Stock: 18219A

Nolan was great to work with; he was very friendly and easy to talk to. Roy was also informative. Excellent service at MHS. You had the trailer we wanted and you offer fair pricing. I really like the style, size and layout of our new Gulfstream Vintage Classic.

Stock: 17952

Everyone was nice and informative. Very competitive prices and an excellent lineup here at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 16390

This is the second unit I have bought form MHSRV. Not the last one, I’m sure… start to finish – super job! Prices here are excellent and the selection of quality RV’s is good. Buck in sales was smooth and efficient. Roy did a great job walking us through the features in our new travel trailer. Exceptional service at MHSRV.

Stock: 18494

Thanks for making it fun and easy!! No Hassles!! Excellent prices, excellent selection and excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. 5 star rating!

Stock: 16903

Everything was nice and everyone was helpful. Justin and Travis were excellent to work with. We are loving our new 18 Heartland Terry Classic RV with the Retro look, adjustable bed and canopy built in. We loved the fact that MHS is a family business and the prices are also a great plus.

Stock: 16907

The prices at MHS are the cheapest around with top notch quality RVs. We closed the deal with Jimmy because of his help and ease with during the entire experience.

Stock: 17953

We came to MHS because we really liked Brian Kelly. He made the process simple. We loved the fact that the “price that is marked is it”.

Stock: 18392

We headed to MHS for their excellent prices. The quality of RVs were definitely worth the amazing price tag. Collin and Roy were both great to work with. Absolutely will be recommending you guys to our friends and family!

Stock: 16940

5-star experience! Carl and Martin thank you for the great walk through. Carl gives you 5 star from start to finish. I will be recommending you guys to my friends!

Stock: 16873

Nice place and good people! Jordan and Travis thank you for the 100% excellent customer service and making my entire experience perfect.

Stock: 16906

MHS has excellent RVs and a large inventory to choose from, as well as competitive prices. Buck and Juan made our RV purchasing a good experience.

Stock: 15967

We appreciate the help with purchasing from out of state and using our credit union. Collin was fast, efficient and spot on when helping us make the decision and financing our RV. Omar was excellent during the walk-through.

Stock: 17932

We enjoyed our buying experience as much can be expected. Collin and Roy helped us find the one RV that checked all the boxes! They have amazing prices and an excellent quality of RVs at MHSRV. Collin was very knowledgeable and gave us great rates. Roy took us on our walk-through and was so funny and gave us a very detailed walk-through experience. We rate MHSRV 5 or more stars!

Stock: 18310

The buying process was easy and smooth. One suggestion is to talk to new buyers about their vehicle towing ability. We did your research before coming here. However, we did not experience a confirmation of towing. But we had a great experience!

Stock: 18197

You have a great staff all through the process MHS! Collin could not have been more pleasant to work with, making the closing process great with no pressure. Martin was very detailed and very knowledgeable of all the RVs during the walk through.

Stock: 17407

Don Jones and Don Ealy were very timely to return calls and answer my questions. Chris was very efficient and explanatory during our walk-through. I would definitely recommend MHSRV to my friends and family.

Stock: 16132

We chose to check out MHSRV because of the advertising, reputation, selection and pricing. Lunch was great, speed of closing and texting and emailing made it very helpful! Appearance of MHSRV was also very appealing. Bryan and Chris were both very helpful and knowledgeable.

Stock: 17523

We chose to do business with MHSRV becuase they had a trailer with a large bathroom and king bed... no one else offered this... Additionally, we really liked the 2 a/c units, 50 amp 110 volt service, and ample living space in our new Cruiser Radiance. The selection of coaches at Motor Home Specialist were excellent. Buck Buckner made the sales experience simple and without pressure. Chris performed a very good, thorough of our new Radiance. We received excellent service at MHSRV. On a side note, we really liked the highway signage. 5 stars for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 17472

MHSRV had what I was looking for and the price was fair. I especially like the 3 slides and wardrobe. The extra living area is also nice. Sales with Brandon Murphy were very good. Omar and Matt performed a very good walk-through. MHSRV made me feel at home!

Stock: 16130

MHSRV has fair prices, good quality Rvs, and good service. Ted and Martin were both good to work with. I especially like the extra bunk space for the kids in the Cruiser Radiance.

