Stock: 15648

MHS has very competitive prices and very good quality of RVs with a tremendous amount to choose from. Jordan answered all my questions and was knowledgeable and courteous. He walked us through the whole process seamlessly! Steven was also excellent to work with while giving us the walk through of RV choices. Glynn was excellent on fixing the flooring. Definitely recommend!

Stock: 17147

MHS has the best price for the easiest process. Jordan and Arturo were both easy to work with and quick during the entire sales process. Great company!

Stock: 17506

We got the 18 Thor Outlaw from MHSRV for the very competitive prices and good quality and selection of RVs. David was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful when taking us through the sales process. Omar was very thorough walking us through the RV selection. We highly recommend MHS!

Stock: 15615

This is the 3rd motor home I've bought from MHS. Nice people to work with. 5 stars!

Stock: 16598

Staven was very patient and informative. The rest of the staff did a fantastic job teaching us what we need to know about owning our MH.

Stock: 16100

Impressed by ability to view coaches by ourselves with no pressure. Staff has been very responsive and friendly. Jimmy and Juan are both exceptional!

Stock: 17129

I chose to shop at MHS because of their inventory and their great reviews. Brandon was a no-pressure salesman making me feel comfortable. This was the best sales experience we've ever had. Everything went great, Thanks!

Stock: 18162

Our salesperson was Don and he was very professional and courteous. Mark was our financial person. He was very knowledgeable and very nice. It has been a pleasure to do business here.

Stock: 14880

I chose to work with MHS after being recommended by a friend. MHS has the best prices that I've been able to find. Collin was easy to work with by taking care of all my needs and being quick during the closing process. Omar was great during the walk through!

Stock: 16144

5 stars! MHS has good quality RVs with absolutely great prices. JD Moore was super easy to work with and very good at describing the finance and closing. JD and Matt were very thorough during the walk-though. I will be recommending to my friends and family.

Stock: 15025

All around great experience! Jimmy took us through the sales process by making it easy with no pressure. Chris was very thorough during the walk through and made our decision easy. We love the location, price and the selection of golf carts that MHS has to offer.

Stock: 16676

Customer Service was top notch and more extensive than any other dealership we visited - from the lunch, golf cart options, no stress/pressure to buy. Staff accessibility (available via cell), the walk-through process and the option to stay overnight to test everything. We are extremely pleased. Thanks!

Stock: 19622

We found a coach that hit all of our wants and at the right price at MHS. The prices are excellent and they have a great selection with great quality RVs. Buck was smooth and easy when he was describing our sales process. Travis gave us excellent customer service when taking us through the walk-through.

Stock: 16272

We are so excited about our brand new 2018 Entegra Cornerstone. The process of buying this RV deserves a 5 star rating. Jordan and Lee were both excellent to work with. I definitely recommend this place!

Stock: 17508

We previously purchased an RV from MHS so we knew this is where we wanted to get our new 2016 Coachmen Cross Country RV. Brandon was very attentive and easy to work with!

Stock: 16076

Arturo was very patient and so very helpful as we are first-timers. John Powell never gave up on us as we first contacted him a year ago. Chris in finance was great too. All deserve highest rating!

Stock: 17864

The flexible time frame, personalities of people who worked here are top notch, likable people. Salesmen, mechanics, walk-through, and customer service reps were all exceptional. Lee made me a comeback purchaser from this company with his exceptional walk-through.

Stock: 15256

MHS has awesome prices with amazing RVs. Ted Eaton was professional and made the process easy. Stephen was thorough through the walk-through process. Great all-around experience! Lunch was a nice surprise, especially with 7 hungry kids.

Stock: 17449

The whole process was first class. Collin was attentive to us -answered all calls and questions. Enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you!

Stock: 16714

Excellent that you can stay at the camp site. Food service on Saturday is great. Staff knew my name and service/part department were willing to assist. Brandon Neal was fluid and flawless through the sales process and the financing and closing process was excellent. Stephen was good at the walk-through process and already knew everything about the coach.

Stock: 16285

5 stars for MHS! We bought the 2018 Entegra Aspire 44W because of the good deal and value great customer service. Brandon and Arturo were great to work with. All around good experience.

Stock: 16687

I decided to purchase my RV from MHSRV because of the fantastic prices and the top of the line people. Marty gave me a no-pressure sales pitch and Travis was excellent to work with. Everyone that I have come in contact with is top notch and will recommend them to anyone.

Stock: 17828

The availability for overnight stay to become acquainted with motor home is very much appreciated. The help returning our rental car and use of a loaner vehicle is very convenient. Thank you Rodney!

Stock: 17487

I really enjoyed visiting with all the sales guys! I've been shopping for an RV for years and finally found one I loved. David Garza was very smooth taking me through the sales process while making the finance and closing experience easy. Omar took us through our walk-through process and was very informative on the RV selection. In the end, I ended up purchasing the 2018 Coachmen Freelander. I will definitely recommend MHSRV to my friends and family.

Stock: 15006

Everyone was very friendly. I give MHSRV 5 stars for the fair prices and the wonderful people. We got the 2018 Forest River Forester 2861DS. Brandon Neal and Martin were both wonderful to work with - very knowledgeable and made the whole RV buying process easy.

Stock: 17360

I recently purchased the 18 Nexus Phantom from Brandon and Arturo. The prices and RV selection at MHSRV is good. Brandon and Arturo were very easy to work with.

