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My husband and I have dreamed about owning an RV and traveling and we have been looking at RV’s for over 2 years now. Everyone here answered our questions, never pressured and the process made a stressful (just like buying a 2nd house) very easy and very relaxing. During the walk through before departing, Juan was very attentive and very patient. Collin was very easy and helpful throughout the entire sales experience. We really love the layout and price of our new RV; it just felt like home to us.

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We recently purchased the 2018 Sportscoach Cross Country RV at an excellent price. Jimmy made the sales process very easy and Omar was very thorough during our walk-through. This has been one of the easiest purchases I’ve ever made!

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Jimmy followed through! Jimmy was very attentive and excellent to work through and made the finance and closing experience quick and easy. It was great to have someone you could trust. When they said things would be ready, that they would be.

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We are second time buyers. Jordan and Billy did an excellent job in helping us through everything. We could not ask for any better. When we decide to trade in, we will only come here. Five Stars.

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I chose to purchase from MHSRV because of their excellent selection, sales team, and they had the specific coach we wanted, which was the Sports Coach Cross Country. I especially like it’s fridge, bath and a half, bunk bed that lowers, and the King bed. Sales with David were excellent and Arturo did an excellent walk-through. Five Stars overall. Excellent customer service.

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I liked the coach I purchased and MHS is family recommended. Fair prices and good, quality motorhomes here at Motor Home Specialist. I purchased a Sportscoach Cross Country and really like the kitchen, and bedroom storage in the unit. Sales with JD Moore went smoothly and JD and Travis both did a thorough walk through of the Sportscoach for me. I received excellent service during my time at Motor Home Specialist. I will be a referral of this business. Thank you!

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I chose to do business with Motor Home because of price and location. Brandon and Mitch were both good to work with. Thanks, I appreciate all the patience with us first time RV owners.

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Thank you! We are liked…. and a little scared but mostly liked! We primarily purchased here because of the MHS reputation, their excellent inventory and very fair pricing. The entire sales process with John was painless! Collin was very thorough during the walk through of our new RV. All around, 10 stars for service!

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I found the right RV at a good price at Motor Home Specialist. Prices and the selection of RVs at MHS are both good. The sales process went smoothly with Mitch and the walk thru with Arturo was good and thorough. 5 star rating for MHS.

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Went with Motor Home Specialist becuase of their prices, which were the best we found. We also really liked the courtesy provided by their staff. The RV selection at MHSRV is very good. Kris was our salesman and he communicated perfectly and was courteous. Additionally, Artie delivered a thorough walk through of the new Cross Country. Top notch / no pressure service at MHSRV. We will recommend friends and family to this company for their RV needs.

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MHSRV offers better prices and top of the line motorhomes. John Powell was very good on information and Matt was very nice and very informative during the final walk through of our new coach. We enjoyed the visit to Motor Home Specialist and the people that we worked with on the sale of our 1st RV was very enjoyable.

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My experience with MHS was awesome. I really and truly enjoyed the whole process. Calvin Lockwood was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely let anyone interested in purchasing an RV know about MHS. The prices at MHS are excellent, more than fair. Their selection of quality coaches is also excellent. Tim did an excellent walk thru of the Sportscoach Cross Country. My favorite features on the RV would have to be the outdoor entertainment and bath & 1/2. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

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Was able to work with an excellent salesman (Rodney) and received outstanding service (Tim). Prices at MHSRV are excellent as well as the quality of their RV selection. Purchased the Sportscoach Cross Country and especially like the space, design and bunks in the RV. The walk thru with Rodney was excellent as well. Will absolutely refer friends and family to this RV dealership. Keep up the good work MHS!

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Selection & Price. The service was excellent at MHSRV. Worked with Kris and Collin. Both reps were very good. All the people we encountered were very helpful. MHSRV - 5 stars.

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MHS had the motorhome we liked. Good prices and a great RV selection at MHS. We like all the features and options of the Cross Country. David and Stephen were very good to work with during our experience.

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Main reasons for deciding to purchase with Motor Home Specialist is because of their website/web page and the their research resources. Also they have very competitive prices. The floor plan of the Cross Country is our favorite features of the new coach. Michael was very thorough during our walk through and Ted delivered a very smooth sales experience. Great experience, very friendly and informative.

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From the initial contact to the final sale, the entire staff was very professional, courteous, and informational. Would highly recommend MotorHome Specialist. They offer very competitive pricing and an excellent selection of motorhomes. Really liked the floor plan of the Sportscoach Cross Country. Rodney offered no pressure during the sales experience and was very professional. 5 stars for MHS.

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Salesman (Easley) was very helpful. Arturo did a very good job on walk thru. Will refer friends to MHSRV. 5 star rating.

Michael did a great job prepping our coach. Robert (manager) was down-to-earth and easy to work with. MHS had the motorhome type we wanted at a very good price. We like everything about our Cross Country; the size, luxury, and quality of the unit.

Good prices, good RVs, and good service at MHSRV. Especially like the king size bed and diesel engine in our new Cross Country. Brian and Arturo were both good reps to work with.

The Sportscoach Cross Country met our needs in full. We really like the front bunks of this RV. Excellent walk through given by Lee at MHS. Good service. We will be referrals of MHS.

