Stock: 15708

Everyone was very helpful and nice at Motor Home Specialist. I was able to get more answers for all my questions. All the newest features were standard on the 2018 Fleetwood Discovery LXE which I really liked. Brandon Murphy in sales made for a very smooth experience. Mat performed my walk through and was very impressive. I received top notch service at Motor Home Specialist. I will definitely be a referral of this business.

Stock: 16865

We lost our home in Hurricane Harvey and needed a new one. They listened to what we were exactly looking for and did an amazing job with everything. Prices and selection are both excellent here at MHSRV. David Garza and Collin were both excellent to work with. We purchased a Heartland Big Country and like everything about our fifth wheel. We will most definitely be referrals of MHSRV!

Stock: 14318

Motor Home Specialist offers more variety and fair prices. We purchased a Coachmen Mirada and really like the full size fridge, 1 1/2 bath, drop down bunk, kitchen, and seating. Steven Corey made the sales process stress free. Arturo was very detail oriented. Excellent service at MHS. There were many unexpected perks, including the lunch and stay. The good videos for MHS were also very helpful. Staven was willing to work PAST business hours to introduce us to a much better RV we would have picked on our own!!!

Stock: 14749

We chose Motor Home Specialist becuase of their was of use website, content, variety, and unmatched prices. We purchased a Forest River Georgetown and especially like the large layout, and the large 2 way fridge. Ted Eaton was great and offered not pressure. It was fun working with Ted. Juan was was good as well. Exceptional service at Motor Home Specialist. This was the best RV experience over our 30 years of buying.

Stock: 14707

It was the personal service we received at Motor Home Specialist that had us purchasing here. MHS has very good prices and excellent coaches. Brandon and Chris were excellent and very professional. All dealers should be like MHSRV.

Stock: 14821

Rodney treated us with dignity and respect. He went out of his way to treat us 1st class while purchasing an entry level RV. Don and Mark provided excellent finance service. Toby and service did a quality job on making the RV ready. Prices here are competitive and they have a variety of quality RVs from entry level to high end options. We purchased the Thor Chateau and really like the slide outs, awning and over the cab bunk. We received excellent service and will be referrals of this company.

Stock: 16809

Motor Home Specialist offers great service, great pricing, and a great working team who were all very helpful. They had the travel trailer we were looking for. We ended up getting a Keystone Laredo T.T. and especially like the dual fridge, auto leveling system, air ride axles, and fireplace. The sales process was smooth, easy and non-stressful. Mat G. was very informative during our final walk through of the T.T. Great experience overall at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15098

Motor Home Specialist offers the best selection and best prices. Prices are very competitive. The livability, storage, washer/dryer installed are some of my favorite features in the Holiday Rambler Vacationer. I purchased from John who did an excellent job. Everyone here is helpful and responsive. Collin was thorough during the walk through and very friendly. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful.

Stock: 16740

Motor Home Specialist had the coach we wanted at a good price. We felt very comfortable with the sales staff. Good prices, excellent RV selection, and excellent service at MHS. We purchased a Forest River Georgetown XL and especially like the spacious and nice looking interior and out. Mitch Bennett and Billy were wonderful to work with! We have already referred MHS to family and friends and will continue to do so.

Stock: 14711

It was the prices, which were lower than expected, and the availability that had me purchasing my Heartland Eldridge from Motor Home Specialist. Brian Kelley offered surprisingly low pressure during the sales experience and Collin performed a great walk through of the fifth wheel. I was very worried and nervous about the sales process, but Brian and Billy made it all for nothing as the process was quick, pleasant, and painless!! I really found the displayed pricing to be beneficial during my buying process.

Stock: 15364

Good prices, a good selection, and good overall service at MHS. Lonnie and Travis were both good to work with.

Stock: 14894

The main reason for doing business with Motor Home Specialist is because of the salesman, Jimmy. He was very easy to work with and took the time to explain everything. During the final walk through, Omar was very patient in explaining things as well and answered all questions. Prices at MHSRV are reasonable and they provide excellent overall service! Will absolutely be a referral of this business. And even though we live 300+ miles away, this is the best sales/service we have found!

Stock: 15400

I chose to do business with Motor Home Specialist mostly becuase of their great prices and the close proximity to my home. i ended up getting a Thor Motor Coach Axis and really like the size and huge windows in the RV. Marty Hunt made things simple and easy during the sales process. Martin was informative and comprehensive during the walk through. I received great service overall and will be sure to recommend MHS to family and friends. Thanks for all the help and being so accommodating, MHS!

