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I decided to purchase a Thor Chateau at Motor Home Specialist. They have great reviews, excellent service and the unit we wanted in inventory, which was literally everything I was looking for. This was the best experience I could have asked for! Thank you all!

Stock: 19172

A great value or the money at MHSRV. Prices are the best I’ve seen and they have top of the line motorhomes. I really like the floor plan of my new 2019 Heartland Elkridge. Mitch in sales made the process very quick and simple. Excellent service here.

Stock: 17002

5 stars for MHSRV. They remembered me which made it very personal experience. I worked with David Garza and the sales process was excellent. I purchased a Thor Gemini and really like the floor and Mercedes Diesel. I also like the MHSRV website.

Stock: 18211

Great selection and great prices. The MHS website is user friendly which is nice. They had the RV we wanted on the ground which made our decision to purchase here an easy one. We really like the color, options, and LED lighting in our new unit. Staven was easy to work with and Martin was great and very thorough. Thank you Motor Home Specialist!! Thanks for picking us up at the airport. Thanks for the temporary car. Great experience and great service!

Stock: 17107

Prices at MHSRV are extremely competitive, and the prices here are as expected. I purchased a 2018 Nexus Phantom and really like the all-steel construction of the unit. Sales with Jordan was easy. The finance portion of my experience was also easy. Travis completed a thorough walk-thru on the new Phantom. Excellent service at MHSRV. I will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 17503

I decided to purchase a Class A Thor ACE t Motor Home Specialist because I was wanting to travel and work remotely. Prices here are terrific and so is the quality of RVs they have for sale! What I like most about the new RV is that it’s pet friendly, has clean lines and is spacious. I really found the website, calculators, videos and photos helpful when making my decision to purchase here. 5 stars and excellent service at MHSRV.

Stock: 17946

It was overall a wonderful experience purchasing from MHSRV. Both Jordan and Lee were excellent to work with. Prices here are fair and the inventory selection is excellent. We ended up purchasing a Foretravel Realm and love the slides and appliances. Overall 5 stars for MHSRV. I will be sure to recommend MHSRV to friends and family moving forward.

Stock: 16525

The main reason we decided to purchase from MHS was the price. Buck made the sales process easy. Martin was great during the walk through. 5 stars!

Stock: 16338

We all had a blast here and everything went very smooth. Very beautiful place to check out. The buying process was easy peasy thanks to Marty. Roy was very nice and easy going. All of the service we received was absolutely amazing. We will definitely recommend MHS – we already have.

Stock: 18186

This purchase was better than our first motorhome purchase. From the phone call to the drive out to the salesperson (Marty) and our finance guy (Chris). Nothing more to say but that we are extremely pleased! Feels like family! Thank you very much!

Stock: 17829

5 stars! Garth made the buying process excellent and the prices were great. Max also gave us a great walk-through. Outstanding service. Thank you! Very appreciated!

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The reason we went to MHS was because they allowed us to use the coach on consignment. Every one of the staff members helped us out on the deal. We travelled over 2000 miles to get here and glad we made the trip!

Stock: 16425

MHSRV made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Justin was friendly and quick responder during the sales process and made the closing process smooth and easy. Travis was thorough when it came to the walk-through. Thank you so much!

Stock: 15230

We got our 18 Thor Challenger from MHSRV because of the excellent price and quality they had to offer. Justin helped us during the sales and closing process and made it pleasant and efficient. Omar took us on our walk-through and it went perfectly. Thank you MHSRV!

Stock: 17147

MHS has the best price for the easiest process. Jordan and Arturo were both easy to work with and quick during the entire sales process. Great company!

Stock: 17555

Getting an RV is painless, generous, and friendly. Oscar was wonderful at closing the sale and getting us financed. Juan was excellent at explaining the selection through the walk-through.

Stock: 15152

Fantastic! They offered me a loaner car and on-site stay, which was very much a plus. I primarily did business here because of their great prices, and they really seemed to know what they were doing. Brandon Neal helped to make the sales process easy for me. Omar did an excellent walk-through on the Georgetown, Five ++ Stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 15254

I decided to purchase at MHS mainly because of price. They have an incredible selection of motorhomes. I worked with Bruce, who had a very smooth sales process. Colin performed my walk-through and made it very user-friendly. I found the website to be very helpful. Everything about my experience with Motor Home Specialists was very accommodating.

Stock: 16120

My main reason for choosing Motor Home Specialists was because of their great prices. They have a wonderful line-up of quality motorhomes. Jordan was wonderful, and Roy did a great job. I really like the family friendly floor space and king-size bed in the Forest River FR3.

Stock: 16239

The main reason for going with Motor Home Specialist is because of their online experience and the many choices they offer. We worked with Kris in sales who did a great job and Roy performed a really good walk through. Of all the features and options in the Forest River Georgetown XL, we especially like the big fridge, king bed, pantry and 1 1/2 bath. The website was also very beneficial. 5 star rating! :)

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I chose to work with Motor Home Specialist for our RV purchase because of their high quality inventory selection and competitive prices. We like the rear bunks for small kids, the 15K towing capacity, and modern finishes / colors in the Monaco Diplomat. Lonnie made things very simple and Arturo did a very good job walking us through our new coach. Excellent service here. 5-star rating.