Stock: 15880

Great prices, a great selection of motorhomes, and good overall service. Purchased a Cruiser RV Travel Trailer and really like the electric awning and living space. The sales experience with Marty Hunt was easy and comfortable. Travis performed a very informative walk through. Thank you all very much! Especially Marty!

Stock: 16809

Motor Home Specialist offers great service, great pricing, and a great working team who were all very helpful. They had the travel trailer we were looking for. We ended up getting a Keystone Laredo T.T. and especially like the dual fridge, auto leveling system, air ride axles, and fireplace. The sales process was smooth, easy and non-stressful. Mat G. was very informative during our final walk through of the T.T. Great experience overall at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14479

I worked with John Powell in sales at Motor Home Specialist. John did a great job during my sales interaction. Collin did a walk through for me on my new Coachmen Adrenaline which went great. I really like the toy hauler and bunk beds in my new RV. Great prices and a great lineup of top notch RVs at Motor Home Specialist. I will be a referral of this dealership.

Stock: 15193

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. It was MHS’s excellent service and availability that influenced my buying decision. I also found the website to be easy to use and really liked the description and pictures of the coaches. We purchased a Cruiser Radiance and really like the roominess of the RV and it was easy to move. Jimmy Campana in sales was quick and easy to work with. Roy did a great walk through of the Radiance for us. Thank you very much. when it is time to upgrade, we will be back here!

Stock: 15215

It was the great selection and prices that had me buying a Cruiser Radiance from Motor Home Specialist. I also really like their Youtube videos. Justin in sales was great and Arturo was informative during the walk through portion of my interaction. The bunk room in the Radiance is one of my favorite features in the Cruiser RV. 5 stars across the board for MHSRV.

Stock: 15055

Motor Home Specialist has unbeatable / reasonable prices and an awesome line up of quality motor homes. I found the MHSRV website to be very helpful. I really enjoy the 2 A/C's and big bunks in my new Heartland Wilderness Travel Trailer. Kris catered to us throughout the sales experience which made our interaction easy. The finance portion of the sale was great and fast. Collin was very informative when walking us through the features and options in our new travel trailer. We received excellent service here at MHS and will definitely send our friends and family here for their RV needs.

Stock: 15920

Quality RVs to choose from and great overall service. I worked with Mitch who made the sales process very easy. The finance portion of the interaction was also very easy. The walk through with Mitch was fairly simple. The easy access to my sales person made it very quick and simple to ask complicated questions. 5 stars for MHS. I'll be sure to recommend friends and family to MHS.

Stock: 15775

It was the great deal that MHS offered, which was the main reason for shopping here. The online search was also helpful. MHS has good prices, great service, and a great selection of motorhomes. Brian and Arturo were both great to work with. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 15739

This was a great RV buying experience. Brandon Neal was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Its because of the professional sales and service that had me purchasing with Motor Home Specialist. They offer top quality brands. The motorhome I ended up purchasing was exactly what I was looking for.

Stock: 13415

Mostly chose MHS because of price, product and service. Their prices are very reasonable, and they have an excellent lineup of quality motor homes to choose from. The sales interaction went smoothly with Ted. Collin did a great walk thru of the Cruiser before departing. I really like the details of the Cruiser, the extra battery, larger propane bottles, and residential refrigerator. Excellent service at this dealership. Great experience!

Stock: 13412

Purchase from MHS primarily because of their very good prices and selection. This is a really great place to shop due to the low pressure sales. It's nice to get on a cart and walk through the homes at your leisure. Jimmy was my sales person and he did a very good job. Omar, during the walk thru experience was also very good. Went with the Cruiser Radiance and really like the 3 slides and large living area in the travel trailer. Very good service at MHS.

Stock: 14989

MHS offers reasonable prices and good, quality motorhomes. Jordan in sales made things efficient and Omar performed an informative walk thru on the Cruiser Radiance. Even the finance and closing experience was pleasant at MHS.

Stock: 14712

We had a personal reference to shop at Motor Home Specialist. The prices are GREAT, the RV selection is GREAT, and the quality of service received during our interaction was EXCELLENT. The walk through experience with Bryson was wonderful and thorough. Sales with Marty was painless. Even the finance / closing portion of the interaction was painless. Marty and Billy were both super patient with our first ever RV purchase. Great experience with Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15053

Our experience was very good. Brandon was friendly and knowledgable and Omar delivered a very complete walk thru of our new Wilderness Travel Trailer. Prices here are reasonable with a very good selection of quality RVs. The MHS location and website were also helpful. We browsed the internet and MHSRV had the travel trailer we wanted. We especially like the size and outdoor kitchen in the Heartland Wilderness. 5 stars for MHSRV. We received great overall service and will recommend them to our friends and family.

