Stock: 19542

We had outstanding service! Also, Todd Hahn was here from Entegra and helped with our order. Brandon Neal in sales was great to work with and Steve Ewing delivered an outstanding walk through on our coach. This is our second Entegra to own and we really like the 2019 safety features. We were able to order the Entregra with exactly what we wanted and the prices at MHS are very good! 5 stars for MHSRV; we will definitely tell everyone to shop here.

Stock: 19142

Everyone was very kind and made us feel good about our decision. We appreciate how all of you took care of us and made us feel like we made the right decision. Thank you all so much!!

Stock: 19145A

We really like the variety at Motor Home Specialist and we found the one we wanted here. Prices are good, selection is great and the overall service is great. The Entegra Anthem is bigger and better – we love everything about it. Brandon Neal was great doing business with and Joel did a great walk through. Even the closing and finance portion of our time was great. Process was very easy and fast. Great job by all.

Stock: 16303

Marty has been a great contact person through this process. He was quick to respond and helpful in the process. We purchased an Entegra Anthem and really like the quality and craftsmanship of the coach. 5 stars for Arturo who delivered a very good walk through on our new RV. We will be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 17519

The main reason for shopping here is the professionalism of everyone involved in our purchase! David Garza made for a great overall sales experience and Arturo did an excellent job answering all questions! We really like the safety features and VEGA system in our new Anthem. We are pleased and excited about our new bus. Additionally, the MHSRV website helped with our buying decision. From start to finish we have worked with excellent people! Great experience!

Stock: 18586

The service here at MHSRV is very good! WE really appreciate the lunch and loaner car they gave us. We went with the 16 Entegra Anthem for the tile floors and the diesel pusher and were sold on the excellent price. Collin and Lee were great to work with. 5 stars!

Stock: 18482

Everyone was friendly and helpful throughout the process. We have been looking to purchase an Entegra and found the 2016 Entegra Anthem in excellent quality and price. Jordan has been a pleasure to work with and Arturo was very informative and excellent to work with.

Stock: C2008

We recently purchased our 17 Entegra Anthem from Motor Home Specialists and couldn’t be happier. We decided to purchase from MHS because of the selection of RVs, the ease of viewing and the people working there. We had a great salesman, Jimmy Campana. We had a great closing experience with Mark Hervey. The people here are great! We highly recommend MHS!

Stock: 18302

We came across MHSRV online. They had the exact coach we wanted with a good price tag. Brandon and Lee made this whole experience excellent.

Stock: 16310

The prices at MHSRV are the best we’ve been able to find! Staven was fast and gave us great service and Lee was also very thorough during the walk-through. 5 stars!

Stock: 18329

The main reason I bought my RV from MHS was for the great price and the professionalism from tech’s, finance and sales. Marty and Stephan made the whole thing perfect.

Stock: 17364

I chose to shop at Motor Home Specialist because of the many options on their lot and the excellent customer service from Brandon and Arturo. Everything went smooth and everyone was helpful in getting this completed very quickly! Thanks!

Stock: 17535

We drove over 2000 miles to purchase our coach from MHS. It was well worth the travel. It was the best overall RV experience - 5+ star rating! Excellent prices, an excellent selection of quality coaches and excellent overall service was received during our experience at Motor Home Specialist. We like everything about our new Entegra! Collin did a great walk through and John was the best! Our friends and family will definitely about about MHS.

Stock: 16950

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist! I especially like their selection and customer service. They also have great pricing! I love everything about our Anthem. Wow, its an amazing coach. Sales with Carl Lewellan went really well; he is an honest representative. Lee did a very nice walk through for us. We will definitely be referrals for MHS.

Stock: 15038

It was their excellent selection, prices, and reputation that influenced me to purchase my Entegra Anthem from Motor Home Specialist. I did business with Ted Eaton who was knowledgable and responsive. Arturo was able to walk me through all the options and features in my new coach, which was very thorough. Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist; I will definitely be a referral of this company.

Stock: 14916

We were so happy busying our 1st RV from Motor Home Specialist that we had to do it again. We are repeat customers. Prices here are very good and the RV selection is also very good. We purchased an Enter Anthem and really like the quiet A/C, macerator, and the Entegra quality/workmanship. Our sales experience with Mitch was great and Lee did an OUTSTANDING walk through for us! We have already referred our friends/family and will continue to do so! Great service at Motor Home Specialist. Additionally we really like the prompt updates via your website. Thank you Motor Home Specialist!