Stock: 15356

My main reasons for doing business with MHSRV are because of their prices and selection. My experience was very easy and professional. Brian did an excellent job throughout the sales process and Roy did an excellent walk through. It was all around a good experience. I will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 14617

Went with Motor Home Specialist primarily because of cost. They made pricing easier up front. Jimmy in sales was quick and professional. He had a personal touch. Arturo performed the final walk thru which was good. He is an outstanding young man, very professional and answered all of my questions. Outstanding service overall at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15108

Chose MHS for several reasons. We found a great deal with them, they were easy to talk with and offer no high pressure sales. Prices are excellent at MHS. We purchased a Holiday Rambler and really like the fridge, large bathroom and Corian countertops. The sales process went like a breeze with Carl. The finance portion was excellent (even breezier than sales). A young man who was very nice and knowledgeable did the final walk thru of the Holiday Rambler for us before departing. Additionally the pick up at the airport was awesome -- the whole experience was easy and very enjoyable!!! Thank you!!!

Stock: 13281

Great prices at MHSRV. They offer a great selection and excellent service. Just truly enjoyed the experience and will pass the word around the Seattle area. Thank you!

Stock: 13977

5 star rating, but should be a 10! Decided to do business here because of their costs and how the employees treated us! They have the BEST pricing and an EXCELLENT selection of RVs. The Thor Chateau was our choice in motor home and we really like all the special features, the jackets, electronics and the safety features on the new coach. Jimmy was excellent during the sales experience and pleasant to work with. Bryson completed our final walk through, which was excellent. He was very knowledgeable. We will be referrals of MHS.

Stock: 12679

Did business here because of the very good prices and their excellent products. Rodney did a great job selling us the Discovery. We really like the refridgerator and entertainment package of the new RV. Michael delivered an A+ walk through. We will be sure to recommend MHS to family & friends.

Stock: 12779

The best prices and great RVs at MHSRV. Sales with Billy were very easy. Great service at MHSRV.

Stock: 13852

We have had several RVs thru the years and never had the excellent experience like MHSRV. Better than we have ever experienced. What a concept? Brilliant. They treat customers like you would want. Luxurious atmosphere. Special thanks to Bryson, Arturo and Carlos. We ended up purchasing a Coachmen Concord and the price included all the options we wanted from the dealer (i.e. level jacks, satellite upgrade pkgs). Overall, it was the price, inventory and friendliness of the staff which is why we chose to do business with MHSRV.

Stock: 10651

Pricing at Motor Home Specialist is great! They also have a great selection of quality motorhomes! Carl Buckner made for a great sales process and Steve did a great job at our final walk through. Charlie, our driver was great too!

Stock: 11769

MHSRV has the lowest prices and great customer service. Billy made things easy and Arturo did a great job walking us through our new Thor ACE. We like everything about our new RV.

Great sales procedure with no pressure to buy from Rodney. MHS offers great prices and RVs. Arturo did a great job during the final walk through of our new coach.

Excellent customer service. We were comfortable with the sales process. Robert took the time and patience to go through everything to include Michael the tech guy. Easy was also excellent to work with during sales. Pricing at MHSRV is the best in comparing to WA, OR, ID, TN states prices. Thanks.

5 star rating for MHSRV. They have the best prices, and a very large selection of RVs. The bunks and diesel engine are 2 of our favorite features on the Forest River Berkshire. Jordan made things easy when purchasing and Lee did an excellent job walking us through the new coach. Service and selection at MSHRV is perfect.

UNBEATABLE PRICES! EXCELLENT selection. Carl and Collin were both great to do business with. It was a smooth sales process and a very thorough and informative walk through. Superior service MHSRV!

MHS is the #1 seller in the world. We really like the 5 slides and living space in the new ElkRidge. We had a great experience here. Brandon Neal was awesome and very helpful. We'll be back! And we will definitely be referring friends and family to MHS. 5 Stars!

5 stars. We really liked the golf cards and the ability to look at all the RV's. You have the best pricing and great service.

MHSRV quality of service was excellent. They go the extra mile with customers. Shuttle in from airport / hotel, loaner car, etc.

The main reason I purchased from MHS was the pricing. Even with flying here and hotel, we saved thousands. The prices just can't be beat. MHS exceeded our expectations.

I have been very blessed to buy a motorhome from MHS. Service was GREAT and the price was awesome.

The size of the coach and of course the price is the reason we purchased our Georgetown from MHS. The finance and closing experience was superb. Your customer service is impeccable and a friendly atmosphere. *****

MHS has the best prices in the country! Everyone was helpful and great!

MHSRV gave us a great deal and Billy was easy to talk to and made the process very smooth. Brandon gave us a very informative walk-thru and the service overall was great. We will be recommending our friends to MHSRV.

I liked the bunks, engine size and paint job on my Berkshire and Motor Home Specialist had the lowest price I could find anywhere. Jordan was a no pressure salesman and made my sales process easy. MHSRV is 5 stars all around.

The features I liked on my Georgetown are the king bed and large shower but what made me buy from MHS was the price. The prices at MHSRV are excellent.

MHSRV is 5 stars.

Absolutely we would recommend MHS. The prices are fantastic. The sales process with Boyd Jobe was EASY!!! The finance & closing was EASIER!!!

The quality of service is 100%

The main reasons we bought from MHS were the price and customer service without the "pushy sales jargon." The prices are the best I could find. The quality is top notch. Very impressed with our experience.

It was honest, quick & easy! Lower pricing, straight forward service. I highly recommend MHS.