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We found the RV we wanted here at Motor Home Specialist, a 2019 Thor Hurricane. We really like the space, oven, power seat, king size bed, bath and 1/2, and more. Juan did a great walk through for us. Good service here – we will be referrals.

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We purchased a Thor Motor Coach Hurricane at Motor Home Specialist and really like the prices at this location. We especially like the kitchen and bathroom counter space in the new RV. MHSRV has an excellent selection of quality coaches. Brandon Neal in sales was great to work with and Chris did a great walk through. It’s nice that things are stocked and on concrete. Everything is clean at Motor Home Specialist.

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All reps were very accommodating. We got the pleasure to work with Ted and Martin who made the process of buying our new RV easy and gave us an all-around great experience. MHS has a great selection of motorhomes at fair prices.

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We went to MHS for the great prices and friendliness of the entire staff. Justin and Chris, thank you for the great service!

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5 stars all around for MHSRV. We got our 18 Thor Hurricane from them because of the prices, which were the lowest we could find anywhere. We also give 5 stars to Jimmy and Chris who helped us find our dream RV. Class act from top to bottom!

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This is the most enjoyable buying experience I ever had! I bought the 2018 Thor Hurricane from Brian Kelly and Steven. This RV had an amazing floor plan, as well as great color options. The whole process was easy, smooth and they offered the best customer service I have ever experienced. I have already recommended MHS to my friends and family for this 5-star service.

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Everyone as Motor Home Specialist was professional and friendly. They had what I wanted. Buck Buckner made the overall sales interaction pleasant. Prices here are good and the selection of RVs is also very good. I would rate Motor Home Specialist with 5 stars.

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It was the great pricing! Marty was great to work with and Juan was very good during the final walk through. was also helpful when making my decision to purchase here. Very good service. 5 star rating.

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Offered the best deal and excellent service. Prices overall are the lowest at MHS. Brian did an excellent job throughout the sales interaction. I purchased a Thor Hurricane and I especially like its outdoor kitchen and king bed. Everyone was courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Matt and Omar were able to answer all questions during the final walk through. From Charlie to Mark -- awesome!

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Good prices and great a great selection of quality coaches at Motor Home Specialist. Justin was good to do business with and Matt and Lee did a thorough walk thru of the Hurricane. I really like the outdoor kitchen and interior of this RV. Great service overall. Will recommend you to friends and family for their RV needs.

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because of price and customer service, both are excellent. John in sales was excellent as well.

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Excellent service and good prices. Of all the Hurricane's options / features, my favorites are the slide out, TV's, and waning. Mitch and Juan were both excellent.

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Well, we bought one!!! MHS has excellent prices, excellent service and an excellent selection. We really like the king bed, rapid camp, and 1 1/2 baths in the new Thor Hurricane coach. Mitch was terrific throughout the sales process and Michael was thorough during the walk thru. Even the ease of use of the MHS website was helpful when making the decision to purchase from here. 5 stars for MHSRV. We'll recommend them to friends and family going forward.

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Good prices. Good selection of quality RVs. Very good service. Worked with Justin in sales which went very good, and Roy who delivered a very good walk thru. Everyone at MHS was very helpful.

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Purchased a Thor Hurricane w/ MHS and really like the sleeping accommodations in the new coach. Decided to purchase from this RV dealer because of their excellent service and they offered the best price. Brandon was our salesman and he made the process fast and provided excellent service. Collin performed and excellent walk through of the Thor Hurricane. Great experience here. Would recommend MHS to anyone.

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5 stars for MHS. They have excellent service and the best prices. Brandon was fast and provided excellent service. Purchased a Thor Hurricane and especially like the sleeping accommodations in the RV. Collin was excellent during the walk through of the new motorhome. Great experience. Would recommend MHS to anyone.

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5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. Decided to purchase with MHSRV because of their excellent prices. They have an excellent selection of quality of RVs. Also, I found that the MHSRV website was helpful when making the decision to buy. Ended up purchasing a 17 Thor Hurricane and especially like that most all the options were included as features. Mitch, the salesman, delivered an excellent sales experience. Omar was also excellent to work with during the walk through process. Overall, excellent service w/ MHSRV.

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Fair prices, an excellent selection, and outstanding customer service are reasons why I chose to do business here with MHSRV. I worked with Kris, who made for a smooth sales process and Arturo who delivered a smooth walk through of the new RV. Will recommend MHSRV to friends and family.

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because of the good prices. Jordan and Collin were both good to work with. 5 star rating MHS.

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5 star rating for MHSRV. Excellent prices and excellent motorhomes. Rodney made for a smooth and effortless sales process and Chris was very informative and knowledgeable during our final walk through of the new Thor Hurricane. The staff at MHSRV was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience.

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We like so many features of our new Thor Hurricane, but mostly we like that there is no carpet, a doggie window, a HUGE slide out, a king bed, roomy cockpit and seat belts. Calvin was excellent to work with - A+ salesman. MHSRV has good pricing and did a good job at detailing the RV. Mat and Calvin were both thorough during our final walk through. 5 stars for MHSRV.

It was a pleasure doing business with all of you! After we gave our deposit we questioned "what did we just do?" It was a great experience and we wouldn't hesitate to be a repeat customer.

Everyone has been wonderful!

Very pleased.

We have purchased 4 motor homes in the past - This was, by far, our best experience. From our salesman Rodney to Erin in finance, to the fellow that looked at our trade-in (Robert) to T.J the young man that did our walk-through - all were courteous and professional.

Great prices, great quality and the walk-through was excellent.

Friendly people, great quality and better prices.

Our closing experience and sales process was easy and the prices are very good.