Stock: 13416

Great, fair prices, a great selection, and good products at Motor Home Specialist. Ted Eaton was the sales process easy. Ended up purchasing a Radiance Travel Trailer and really like the outdoor kitchen. Financing with MHSRV is easy and simple. 5 star rating.

Stock: 15170

Awesome prices at Motor Home Specialist! They also have an excellent selection of quality RVs. Mostly like the bunk house and decor (interior) in the Open Ranger Travel Trailer. David Garza delivered a seamless sales experience. The finance portion was quick and seamless as well. Great, thorough walk through completed by Lee S. and Mat. Motor Home Specialist, thank you for making this a great experience.

Stock: 15090

Very good prices at MHSRV. Also the quality of their RVs are very good. Brian Kelly made the sales process easy and Stephen, who delivered a final walk through, was excellent. He was awesome to work with; very knowledgeable and kind.

Stock: 14969

I found the exact used trailer I needed at Motor Home Specialist. Market prices and good RVs here at MHS. I was able to purchase the trailer remotely. Kris was easy to work with and friendly. Bryson did a great job during the walk-through process of the Radiance. Will recommend you to friends. 5 stars.

Stock: 14478

MHS has a great location, a great selection, and excellent pricing. Justin provided great customer service and Stephen who did the walk through was amazing. Great experience. Will absolutely recommend friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13411

The main reason for choosing to do business with Motor Home Specialist was because of the great customer service. It was outstanding. MHSRV went above and beyond. The prices here are affordable and they have outstanding motorhomes. Went with a 2017 Cruiser RV Radiance. Their product comes fully loaded, no additions needed. Billy was outstanding during the sales process and Chris was amazing during the final walk through portion of the experience.

Stock: 12180

The reasonable price and referral from a friend is why we ended up purchasing with MHS. They have an excellent line up of coaches and excellent service. We really like the slide and outside stove in the Heartland Wilderness. Sales with Calvin were simple and easy. Chris was thorough during our walk through.

Stock: 12174

Jordan at MHS was easy to work with. We received excellent service during the purchase of our Heartland Wilderness. We really like the space of this travel trailer.

5+ stars for MHSRV. Jimmie and Mark and Bryson are outstanding! Decided to purchase at Motor Home Specialist because of their product availability and many different choices. It was a No Pressure Purchase! Prices at MHSRV are excellent and lower than all the others and excellent quality products. Jimmy is outstanding with no pressure, personal and very knowledgable. Bryson also did an excellent job and was very thorough during the walk through. MHSRV is the only place to purchase! The most smooth and outstanding purchase process we have ever experienced. Great sales process. MHSRV is an excellent company. We will recommend to all we know.

From start to finish at closing --> 1st rate people and 1st rate experience! Best RV buying experience available. Not to mention, prices are the best in the business and they have 1st class motorhomes. Lonnie made the sales process easy, easy, easy. Closing and financing was 1st rate! And Mat was very thorough during the walk through. Simply the best service at MHS.

5 star service at MHSRV. We found the exact style of travel trailer we wanted at the right price online. The MSHRV website helped us to choose MHS as our place to buy. The Heartland Wilderness has so many features we like, but some of our favorites are the slide, outside lights, powered awning/stabilizers, large bathroom and shower. David Garza was great. Great service/employees MHSRV.

Very friendly staff, very quick process. Best pricing I've seen. Fantastic service overall.

MHSRV offers great prices and a great selection. We found the RV we liked here. John and Mat were great. Overall great service.

It was the pricing and courtesy at Motor Home Specialist that motivated us to buy with them. Kris ad Bryson were very good and thorough. We like the rear bath and outside kitchen on the Nomad. 5 stars - we would recommend to friends.

Our finance and closing experience was excellent, fast, and prompt. The quality of the RV's is 5 stars. Our experience at MHS was easy, excellent, and informative.

Would I recommend MHS to my family & friends? Yes, Yes, Yes! We will be back!!