Stock: 15473

5 stars for the excellent service and friendliness! I have purchased from Motor Home Specialist before and really like their excellent inventory. They offer competitive prices and good, quality service. JD Moore in sales is easy to work with, friendly and very knowledgable. The finance portion of the sale was easy and they were able to walk through the entire process quickly; it was a good experience. The walk through with Matt was very thorough; he was awesome! I purchased a Diesel Pusher Entegra Cornerstone this time and mostly like the 600HP motor, luxury feel, and the larger bathrooms. Great service, super friendly, excellent experience here at Motor Home Specialist. JD was an absolute gentlemen - love him! Will recommend him to all our friends and family!

Stock: 15713

I purchased a 2018 Fleetwood Bounder from Motor Home Specialist primarily because of their excellent prices and their post purchased set-up/ service. MHS offers a great selection of coaches and great overall service. I really like the bunk beads, king bed, color scheme, and 1/2 bath in my new coach. Brando in seals did a great job throughout and Collin performed a great walk through before departing. I really found the MHS website to be beneficial. 5 star rating across the board.

Stock: 16184

We purchased a Fleetwood Discovery from Motor Home Specialist and mostly love the coach’s diesel pusher engine, bunk beds for the kids, color options and the floor plan. Justin was very professional and made the sales process easy. Arturo did a great job walking us through all the options and features in the new coach. It was mostly the good service and good prices that had us shopping with MHSRV to begin with. We will definitely be referrals of this company. We had a very great experience doling business here. Thanks for everything!

Stock: 14743

I really like the volume at Motor Home Specialist, along with the types of RVs and their excellent prices. Brandon in sales was timely and quick - well done. Martin delivered an outstanding walk through of my new Forest River Georgetown XL. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 14881

I especially like the customer service at Motor Home Specialist and the 2018 Thor Chateau that I purchased has exactly what I wanted in an RV. Prices at MHS are reasonable, and WOW, the selection of motor homes they have is excellent. What I love most about our new RV is that my dogs have a great spot to hang out over the cab. Carl made the sales process painless. He is a saint! Arturo the great delivered a quick and informative walk through of the RV. I will absolutely refer friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 16910

5 STARS!!! The sales staff at Motor Home Specialist was amazing, as well as customer service. I received superb service during my interaction. I worked with Justin Nassiff and he was very comfortable to do business with and made the sales experience very easy. Collin performed a very informative walk through of the Open Range Mesa Ridge. I really like the RV it was in immaculate condition! Thank you for being an honest and patient and very courteous company. I will be a referral of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14916

We were so happy busying our 1st RV from Motor Home Specialist that we had to do it again. We are repeat customers. Prices here are very good and the RV selection is also very good. We purchased an Enter Anthem and really like the quiet A/C, macerator, and the Entegra quality/workmanship. Our sales experience with Mitch was great and Lee did an OUTSTANDING walk through for us! We have already referred our friends/family and will continue to do so! Great service at Motor Home Specialist. Additionally we really like the prompt updates via your website. Thank you Motor Home Specialist!

Stock: 15193

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. It was MHS’s excellent service and availability that influenced my buying decision. I also found the website to be easy to use and really liked the description and pictures of the coaches. We purchased a Cruiser Radiance and really like the roominess of the RV and it was easy to move. Jimmy Campana in sales was quick and easy to work with. Roy did a great walk through of the Radiance for us. Thank you very much. when it is time to upgrade, we will be back here!

Stock: 13047

It was probably the specific Thor Quantum Motor Home that I had in mind to purchase as well as Kris in sales, which had me convinced to purchase with Motor Home Specialist. MHS offers fair prices and a great line up of quality coaches. The 160 million with of inventory was also pretty convincing to do business here. Today, I am very happy and excited! Everyone I came in contact with has been great at MHS!

Stock: 15327

My main reasons for purchasing here was becuase of their fair value prices, excellent selection of RVs, and great shopping experience. The Thor Palazzo has lots of storage, which is probably one of my most favorable features of the RV. I purchased this from Brandon Murphy was made things easy! Matt was also very good to work with throughout the walk through. The finance experience was even awesome. Service was perfect - 5 stars! This was such a good experience!

Stock: 16770

5 stars for MHS. They have good prices, a great selection and good overall service. Brandon did a good job in sales. We will be referrals of this company.

Stock: 13383

I mostly chose to do business with MHSRV because of their very good prices and customer service, which is the best! MHSRV has a great selection of quality motor homes to choose from. Curtis in sales was excellent to work with and Collin did a very good walk through of the new Georgetown prior to departure. Both Billy and Curtis were great and very responsive.

