2011 Sportcoach Cross Country Review, Diesel Pusher sold to the Cintra’s of Gulfport, Mississippi

We live in:
Mississippi , United States

We bought a:
Sportscoach Cross Country , Diesel Pusher

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Why did you choose Motor Home Specialist?

The experience at Motorhome Specialist was wonderful. We had freedom to see and walk around without the pressure from a sales person or them listening to our private decision making and private conversations. We really enjoyed the entire time we were here. We didn't have a sales rep until we asked for one. Then he was so knowledgeable that we were fully satisfied. Lonnie was excellent during the process and during the final walk through once we purchased. Quality of service overall at MHS was super, super excellent. They are the #1 volume dealers with excellent pricing and an excellent lineup of quality coaches. We like all the features and options of our Sportscoach Cross Country. It was the price, quality and variety that MHS offered that helped to make buying from them an easier choice. 10 stars for Motor Home Specialist.