home Specialist. Justin was honest and had a smooth sales delivery. 5 stars for Roy who completed the final walk through on my new Fleetwood Bounder. Overall this has been a very easy process for me. The MHS have been kind and very helpful. I have already referred people to MHS and will continue to do so. Thank you!

Stock: 18774

The main reason we chose Motor Home Specialist was because of their selection and we had the privilege of working with an excellent sales person, Justin Nassiff. Prices at MHSRV are competitive and we received good service overall. It was a very good sales approach. We weren’t pressured but still serviced. It was the perfect balance.

Stock: 17519

The main reason for shopping here is the professionalism of everyone involved in our purchase! David Garza made for a great overall sales experience and Arturo did an excellent job answering all questions! We really like the safety features and VEGA system in our new Anthem. We are pleased and excited about our new bus. Additionally, the MHSRV website helped with our buying decision. From start to finish we have worked with excellent people! Great experience!

Stock: 17946

It was overall a wonderful experience purchasing from MHSRV. Both Jordan and Lee were excellent to work with. Prices here are fair and the inventory selection is excellent. We ended up purchasing a Foretravel Realm and love the slides and appliances. Overall 5 stars for MHSRV. I will be sure to recommend MHSRV to friends and family moving forward.

Stock: 18139

We purchased a Thor Motor Coach Hurricane at Motor Home Specialist and really like the prices at this location. We especially like the kitchen and bathroom counter space in the new RV. MHSRV has an excellent selection of quality coaches. Brandon Neal in sales was great to work with and Chris did a great walk through. It’s nice that things are stocked and on concrete. Everything is clean at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 19029

We chose Motor Home Specialist as our RV dealer because of the product, condition and price. worked with Carl Lewallen who made for a very pleasant and professional experience. We will absolutely be referrals. Great experience – looking forward to our next purchase.

Stock: 18010

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist! They have fair prices and a good selection of quality motorhomes. Of all the features in our new Leprechaun, we especially like the navigation, size, and outdoor kitchen. John Powell was very professional and Chris was great during the walk through or our new coach. Very professional team, knowledgeable and friendly – 5 stars all around!

Stock: 19069

The sales people were helpful, courteous, and kind! Great prices and RVs at MHSRV. Brian Kelley was our salesman and he helped to make the sales process very smooth. Roy delivered a very thorough walk through of our new RV. Thank you for making this a smooth, pain-free experience.

Stock: 16441

All persons that I encountered at MHS were very pleasant, patient, informative and professional. They took care of our concerns that we as customers had. Marty kept in contact with us during our stay. He and his technician were very prompt in getting the motor home purchase ready for me. On top of that, the prices are unbeatable!

Stock: 16498

We recently purchased the 2018 Sportscoach Cross Country RV at an excellent price. Jimmy made the sales process very easy and Omar was very thorough during our walk-through. This has been one of the easiest purchases I’ve ever made!

Stock: 16200

We came to MHS for the good price on the available 18 Fleetwood Bounder we were looking for. The amenities of this RV for the price is better than most dealerships have to offer. Our RV was equipped with a washer and dryer, oven, king ben, tile bathroom and slide with roominess. Thanks for allowing us to camp on your site! The covered transferring of old to new coach was definitely a plus!

Stock: 16982

I’m very pleased with my new purchase, the 2018 Thor Outlaw. The price and size were perfect and the garage for my motorcycle really sold it for me. I’m thankful that God allowed me to see and experience this wonderful day, this is truly a blessing for myself. Thanks Buck and Martin for the great experience.

Stock: 15970

We came to MHS for the great pricing and tone of the greatest customer service experiences we have ever gotten. John was easy to deal with and made the finance process easy with no issues or problems. Jordan also was very smooth throughout the walk-through experience. Keep up the great customer service! We travel far for all of the great people in MHSRV.

Stock: 17584

Our experience at MHS was a very smooth and low pressure sale. Working with Carl was easy and was able to address all of my concerns. Juan was very thorough during the walk-through and was able to answer all of our questions. The RV protection is a very good value.

Stock: 16497

MHS is filled with good, friendly people that are very helpful. They made the entire process of buying our 18 Coachmen Sportscoach a great experience. Their service deserves 5 stars. I recommend this MHS to anyone shopping for a new RV.

Stock: 18165

We really appreciate the concierge service and Arturo’s walk-through. Lonnie was also very thorough and very professional through the sales and financing process. Absolutely recommend MHS. Also, thanks for the bottle of wine!