Stock: 15055

Motor Home Specialist has unbeatable / reasonable prices and an awesome line up of quality motor homes. I found the MHSRV website to be very helpful. I really enjoy the 2 A/C's and big bunks in my new Heartland Wilderness Travel Trailer. Kris catered to us throughout the sales experience which made our interaction easy. The finance portion of the sale was great and fast. Collin was very informative when walking us through the features and options in our new travel trailer. We received excellent service here at MHS and will definitely send our friends and family here for their RV needs.

Stock: 15186

This company has great reviews! The dealership and Brandon and Billy worked hard to get what we expected. Prices here are straight forward and the quality of motor homes in stock are top notch. We purchased a Coachmen Galleria and really like the auto start, size, Mercedes diesel engine, floor plan, and equipment. Brandon Neal was our salesperson and he was very nice and helpful. The sales experience overall was great. In addition Billy in finance was great and informative. Matt was also very nice to work with and performed a very painless walk through. We received excellent service at Motor Home Specialist!

Stock: 13381

Motor Home Specialist has by far the best website in the business. It is very user friendly with great detail and pictures. I don't know why anyone would consider another dealer having visited MHSRV and then purchased an RV. With that said, other reasons for choosing MHSRV was the courteous knowledgeable sales force (David Garza), their selection, and prices. Prices here are great with no hassle and their selection is top of the line. The finance portion of our interaction was great - they explained all of the forms and terms in detail. Arturo answered all questions in addition to the walk through. The quality of service overall at Motor Home Specialist was excellent. I will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 14311

Everyone here was great to deal with! We will absolutely recommend this dealership to our friends and family. It was the excellent prices and sales staff that helped drive our decision to purchase with Motor Home Specialist. The prices, selection and quality of service are all excellent at MHSRV. Carl was easy to do business with and Omar delivered an excellent walk through of our new Coachmen Pursuit. We really like the layout of our new RV.

Stock: 14893

It was the fair prices and our salesman, Brian Kelley that helped us to chose Motor Home Specialist. Also, they have a great reputation. Toby was informative when walking me through the new coach. Excellent service overall. I will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 14402

We decided to purchase our 2017 Forest River Georgetown from MHSRV primarily because of the availability and price. David Garza was easy doing business with and Arturo was through during the final walk through. was also very helpful. We received great service overall. 5 star rating for MHSRV.

Stock: 15419

I appreciate the attention to detail Motor Home Specialist provided us and they were able to meet our needs, which are reasons as to why we purchased here. The prices are excellent and the quality of service is 5 stars! We purchased a Thor Quantum and really like the bunks and overall size of the coach. I would give Calvin, 5 stars for sales and Juan, 5 stars for the walk through he provided us. Your website was also very beneficial when it came to the buying decision.

Stock: 15921

5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist! The availability and sales were driving reasons for choosing MHS as my motor home dealer. Brandon and Roy were both good to work with. I will be sure to send friends and family to Motor Home Specialist for their RV needs.

Stock: 15711

Our main reason for deciding to purchase from MHS is becuase of their price to quality ratio and their location to us. We ended up purchasing a Fleetwood Bounder and really like the bunks, appliances, and exterior cameras. Collin was informative throughout the walk through and the overall sales experience went soothe. I like the variety MHS offers and it’s great that they offer the golf carts!

Stock: 14896

The experience was very personal, professional, and they offer great pricing! Thank you! 5+ stars for this MHS! I worked with Jimmy during the sales experience and it was smooth, easy, friendly and fun. Arturo was fantastic during the walk through. I will for sure be a referral of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14487

The very reasonable prices and customer service was outstanding, which are 2 main reasons as to why we decided to purchase from MHS. We ended up purchasing a Coachmen Adrenaline and we really like the back porch and that our trailer has a generator. Jordan made the sales experience very simple and smooth. Stephen was also very helpful. We felt like family during our interaction at motor home specialist. you made us feel welcome and right at home from beginning to end. Thank you!

Stock: 16694

My wife has been shopping for an RV for 2 years. From our first visit, Mitch was just as nice, friendly and helpful. Trust is very important to me and I trust Mitch. We made several trips here “just looking” and Mitch was great to deal with every time. MHS offers fair prices with good value. The sales process was painless and the walk through with Mat was good. He’s a super nice guy. Great service at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14083

Our biggest reason for purchasing from Motor Home Specialist is because of how easy it is to look and the prices are on the window. All prices here are fair and the selection of quality RV’s is good. Calvin was very easy to work with. I like his honesty while choosing our RV and Toby was great and knew what he was doing during the walk through. It was wonderful. Additionally the MHS website was very helpful. We will be referrals of this company.