Stock: 16805

The selection and prices at Motor Home Specialist are great! We purchased a used 2014 Entegra Anthem and especially like the 4 slides, 2 baths, diesel engine, all electric features, heated floors, and the ceilings. We worked primarily with Carl in sales and he did a good job throughout the sales process. Matt did a good walk through as well. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15037

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. Very good prices, excellent quality coaches, and perfect service here! I purchased an Entegra Anthem and it was primarily this brand (Entegra) and the MHSRV reputation that had me purchasing here. I really like the bath and 1/2, and the overall coach appearance and design of my new purchase. Kris delivered a top notch sales process and Lee’s walk through of the coach went perfectly. I will be sure to recommend friends and family to Motor Home Specialist going forward.

Stock: 15466

MHSRV offers good prices, a great selection of coaches and great service. Matt did a great walk through. 5 stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 14913

I chose to go with Motor Home Specialist as my RV dealer initially because of the outstanding customer service and customer referrals. Prices here are reasonable and they offer an outstanding selection of quality RVs. I especially like the technology in my new Entegra Anthem. Ted did an excellent job throughout the sales interaction and during the walk through, which was also performed by Lee. Additionally, the videos about the coaches, Entegra, Realm, etc.. were very beneficial. Will absolutely be a referral of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15039

Very good prices at MHSRV. The quality of their RV selection is great. The service received was top notch. My sales interaction with Kris was fast and easy. Lee performed a walk through of our new Anthem and was very good. He gave us tons of information. 5 star rating for MHSRV. We will be referrals of this company.

Stock: 15036

I chose to purchase with MHS because of their good pricing. They have an awesome selection of quality RVs to choose from. I am a previous buyer and really find the website to be helpful. Jordan and Matt were both good to work with during my interaction.

Stock: 14933

I chose to do business with MHS because of their location, brand and cost, and they offer no pressure. Prices and their selection are both excellent. Jordan was well informed and prompt during the purchase of my Entegra Anthem. I really like the open floor plan and the coloring in the interior and exterior of the RV. Arturo did an excellent walk through of the new RV. Will be a referral of MHS.

Stock: 15336

I've purchased from Motor Home Specialist before. Really like the service and price of the Entegra Anthem. Great sales process with Brian. Matt did a great job as well during the final walk through.

Stock: 13140

We had been looking for our dream coach for 2 years + (seriously). We traveled to several cities to look at coaches. Several other places were not so welcoming! Some didn't even let us walk through coaches until we knew what we wanted! At MHSRV, we were able to walk through dozens of coaches that matched our specs with no pressure and no rush. We can't say enough about this place! We ended up getting an Entegra Anthem and really enjoy the large bathroom, comfortable interior - excellent layout, and its sexy look on the outside of the coach. Jimmy was relaxed and made the sales experience comfortable. Matt did an incredible job during the final walk thru. He was patient and thorough!

Stock: 14931

They have a huge Entegra inventory to choose from at Motor Home Specialist. The pricing here is as good as it gets! I purchased an Anthem and really like the heated floor, fire place, and sofa fabric. David made the experience smooth. I appreciate the "no haggle pricing." Looking forward to driving the Entegra!

Stock: 14929

Main reasons for purchasing at Motor Home Specialist - they have the best price and location. The Entegra Aspire is fully electric and I really like the interior design. Brandon wand Matt both were very good to work with. I received excellent service at this dealership and will certainly recommend them to friends and family.

Stock: 15165

It was mostly their selection at Motor Home Specialist that helped influence the decision to purchase here. Prices at MHSRV are reasonable and they have excellent, quality service. Lonnie was helpful, informative and knowledgeable. Matt did an excellent job during the walk thru! It was a very informative experience.

Stock: 13514

5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. Purchased from here because of their great prices and excellent selection of motorhomes. Carl was easy to work with and Lee did an excellent job walking us thru our new coach. Great service at MHS.

Stock: 15259

It was product availability and price that helped drive the decision to do business with Motor Home Specialist. The site was also helpful. 5 stars for Jimmy and Lee and 5 stars for the quality of service at MHSRV.

Stock: 14914

Motor Home Specialist was recommended to me. They also offer good prices and a promise of good service. The power and comfort of the Entegra Anthem are my most favorable features in the new coach. Carl delivered a smooth sales experience and Lee was detailed during the final walk through. MHSRV is a very nice facility with a great selection.

Stock: 14751

Main reasons for deciding to purchase was because I wanted an upgrade. Prices and RVs at MHS are great. Really like everything on the Entegra Anthem, especially the quality of the coach. Arturo delivered an awesome walk through. Awesome service here. Will definitely be a referral of MHS.

Stock: 13515

This was my second time here. Great deal and great service. Brandon and Matt were both great.

Stock: 13318

Did business with Carl at Motor Home Specialist. Decided to purchase here becuase of their great service and good pricing. Will continue to refer friends & family to this business. 5 star rating.