Stock: 17551

I give MHSRV 5 stars for their great prices and A+ quality of RVs. Buck Buckner and Chris were easy to work with and made the whole process painless.

Stock: 17412

MHSRV is top of the line in quality of RVs and very competitive prices, if not the lowest. Christopher Purcell was excellent in helping with financing and closing. David Garza is the most personable, friendly guy, great to deal with in sales! Mat was an excellent choice to do walk-throughs with us. He was patient, answered questions clearly and very entertaining.

Stock: 17670

We give MHSRV 5 stars for the best prices, selection of RV's and the location. David Garza and Lee were excellent to work with and very helpful. Great Experience!

Stock: 17944

We recently bought the 2017 Forest River FR3. We love the RV, we enjoyed the buying process. JD, Chris P and Travis were awesome! Top notch service!

Stock: 16217

Everyone was very patient with us while we finally picked our motor home. Collin and Chris were both excellent. My wife loves MHSRV and the new motor home! Thanks!

Stock: 17131

No high pressure sales. Finance worked hard to get the best deal for us. Arturo gave us our walk-through and was extremely helpful. Camping overnight at MHSRV was great and gave us the opportunity to get used the unit with help. Oscar was very good and had a great personality. Not pushy and gave us a lot of time to make a decision.

Stock: 17097

We chose to look into MHSRV because Nexus management spoke very highly of this dealership. Marty was very personable and responsive. Stephen was very thorough during the walk-through process. We have already recommended MHSRV to our friends and family!

Stock: 17557

My wife and I spent many weekends visiting different RV dealerships (mostly MHSRV) and RV shows. Walking and looking at what RVs were liked and what we could afford. When we decided to buy MHSRV was the best choice we could make! JD was very nice and very helpful and made it his concern to help get what you wanted and needed in your RV. Arturo, Matt, Chris, Lee and Carlos and his entire team were great guys to work with! These guys took our list of problems and fixed everything! Thank you!

Stock: 17179

Lee did an excellent job doing the walk through process. He took the time to answer all of our questions on how all the features worked. Matt also did an excellent job. Brian did a great job. He called us up when the Dynamax DX3 arrived.

Stock: 15966

The drive was worth it! We chose to shop at MHSRV because they carried the Adrenaline line. They were also very quick to respond. Omar and David were very knowledgeable, friendly and quick to assist. Thank you!

Stock: 18148

Arturo was great! Justin and Buck were both excellent, helpful and thorough.

Stock: 16065

We came across MHSRV while looking for a new RV. The detailed information on their website and straight forward pricing (also the best pricing around) made this dealership a no-brainer. Staven and Roy were excellent to work with and very informative on the models we were interested in. 5 stars!

Stock: 15684

We recently purchased the 2018 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 35E. We chose this RV because of the bunk room for the kids. Mitch was excellent to work with and made the sales and closing process easy.

Stock: 16132

We chose to check out MHSRV because of the advertising, reputation, selection and pricing. Lunch was great, speed of closing and texting and emailing made it very helpful! Appearance of MHSRV was also very appealing. Bryan and Chris were both very helpful and knowledgeable.

Stock: 17900

5 stars for MHS! We worked with Oscar and Roy throughout our Motor Home buying process and they both were amazing. We felt no pressure and they gave us an excellent price! Absolutely recommend this place!

Stock: 16199

Brian and Roy were both very informative while walking me through the sales and RV options. I had a great experience with the staff and the prices were awesome! 5 stars from me!

Stock: 17521

I have recommended Motor Home Specialist to hundreds of my friends! Jordan has the time and experience to show and evaluate the coach. This is the second one I have purchased on the site, unseen. Nowhere else in the world would I do that!

Stock: 14746

We love our 2017 Forest River Georgetown 36B GT5 because of the 2 full bath, 22.5" tires, full body paint and bunks included with this RV. Buck Buckner and Stephen Rogers made this a very good experience. 5 Stars!

Stock: 14758

Thank you for taking so much care in preparing for our arrival, for having the rig ready, and for making us feel valued. You guys are awesome! Lunch was great, actually every part was very pleasant. We appreciate that you are not high pressure and that the process isn't annoying or labor-intensive. Thank you again!

Stock: 17737

Mitch is top notch and an asset to the Motor Home Specialist family! We love the family centered atmosphere. We were able to get our 2013 Winnebago Adventurer 32H due to the fair price and excellent customer service. We will absolutely be recommending MHS to our friends.

Stock: 17364

I chose to shop at Motor Home Specialist because of the many options on their lot and the excellent customer service from Brandon and Arturo. Everything went smooth and everyone was helpful in getting this completed very quickly! Thanks!

Stock: 16289

My friend recommended Motor Home Specialist to me. The best prices is what sold me. Ted and Arturo were both made the buying process great.

Stock: 15474

Overall, an excellent experience. Carl made our sales process easy and the closing experience painless. Lee was very thorough during the walk-through.

Stock: 17090

If you are looking for an RV, Motor Home Specialist is the place to go. They have great prices and a huge inventory of RVs. Ted Eaton, our salesman was very helpful and gave us an excellent finance/closing experience. Omar was also very helpful with the walk-through process. We will be recommending Motor Home Specialist to our friends and family.