Stock: 19113

There are quite a few things I really like about Motor Home Specialist. For starters, the loaner service, the meal which was provided at noon, lot transportation, snacks, the professionalism and courtesy of all the employees. Ted Eaton was very good and the walk through with Mr. Ewing was very informative. Good prices, a great selection, and excellent service here. I really like the color, number of showers, washer/dryer unit and hi-tech package of the new 2019 Fleetwood Bounder. We will be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 18915

Nice to know MHSRV doesn’t have hidden fees or a large doc fee. Great work by Chris to get us a great interest rate. Nolan was helpful and available. The MHSRV website is also very helpful. We purchased a 2019 Bounder and really like the satellite, cabinetry, paint quality and solar capabilities in the new RV.

Stock: 17673

The RV that fit my needs was here at Motor Home Specialist. Justin was honest and had a smooth sales delivery. 5 stars for Roy who completed the final walk through on my new Fleetwood Bounder. Overall this has been a very easy process for me. The MHS have been kind and very helpful. I have already referred people to MHS and will continue to do so. Thank you!

Stock: 16200

We came to MHS for the good price on the available 18 Fleetwood Bounder we were looking for. The amenities of this RV for the price is better than most dealerships have to offer. Our RV was equipped with a washer and dryer, oven, king ben, tile bathroom and slide with roominess. Thanks for allowing us to camp on your site! The covered transferring of old to new coach was definitely a plus!

Stock: 18228

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist!!! JD was very nice and prices were outstanding – the best prices anywhere. The selection was awesome with very good quality RVs to choose from. We purchased a Fleetwood Bounder and found that our most favorable options include the floor plan with king size bed, W/D, and bath and 1/2. The color scheme in this particular unit was also nice. JD Moore in sales was easy to work with; even the closing experience was hassle free! Billy was great! The final walk through with Travis was very informative and thorough. The MSHRV website was easy to maneuver and informative as well. Love that we can stay overnight to ensure we have a complete understanding of how everything works! Thank you for everything!

Stock: 16199

Brian and Roy were both very informative while walking me through the sales and RV options. I had a great experience with the staff and the prices were awesome! 5 stars from me!

Stock: 16197

I have been researching buying an RV for a long time. The prices and quality of the RV's at Motor Home Specialist are excellent. Marty sold us the 18 Fleetwood Bounder. He was friendly, personable and efficient. Arturo, who gave us our walk-though was very informative and an all around great guy. From A to Z this was a great experience!

Stock: 16206

MHSRV had the one that spoke to us. Prices here are competitive. I really like the fireplace and overall look and feel of the 2018 Fleetwood Bounder. Sales were good and easy with Jimmy. Arturo did a very good walk-through. I will be sure to recommend MHSRV to others.

Stock: 15721

The main reason for my purchase with MHSRV was because of their good prices and internet reviews. Justin and Billy were both very helpful. Communication was excellent.

Stock: 16207

Main reasons for doing business here are price, location, and their selection in stock. Upfront pricing at MHSRV, and fantastic range of RVs. I really like the power loft and washer/dryer combo in the Fleetwood Bounder. Brandon Neal made the sales process seamless. Finance was quick and painless. Colin did an outstanding walk-through. Thank you MHSRV.

Stock: 15727

We purchased a Fleetwood Bounder from Motor Home Specialist and really like the 1 & 1/2 bath, satellite, outdoor entertainment, and easy of hook - up. Jordan Buckley in sales was informative and Tim performed a very thorough walk through and was very patient with us. Great service overall at MHS. It was mostly the very good prices and people that had us purchasing here. We will send our family and friends to MHS going forward.

Stock: 16202

Prices at MHS are much lower than the competitors. They have a very good / excellent selection of quality coaches. I purchased a 2018 Fleetwood Bounder and especially like the loft, 7k watt generator, king bed and the half bathroom. The sales experience with Marty was not stressful in any way. Additionally Martin was patient during the walk through. Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15713

I purchased a 2018 Fleetwood Bounder from Motor Home Specialist primarily because of their excellent prices and their post purchased set-up/ service. MHS offers a great selection of coaches and great overall service. I really like the bunk beads, king bed, color scheme, and 1/2 bath in my new coach. Brando in seals did a great job throughout and Collin performed a great walk through before departing. I really found the MHS website to be beneficial. 5 star rating across the board.

Stock: 15711

Our main reason for deciding to purchase from MHS is becuase of their price to quality ratio and their location to us. We ended up purchasing a Fleetwood Bounder and really like the bunks, appliances, and exterior cameras. Collin was informative throughout the walk through and the overall sales experience went soothe. I like the variety MHS offers and it’s great that they offer the golf carts!

Stock: 13094

It was the very good prices, top of the line selection, and outstanding service from the staff that has us purchasing from Motor Home Specialist. We really like the size, finish, quality and strorage in our new Fleetwood Bounder. Calvin in sales was very smooth and easy. Collin was informative and helpful during the final walk through. We did not feel rushed; we were fed lunch, and treated politely. It was a very nice experience.

Stock: 15715

Great selection, great prices, and great service at motorhome specialist. Sales were simple and easy with Ted. Collin was very informative during the walk-through of my Fleetwood Bounder. I really like the layout of the bounder RV.

Stock: 15726

I decided to purchase with MHSRV because of their reputation and excellent prices. I really like the design and quality of the Fleetwood Bounder. Jordan in the sales department was excellent doing business with and Lee delivered an excellent walk thru of my new Bounder. The service at MHSRV was overall excellent. 5 star rating for this company.

