Stock: 17173

You had exactly the floor plan, color, and options we were looking for in a Dynamax DX3. We really like the extra ½ bath, big kitchen, master bedroom, and tow capacity in the unit. Brandon was very good and made things easy for us. Juan performed a smooth walk through. We will be sure to send our friends and family your way for their RV needs.

Stock: 17705A

I found the variety of coaches and detailed pictures of the coach qualities on the MHSRV website to be very beneficial. Also, the discussions and sale process with the sales team and Lonnie were very easy. The walk through with Lee was very informative. Overall, very good service at Motor Home Specialist. This was a smooth purchase from start to finish (special effort to accommodate) Thanks!

Stock: 17179

Lee did an excellent job doing the walk through process. He took the time to answer all of our questions on how all the features worked. Matt also did an excellent job. Brian did a great job. He called us up when the Dynamax DX3 arrived.

Stock: 14984

We decided to shop for our new 2018 Dynamax DX3 at Motor Home Specialist because of our previous purchase here. We were very satisfied with the excellent prices and quality of RV's MHS has to offer. We went with the Dynamax because of the aqua hot fireplace and TV built in. JD Moore and Steve Rogers were excellent to work with. We are two very satisfied customers!

Stock: 15179

Great prices, new quality coaches, and great service at Motor Home Specialist. The MHS website was also helpful when deciding to purchase here. Calvin in sales made things easy for me and Matt performed a great walk through of my Dynamax DX3. It was also a pleasure working with Billy Fussell. 5 star rating for MHSRV.

Stock: 15647

MHS helped us find a hotel, restaurants, etc. We needed a quick closing and it was! We were able to do a lot of the paperwork beforehand. Prices here were better than all we compared! Ted was quick and thorough during the sales experience and Arturo was through during the walk through of our new Dynamax Force. We really like the Freightliner engine in our new RV. The MHSRV website was also very beneficial! Excellent service at this business.

Stock: 15177

Main reasons for purchasing here was because of the inventory and good prices. I worked with Marty who did and excellent job in sales and Matt did a god walk through. The service overall was good. I will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family. 5 stars!

Stock: 10108

It was the sales interaction with Ted that helped with our decision to purchase from here. The process was excellent. Also, we found the MHSRV website helpful. Arturo (walk - through) was very dedicated and answered all questions. He ran to parts for the hitch and stuck with us until all issues were resolved. Arturo is a great employee and delivered an excellent walk through! Some of our favorite features on our new coach are the freightliner chassis and the 1 and 1/2 bath. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 11379

Chose MHS b/c of selection and trade in. They also have a great website with good pictures. 5 star rating. The best service here.

Stock: 11378

You had the best price and unite we wanted. An excellent selection of RVs at Motor Home Specialist. Michael performed an through walk through of the DX3. Fantastic service all around at MHS. Thank you. Thanks for letting us stay while things were being taken care of. Thanks Billy!

Stock: 12371

Purchased a DX3 from MHSRV b/c of their inventory and price. Really like the chassis and motor of this RV. Brian was easy to work with. Mike did a perfect walk through of the DX3. Great overall service from MHSRV.

You had very good pricing / inventory and what we were looking for. We like ALL the features and options of our new Dynamax DX3. Jordan and Stephen are excellent! Thank you :0)

Brian is GREAT - excellent experience at MHSRV. You guys are awesome.

Motor Home Specialist has excellent quality RVs at excellent prices. No haggle price. We went with the Dynamax DX3 b/c of the quality of the motor home. It has a large refrigerator & washer/dryer and also offers air seats. Excellent sales service at MHSRV. Kris was awesome and made for a quick sales process & Lee was very informative.

The main reason I purchased from MHSRV was because of their reputation, price, and knowledge. Great Job!

We give MHS 5 stars. The walk through process was perfect! The selection of RV's was the main reason we purchased from MHS along with the location and convenience of the dealership. We would recommend MHS to our family and friends. We will be back for an Anthem next!

We have purchased several RVs in the past but this was by far the best experience as well as service we have had. Boyd was great in the sales process of our DX3 and we like everything about it.

I chose the Dynamax DX3 because of the larger generator and the Freightliner chassis so I'm glad that MHSRV had it in stock at a good price. I was also given very good service to include a very detailed walk-through.

Thank you for a wonderful, first class experience. The prices are the best we have seen and the customer service were the reasons we bought from MHS. Jamie also gave us a wonderful and insightful walk-through.

My brother did his homework - The prices are no hassle 5 stars. The sales process was excellent. The finance and closing was simple and the walk-through with Brandon was excellent. He is a special man. All good and will recommend you to others. Thanks!

The sales process was easy, low pressure. 5-Star

The prices are wonderful and the quality of service was great.

5-Stars. The service and quality is excellent.

The prices are the best I found. 5-Stars