Stock: 15037

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. Very good prices, excellent quality coaches, and perfect service here! I purchased an Entegra Anthem and it was primarily this brand (Entegra) and the MHSRV reputation that had me purchasing here. I really like the bath and 1/2, and the overall coach appearance and design of my new purchase. Kris delivered a top notch sales process and Lee’s walk through of the coach went perfectly. I will be sure to recommend friends and family to Motor Home Specialist going forward.

Stock: 14518

I especially liked the ability to look without having a salesman with me, but he was always available for any questions. Justin was my salesman and he did an excellent job. Tim did a good walk through as well. I ended up purchasing a Dynamax Isata 3 Series and I like everything about the RV, there are too many items to list and describe. Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. Everything exceeded all expectations.

Stock: 16095

I was a customer referral. MHSRV offers excellent prices, excellent motorhomes, and excellent service across the board! I purchased a Coachmen Mirada and especially like the king bed, larger kitchen, pantry, and washer/dryer options. Brian Kelley was extremely helpful, and offered good follow-up. Collin did an excellent walk through. I received excellent service and will recommend MHSRV to my family and friends!

Stock: 14404

We purchased a Forest River Georgetown and really like the coach’s floor plan and the fact that the bed has space on both sides. MHS offers excellent prices and an excellent lineup of quality RVs. Roy did a very informative walk through of our new Georgetown. The entire sales experience was super easy with John. We will most definitely be referrals of this business, no hesitation. We already have send friends and family your way.

Stock: 15669

It was the low sale price that had me purchasing here. Of all the features and options in the Fleetwood Storm, we especially like the new overhead bunk bed and larger tires and rims. Brian made things easy. Finance was easy with MHS and Travis performed an effective walk through. Good service overall. We will be referrals.

Stock: 14019

It was the salesperson (Jordan Buckley) and the fantastic prices that had us buying from MHSRV. The Thor Quantum has an abundance of storage, and we really like the bathroom layout, high quality cabinets and construction quality of the RV. Jordan Buckley made things very smooth for us and Collin was very thorough, patient and kind during the walk through process. We were very pleased with every aspect of our experience at MHSRV. This is our first RV, so we are excited to being our RV adventures.

Stock: 16177

I liked the coach I purchased and MHS is family recommended. Fair prices and good, quality motorhomes here at Motor Home Specialist. I purchased a Sportscoach Cross Country and really like the kitchen, and bedroom storage in the unit. Sales with JD Moore went smoothly and JD and Travis both did a thorough walk through of the Sportscoach for me. I received excellent service during my time at Motor Home Specialist. I will be a referral of this business. Thank you!

Stock: 15373

Thank you so much for a pleasant experience. Great salesman (Calvin) who took a lot of time with us. Omar was awesome during the orientation walk through. Wonderful overall service, awesome prices, and an excellent selection of coaches here! The Thor Windsport has so many great features / options; I especially like the auto leveler, king bed and outdoor kitchen. I will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 16230

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist! Main reasons for choosing to do business here was because of their location, prices, and model availability. MHS offers the best prices, the best selection, and the best service! As for our sales experience with Brian Kelley - I’d hire him! The finance portion of our interaction was very professional. Also, Martin was very helpful during the walk through of the new American Patriot. We will absolutely be referrals of Motor Home Specialist. You have a great dealership with a great staff!

Stock: 15569

We liked the model and all of the options on the Thor Chateau at MHS. They have excellent prices and excellent quality coaches in stock. The sales experience with Ted went very well. Collin delivered a very good walk through - he was patient with us! We are very pleased with the staff and service at MHS. 5 star rating.

Stock: 15146

5 stars for MHSRV. Purchased a 2018 Forest River Georgetown XL and really like the 1 1/2 baths, fireplace, and washer / dryer. The biggest reasons for choosing MHSRV as our RV dealer is because of the vast selection and knowledge of products. They offer no hassle or pressure. Prices here are comparable and the service overall is excellent. David Garza was our salesperson and he answered ALL questions and delivered a smooth, no pressure sales approach. Martin performed a perfect walk through and was very patient. We will absolutely refer our family and friends to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14913

I chose to go with Motor Home Specialist as my RV dealer initially because of the outstanding customer service and customer referrals. Prices here are reasonable and they offer an outstanding selection of quality RVs. I especially like the technology in my new Entegra Anthem. Ted did an excellent job throughout the sales interaction and during the walk through, which was also performed by Lee. Additionally, the videos about the coaches, Entegra, Realm, etc.. were very beneficial. Will absolutely be a referral of Motor Home Specialist.