Stock: C1909

I had visited this location several times and never received any hassle from anyone. Pricing at this dealership is superior to any other dealers in the country. They have an excellent selection of RVs to choose from and the service they provide is above others. I decided on the Fleetwood Bounder and really like the decor and interior, the over the cab bed, floor plan, exterior colors and the refridgerator. The sales experience with Mitch went smoothly. He also delivered an excellent walk through of the Bounder. Even the financing portion of my experience was excellent. I will highly recommend Motor Home Specialist to friends and family.

Stock: 13730

Awesome prices! Great selection of quality coaches! Awesome overall service! The sales process w/ Brandon was awesome! The walk thru with Stephen was awesome! 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. Thank you Brandon, Mark & Stephen.

Stock: 14234

MHS has wonderful people. Their customer service is one of the main reasons I chose to do business with them - love it! They have competitive prices, excellent RVs and excellent overall service. We purchased a Fleetwood Bounder from Steven who delivered and excellent sales experience. We especially like the bath and 1/2 and all the extras in the Bounder. We traveled from Phoenix to buy this RV due to impeccable impressions and prices. Love Brian, Billy and Steve. First Class!!! We will absolutely be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14785

Purchased with Motor Home Specialist because of their great selection, it's a beautiful facility, they offer the best prices and have nice employees! We like all the options and features of the new Fleetwood Bounder. Jordan was easy to work with and made the experience fun. Roy was also wonderful. He performed our final walk through our the new coach, which was great! A+ service at Motor Home Specialist. Great place!!!! Wonderful experience!

Stock: 14925

Main reason for purchasing here was because of their price and we were able to finance one. MHS has great pricing and a good selection of motorhomes. Rodney in sales was great to do business with. The Fleetwood Bounder purchased was new and clean. Will recommend MHS to family & friends.

Stock: 13104

Went with Motor Home Specialist because of the low pressure sales and they carried the Bounder. Mitch delivered a smooth sales experience and was excellent. Bryson was informative and detailed during the walk through. Will recommend friends and family to shop MHS.

Stock: 13151

I've purchased from MHS before. They have the best prices and a great selection of motor homes. I will definitely refer friends and family to this business. Calvin and Bryson are both great to work with. 5 star rating.

Stock: 14040

Great service at Motor Home Specialist. Everyone was very polite. They offer very competitive prices and 5 star RVs. The Fleetwood Bounder has an auto over head bunk and a 1 1/2 bath, which we really like. Also, we like the colors of this RV. Marty was awesome to work with and Arturo was very helpful. Marty & Billy made our RV buying experience very streamline. We'd deal with them again in a heart beat! 5 star service from MHS!

Stock: 12671

Ted and Mat at Motor Home Specialist were both great to work with. At MHSRV they have excellent pricing and motorhomes. was also helpful when it came to doing business here. Great service at MHSRV.

Chose to purchase here because of their good pricing, and the variety of quality motorhomes they carry. Out of all the features on the Bounder, we especially like the floor plan, refrigerator, and floor. Also, it was nice having the Fleetwood representative on site the day we were there.

5 stars for MHS. Great prices. The best RVs. Great service. Glad I came here.

Main reason for deciding to purchase from MHS are the people and the knowledge provided. MHS had good pricing and quality coaches. We purchased a 2017 Fleetwood Bounder are really like the full paint, 4 TV's, sound bar and satellite. The final walk through performed by Bryson was awesome. Mitch made for a good sales experience. Awesome job all around by every one!! Greatly Appreciated!!

It was time to upgrade. MHS has good RVs, good prices and service. David and Arturo were both good to work with. The website is also helpful.

MHS drew us in because of the service, price, and options available. Calvin was a friendly, professional, and informative sales person. His input was a vital point in our purchase. The Fleetwood Bounder appeared to have the highest quality in its price range. Thank you Calvin!

The features that stood out to us mostly on our new Bounder coach are the bunks, bath and 1/2, the electronic features, and the color. We purchased from MHS b/c of their good pricing and b/c they had our coach available, in stock. Jordan and Collin were both good to work with. 5 star service at MHSRV.

Well done Motor Home Specialist. Rodney was very personable during the buying of our new RV and Lee was informative during the walk through. We really enjoy the floor plan of the Fleetwood Bounder. Great inventory and pricing here.

I really like the roomyness, open space, and storage of the Fleetwood Bounder. Motor Home Specialist has many RVs to select from with lower prices. The website also helped. Easy, my salesman was friendly and informative. Brison was also very informative when showing me the features of the RV. Everyone was professional and informative. Will definitely be a referral of MHS.

MHS has the right coach for us and were the most helpful. Razo was our salesman and he helped us find what we wanted. We found that the quality and floor plan of the Fleetwood Bounder was what we liked most. Arturo did a great job during our final walk through of our new coach. We were very impressed with the operation at MHS. Top notch sals rep with no pressure and a low key sales technique. Great pricing and top notch RVs at MHSRV.

5-Stars - The sales process was easy & the walk-through was swift/informative.

Great experience - great salesman - very honest. I appreciate the honesty. Dealership really seems to have it together. I would definitely recommend MHSRV to my friends & family.

Great employees - Very helpful.

We plan to share our great experience with a fellow at church who's looking. Everyone Billy, Sesty, & Katie were very helpful and kind.

The prices, quality and service are all excellent.

It has been such a pleasure working with everyone involved in the purchase. I was excited they went the extra steps to see it was perfect!

I would recommend Motor Home Specialist to my friends. The prices are better and the quality of service is great.

The inventory and financing were our main reasons for purchasing, along with the excellent service we received!

Referred by a couple of friends who bought from Motor Home Specialist. A great experience.

Great selection, great service, friendly people - All you can ask for!

An enjoyable buying experience. Cheaper prices and excellent quality.

We really appreciate your friendly and honest way of doing business. We love our new Bounder!