Stock: 13520

Purchased an Entegra Anthem from Motor Home Specialist mostly becuase of their reputation and competitive prices. We really like the floor plan, color and technology of the Anthem. Mitch at MHS was very personable to work with and Michael was very informative during the walk-through of the new coach. We traveled 8 hours to purchase our RV from a dealer with a reputation of reasonable prices and great services.

Stock: 13523

MHS had the right model at the right price. We like everything about our new Entegra Anthem. MHS has a very professional staff. It's a great dealership all the way around. Would recommend them all the way. 2 thumps up!!

Stock: 13321

It was price and location why we decided to purchase from here again. Chose to purchase an Entegra Anthem and like everything about the Entegra -- the macerator, wifi, under counter lighting, etc. Ted is easy to work with and Michael Stephens was excellent. The walk through process of the Entegra was excellent. Wow - MHS is huge! Bought a unit in 2004 and didn't recognize it now!! Will continue to be a referral of this place.

Stock: 13323

It was their service and prices that drove us to do business with MHSRV. Their pricing is the best around and they have a great selection of quality coaches. The Entegra Anthem is a great price and we really like the interior design of the RV. We worked with Buck and Michael. The sales process was great and Michael was detailed and extensive during the walk through of our coach. It was a great experience at MHSRV which made buying easy.

Stock: 13137

Very good pricing at MHS. We bought an Entegra Anthem and especially like the quality and warrantee of the coach. Excellent sales job done by Jimmy. A very good walk through done by Lee. 5 star rating for MHS. We will be back!

Stock: 11021

Went to MHS becuase of their reputation for fair pricing and customer testimonials. Motor Home Specialist's prices are the best in the USA and they have excellent RVs. The Entegra Anthem's quality and the 44B floor plan are our most favorable features of the new coach. Jimmy was awesome from our first phone call. Steve was fantastic as well; very patient, friendly and professional. Steve provided us with a detailed walk through and we weren't rushed. We will definitely refer our friends and family to Motor Home Specialist. It was a fantastic first experience for us. It was well worth our trip from Idaho. Thank you for making this a memorable journey that is just the beginning.

Stock: 12214

Good inventory selection at MHS. They have fair pricing and excellent service. Everyone was very helpful. Mitch was easy to work with and did an excellent job selling us the Entegra Coach Anthem. Lee did an excellent walk through of our RV. Simple process, easy and fast. Thanks!

Stock: 12816

You set a high standard for others to follow. Great customer service from tire kicking thru buying. The prices are what actually brought us here and they offer top quality RVs. After going to other dealers, MHS sets the standard. We worked with Kris and Lee - both were great. The best overall service at MHS.

Stock: 11019

Super friendly, super helpful at Motor Home Specialist. Great prices and a great selection! Jimmy was fantastic! Lee was very informative during the walk through. Excellent service, 5 stars. Will absolutely be a referral.

The coach I wanted was here at MHS. They have competitive pricing and outstanding motorhomes. Brian was outstanding and Michael made the walk through experience very concise. Great service at MHS.

Chose to purchase with MHS because of the location, inventory and pricing. The Entegra Anthem is quality comfort and has everything we wanted. We really like the colors inside and outside as well. Billy and Lee were both very good to work with.

Lee at MHS - we can't thank him enough! He is kind, polite, knowledgeable and patient. Offers prompt follow up - thank you so much! The walk through with him was great. The video was essential to reinforce the information in the walk through as there was lots of new information. Mitch and David were also excellent to work with. We really like the Entegra Anthem's color and its ability to take us on adventures in comfort. 100%, we will be referrals of MHS. Superb service! MHS was very patient with newbies - great job!

Really like the quality and warranty of the Entegra Anthem. Jimmy at MHS was excellent. Good pricing and good, quality RVs at MHS. We will be back!

Purchased the Entegra Anthem and out of all the options and features it has to offer, we mostly like the 1 1/2 bath, angle TV in living room, the residential fridge, and the chassis. Excellent motorhomes at MHS with the best prices. Calvin Lockwood, Mark Griffith, Brandy, Steve, the tech who did the walk thru, met all our needs with the purchase of our new coach. Also when our jeep needed repairs at a local dealership, MHS provided us with a loaner car. Thanks for everything.

Great sales process with Ted & excellent walk through process. Main reasons why we decided to purchase here are their prices and inventory; both are great. We like everything about our new Anthem.

Well run facility. Competitive pricing. Went with them b/c they had the Entegra and offer great service. Jimmy was easy to work with and didn't pressure us. Steve did an excellent walk through of our new Anthem. The Anthem has everything! 5 star service, would definitely recommend this place to our friends and family.