The experience at Motorhome Specialist was wonderful. We had freedom to see and walk around without the pressure from a sales person or them listening to our private decision making and private conversations. We really enjoyed the entire time we were here. We didn't have a sales rep until we asked for one. Then he was so knowledgeable that we were fully satisfied. Lonnie was excellent during the process and during the final walk through once we purchased. Quality of service overall at MHS was super, super excellent. They are the #1 volume dealers with excellent pricing and an excellent lineup of quality coaches. We like all the features and options of our Sportscoach Cross Country. It was the price, quality and variety that MHS offered that helped to make buying from them an easier choice. 10 stars for Motor Home Specialist.

Great inventory and website/internet search are two things that brought us in to MHSRV. They have competitive pricing. Ted was excellent. We purchased a Sportscoach Cross Country and really like the layout of the coach. Ted will sell lots of RVs due to his honest personality and knowledge. Stephen knows the walk through process and makes it fun and easy to understand.

The price and choices at MHSRV are great. We especially liked the price and amenities of the Cross Country coach. Kris was great during the sales process. Matt did a great job at the final walk thru. Additionally, the help for lodging, restaurants, sites to see and everyone here at the dealership were awesome. Great 5 star experience at MHSRV.

Very competitive pricing and excellent RVs at MHSRV. Really like the diesel engine of the Cross Country. Excellent, 5 star service for MHSRV.

Rodney was great! And Brian did an excellent job at the walk through of our new coach. 5 star rating for MHSRV.

Affordable pricing. Outstanding selection. Super overall service. 5 star ranking for MHSRV. Rodney was very helpful and Arturo (Art) was very good - all questions answered.

Sales experience at MHS was very good. David was fantastic to work with! We ended up purchasing from here after searching the internet and looking at the website and all of the reviews. The Sportscoach Cross Country has several options and features that we like. Michael did our final walk through of our new coach and did a very good job. We will be referrals of MHSRV.

I loved the open door policy of looking! Everyone was very nice & friendly! MHS has great inventory and great salesman. Brian was easy and fun to work with. Chris was also great & patient during the final walk through. I purchased the 2016 Sportscoach Cross Country on account of its roominess and how beautiful it is. Great service at MHS. Oh yes, will recommend to friends and family!

Easy process, excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. Really liked looking through the MHS website and pictures prior to making the decision to buy. Ended up choosing the Cross Country mostly because of the bunk beds, 1 1/2 baths, and easy financing. Jordan and Arturo did an excellent job.

It was an excellent experience. Friendly staff and good prices.

2nd time around and both times were great!!! (previous MHSRV customer)

MHSRV is 5+ stars. We had a wonderful sales person and his personal attention to us was priceless. We arrived to pick up our coach in the worst ice storm & snow storm in Dallas history but he picked us up for breakfast anyway and anything we need he was attentive to. Brandy was prompt & courteous throughout the entire financing process & even with my multiple questions. Thank you!

I came to MHSRV from Oregon because of the excellent price and I really appreciate Buck giving us a very good sales process. Overall we received very good service the entire time.

I liked that my Cross Country has the 4 slides, tile, beautiful color, bath & 1/2 and the king bed. MHS has competitive prices, a great selection and top notch quality of service. This was a great experience and if we ever want to upgrade we will be back.

Jimmy made my sales process seamless and the closing team was very quick with their work. The quality of service was great and so was the price.

MHSRV is 5 stars and they have excellent prices. Jordan and the quality of service received from everyone was great. Thank you for the use of your golf carts to browse and for lunch.

I liked that our Cross Country has a residential refrigerator, tankless water heater and power awning. This isn't our first time to buy from MHSRV and we keep coming back because they have the lowest prices.

We bought from MHSRV because of the selection, value and the excellent price!! The Cross Country has all the features we like from the floor plan to the king bed and the fact that it's a diesel pusher. Our salesman was very helpful and gave us a positive experience. The quality of service was just excellent.

MHSRV is 5 stars. Our sales process was very easy thanks to Carl and the quality of the RV was very good. I would recommend MHS to my family and friends.

The fact that MHS is #1 in sales in the nation helped me decide to buy from them. The sales process was wonderful and my finance experience was great.

The prices at MHSRV are excellent and my main reason for deciding to purchase from them. Jimmy was very professional and gave us an excellent sales process. We will definitely will be recommending MHS to our family and friends. Everyone was very friendly and professional. We appreciate your facility!

We bought here because of the great selection via the internet, which had all the details listed on the website & numerous pictures, and the even better price.This is the best quality RV we have seen and the quality of service was excellent. We have already recommended MHS to our friends and absolutely will continue to do so. We have had a wonderful experience from start to purchase! We are very excited! :)

Everything from MHS's prices to there quality of service was 5 stars. I'll be recommending my friends to them.

The very,very good price was the start of the reason for deciding to buy from MHS but the customer service was also very good. Michael was awesome and I will be referring my family to MHS for sure.

We decided to buy from Motor Home Specialist because of the very good price and the great service. Our salesman Boyd was great and the website made shopping easy.

The prices at MHSRV are outstanding! Priced well below competition. Katy was a joy to deal with. Found us great financing and responded promptly to everything. Great process. First class operation.

I will brag about this business for years. The price is the best ever and quality of service is great.

5 stars - customer service after sale.

MHSRV is 5 Stars