Stock: 19172

A great value or the money at MHSRV. Prices are the best I’ve seen and they have top of the line motorhomes. I really like the floor plan of my new 2019 Heartland Elkridge. Mitch in sales made the process very quick and simple. Excellent service here.

Stock: 19170

Motor Home Specialist offers great deals and great customer service. I really like the self leveling capability, quality, layout and space of my new Heartland ElkRidge. David made things very easy during my interaction here and Roy did a very good job walking me through the fifth wheel. 5 star rating for MHS. I’ve already started recommending MHS to family members and people at work.

Stock: 16898

We chose MHS primarily because of price – you get a great value for the money. They have an excellent selection of quality coaches. Excellent job by Staven – great job for helping us narrow down the final options and for helping us land on the right unit. Excellent sales culture at MHSRV. Even the closing/ finance portion of our interaction was nice, relaxed and informative. Travis did an excellent job as well, showing us all the features in our new coach. He was very thorough.

Stock: 16899

10 out of 10 service from MHRSV! Ted was an honest salesman that gets things done and gives you the perfect financing and closing experience. Chris deserves a raise for his walk-through he gave us. If you want amazing service, prices and a knowledgeable staff, head to MHSRV!

Stock: 16873

Nice place and good people! Jordan and Travis thank you for the 100% excellent customer service and making my entire experience perfect.

Stock: 16882

This is the best, most painless large buying experience I have had. I was dreading having to talk to a "salesman". Our salesman, Brian Kelly and MHSRV does it different - All of my RV's will be purchased through them. I just wish they sold trucks here!

Stock: 14707

It was the personal service we received at Motor Home Specialist that had us purchasing here. MHS has very good prices and excellent coaches. Brandon and Chris were excellent and very professional. All dealers should be like MHSRV.

Stock: 13806

MHS - you’re the BEST! You offer good prices and good quality RVs. Ted Eaton was very good to work with and Billy was also very nice. 5 star rating for MHS. Thank you, you’re great. I will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 14691

MHS was recommended to me from a family member. They have good customer service and 5 star RVs. Mark, Henry, Justin and Collin - real good people. Very nice! Justin in sales was easy going and Collin delivered an amazing walk through. Will absolutely recommend this company to friends and family. 5 star service here!

Stock: 13802

The purchase was an easy choice. The sales process w/ Easy was fast. The finance portion was efficient and the walk thru with Omar was informative. The service received was very satisfactory. Of all the features in the Heartland ElkRidge, I really like the power jacks / awning and outdoor kitchen. Will recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 14692

Went with Motor Home Specialist for the purchase of my Heartland ElkRidge because of their great prices. The Heartland has a spacious floor plan which I really like. The sales process was great and Collin did a great walk through on the ElkRidge. Will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 14693

Excellent selection of quality coaches at MHSRV. They offer very good prices and great service. The MHSRV website was also helpful when making my decision to purchase here. Ted was very knowledgable and Collin's walk through of the ElkRidge was well explained.

Stock: 13804

Chose to purchase with MHS mostly because of the fair pricing. Purchased a Heartland ElkRidge and especially like the wheels that make it roadworthy and doors that lock. David and Billy were great! Overall, great service at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13855

Wanted an upgrade and purchased a 2017 ElkRidge from MHS. They have very fair prices. The ElkRidge was a great floor plan and I really like the front living space. Awesome salesman at MHS. It was great that MHS worked with the bank and I just had to show up and sign. 5 stars.

Stock: 12545

Low prices at MHSRV. Great selection of quality RVs and great service overall. Marty was great to work with. Really like all the options/features of the Heartland ElkRidge Fifth Wheel.

Stock: 13797

I would rate Motor Home Specialist with a 5 star rating. Great prices, very good quality RVs, and excellent quality of service received. Loved how nice everyone was and had a great time here.

Stock: 12543

Their competitive prices. They also have a superb line up of quality vehicles. Really like the 2 AC's, self leveling, and theater seats in the Heartland ElkRidge. Brandon made things easy during the sales process. Michael did an excellent walk through of the fifth wheel. Will absolutely send friends and family your way. 5+ rating for MHSRV.

Marty at MHS was so warm and friendly and extremely helpful. The sales process was easy and enjoyable. During the walk through Chris cut to the chase and gave us a thorough, quick overview of the RV. Buying this fifth wheel s the start of a new and adventure filled stage of life. We were treated so well from start to finish which added to the joy of the purchase. No buyers regret here!