Stock: 18468

MHS has a great selection of RVs and their website has a lot of great information on it. I also really appreciated the inspection process. John and Arturo were great and made the sales process super easy.

Stock: 17732

Would absolutely recommend MHS to anyone. They are convenient, offer very good prices and selection of RVs. Marty and Travis are amazing to work with. 5 Stars!

Stock: 16137

The quality of service you will receive at MHS is simply excellent. We were able to get the 2018 Thor Gemini equipped with amazing features and options, diesel engine and the perfect size for what we were looking for. Carl and Martin were top rate salesmen who made the entire experience for us.

Stock: 18469

I purchase the D4 Fleetwood Southwind RV from MHSRV because they had the best deal on what I wanted. I had an excellent sales experience working with Ted and Omar was the best when giving me the walk-through. So excited about this purchase!

Stock: 18405

All reps were very accommodating. We got the pleasure to work with Ted and Martin who made the process of buying our new RV easy and gave us an all-around great experience. MHS has a great selection of motorhomes at fair prices.

Stock: 14941

I love everything about my new 18 Foretravel Realm. If you are looking for a new motorhome MHS has very good prices and quality RVs to choose from. Jordan and Lee were excellent to work with. Absolutely recommend this place!

Stock: 16439

Everyone was so helpful. The customer service was great. We chose to come to MHS because of the price but we stayed for the amazing service. Carl was quick and smooth during the sales and financing process. Chris did a great job during the walkthrough. We will be recommending MHSRV to our friends and family!

Stock: 15288

Thank you so much for everything. It has been a great experience! We loved the fact that we were able to stay on the lot, were given free food and the staff was available on certain days. David Garza and Omar were both great people to work with. 5 stars!

Stock: 15009

Everything at MHS is excellent – from the quality RVs and prices to the customer service and find people that work here.

Stock: 16903

Everything was nice and everyone was helpful. Justin and Travis were excellent to work with. We are loving our new 18 Heartland Terry Classic RV with the Retro look, adjustable bed and canopy built in. We loved the fact that MHS is a family business and the prices are also a great plus.

Stock: 16484

We got upgraded to the 18 Coachmen Sports Coach at MHS. The prices they have are very negotiable and offer excellent quality RVs. We were very impressed by the huge variety of RVs. They offer great customer service. JD was great to work with throughout the sales and closing process. Omar was very nice to work with as well, thorough and very informative during our walk-through. Mark Henry was patient and also informative. Definitely will be recommending MHSRV to our friends.

Stock: 17559

MHS has an amazing selection of RVs with great prices. We give Jordan and Juan an A++++ and love the way you guys do business. We are thrilled with our 2018 Pace Arrow, with reclining seats and diesel engine. Thank you so much!

Stock: C2037

We came to MHS for the service and they had the RV I was looking for. Carl was very helpful and took time to work with us in every way. We are thrilled with our new Tiffin Allegro Bus.

Stock: 17099

MHS has great coaches and great folks. The service at MHS deserves 5 stars. Justin was fast and honest during the entire sales process. Justin was also very thorough during the walk-through. Thank you!

Stock: 18586

The service here at MHSRV is very good! WE really appreciate the lunch and loaner car they gave us. We went with the 16 Entegra Anthem for the tile floors and the diesel pusher and were sold on the excellent price. Collin and Lee were great to work with. 5 stars!

Stock: 18449

The entire MHSRV experience was the best! The prices they have to offer are unbeatable and they offer the best quality RVs in the game. Jimmy made the entire sales and financing process easy and seamless. Omar was very thorough throughout the walk-through. Absolutely recommending MHSRV to our friends and family.

Stock: 16280

We were able to find a model available here at MHS of our new 2018 Entegra Aspire. We loved the exterior paint job and the layout of this RV is amazing. Billy and Mark were very attentive to us during the sales and closing process making this an easy purchase. Lee was very thorough and professional while giving us the walk-through. MHS offers top of the line service. Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase a motorhome.

Stock: C2025

We were able to find our 17 Fleetwood Discovery here at MHSRV. The prices here are very competitive and we were able to make this purchase at the model price. Brandon was great to work with and made the closing experience great. Brandon gets 5 stars for his walk-through and service on the RV. Definitely recommend to friends and family!

Stock: 18482

Everyone was friendly and helpful throughout the process. We have been looking to purchase an Entegra and found the 2016 Entegra Anthem in excellent quality and price. Jordan has been a pleasure to work with and Arturo was very informative and excellent to work with.