We traded in an RV for the Heartland ElkRidge Fifth Wheel because it has more room. Very good pricing and a quality selection at MHS.

Really like the upper bunk and "den" area, the design "extras" and the quality of the New Heartland ElkRidge. Purchased this fifth wheel from Motor Home Specialist who have such a good selection of coaches. They have very good prices and wonderful service. Calvin is very professional and knowledgeable. Matt was also great during the walk through of our new ElkRidge! We've already referred friends your way. 5+ rating MHSRV.

From shop safety and cleanliness. I knew that your low interest rates would save me money. JD made the sales process easy and Arturo performed an excellent walk through. He is very knowledgeable. Excellent service at MHSRV.

Good service at MHS - 5 star rating.

The pricing at MHSRV is better than average. Kris is quick and efficient and did a very thorough job during the final walk through of our new 5th Wheel - the Heartland ElkRidge. The ElkRidge has 5 slides, which we really like.

MHS is the #1 seller in the world. We really like the 5 slides and living space in the new ElkRidge. We had a great experience here. Brandon Neal was awesome and very helpful. We'll be back! And we will definitely be referring friends and family to MHS. 5 Stars!

5 stars for MHSRV. Everything went well. We really liked the floor plan and size of the Heartland ElkRidge and purchased one from David. Matt did a great job during our final walk through of the new fifth wheel. Great inventory MHS. Thanks!

Great experience. Couldn't believe how easy. Marty was very friendly by phone and in person. You offer great prices and courteous salesmen. Great online info and pics. Chris made the walk through process quick, easy and thorough. Will definitely be a referral of your business. Thanks!

Purchased the ElkRidge becuase of the amount of room inside and becuase of the reasonable prices at MHSRV. Brian in sales and Chris during our walk through were both good and informative. We will refer friends and family your way.

Fantastic prices and RVs at MHS! Liked the bedroom & length the most of the ElkRidge Fifth Wheel. Justin did an excellent job during the sales process. Financing department was excellent. And Lee did an excellent job at the last walk through. Excellent service & sales. Thanks!!!

I am overwhelmed at the quality of service over all - from the inquiries I made to the entire process of purchasing my RV. I felt like a movie star and even though I bought a less expensive unit, I was still treated like I bought a house coach! Everything was over the top and amazing! Even the closing and financing portion was thorough and easy. MHS has excellent prices and excellent RVs. I ended up purchasing the Heartland ElkRidge and out of all the features, I like the outside kitchen, screen door, 1 slide and LEDs on the awning the most. I will absolutely send my friend and family to MHS!

I purchased from MHS because of price. They offer quality RVs. Buck and Arturo did a good job. I would give MHS a 5 star rating.

The price of our unit was the main reason we bought from MHS. The quality of the RV"s was very good. What I liked about our Elkridge was the design and layout. We would recommend MHS to our family and friends.

We chose to come to Motor Home Specialist because of the very competitive price and the 5 star customer service. Everyone we spoke to at MHS was extremely king & informative. David made the sales process very easy and helped us find the Elkridge we wanted with the LED TVs, bath & 1/2 and a bunk room in the rear. I'll definitely refer other people to you.

We decided we wanted to get our Elkridge to travel more so we came to MHSRV for the awesome prices. Our processes were made quick and simple while giving us excellent service. I will absolutely recommend you to others.

The quality of the fifth wheel was good and so was the price. Buck gave us a good sales process and our walk through was great. Loved that the prices were listed on the site.

I bought from MHSRV because they are the cheapest and the best. Michael was easy to deal with and they made the financing simple. Very professional.

We decided to buy from Motor Home Specialist because of the great prices, great sales rep and awesome finance rep. The features we liked the most were the bunk house, nice appliances, great insulation and a quality builder. It was a great experience.

I bought from MHS because of the friendly people and they are a great motor home company. My salesman was friendly and low pressure.

10 STARS - This was a far better experience than _ _ _ _ _ _ (other dealer) - They were honest. The sales process with Michael was outstanding 10 stars. So was the Finance, closing & walk-through.

The quality & quality of service at MHS are excellent. The walk-through with Stephen was also excellent & informative. Great experience.