Stock: 16822

MHSRV had the exact model I was looking for with the Li3 and solar options.They have competitive pricing and an outstanding selection of RVs on site. JD Moore in sales was outstanding to work with and Roy delivered and outstanding walk through. Overall, a great experience from sales to purchase as well as the review and walk through of the new unit. I will be a referral of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 16475

The folks here are so professional and knowledgeable of the products. Justin and Roy were very informative and patient, I give them 5 stars! No high pressure tactics, just honest and willing to answer all our questions. Experience was very pleasant and easy.

Stock: 16906

MHS has excellent RVs and a large inventory to choose from, as well as competitive prices. Buck and Juan made our RV purchasing a good experience.

Stock: 17065

Brian was great to work with and made the sales process fast and easy. Travis was also awesome! 5 stars for MHSRV!

Stock: 16606

The main reason for purchasing with Motor Home Specialist was because of price. Great service! Brandon and Omar get 5 stars for their service. Brandon was the BEST!

Stock: 15642

I came to MHS for the price and my friends recommended it since they had such a positive experience. The whole process was very smooth and easy. David and Steven were easy to work with.

Stock: 16338

We all had a blast here and everything went very smooth. Very beautiful place to check out. The buying process was easy peasy thanks to Marty. Roy was very nice and easy going. All of the service we received was absolutely amazing. We will definitely recommend MHS – we already have.

Stock: 17642

I came to MHS for the good pries and quality of RVS. Jordan and Travis made the buying process a good one!

Stock: 17597

Staven and Omar were both excellent. Loved the no pressure, low prices from the beginning approach. No surprises!

Stock: 15768

The sales team is amazing – 5 stars! The process was simple and professional. I would buy from MHSRV again. Amazing people and amazing results.

Stock: 16709

Arturo is an awesome guy. My walk-through experience was great. Jordan made the sales process easy.

Stock: 13887

5 Star! Ted was so great to work with. He was fast through the sales process and precise and quick with the closing. Roy was also speedy and very informative during the walk-through. Personal gifts are AWESOME! Thank you for the pink extras Ted!!

Stock: 17005

MHS has 5-star service. Marty and Chris were excellent and got us through the buying process with ease. The picking up at the airport and all the other services were great.

Stock: 17575

Prices, availability, and selection of the RVs at MHS are very good. David and Stephen made the whole thing great.

Stock: 16680

The prices and service is the best you can find anywhere. JD and Roy were easy to work with and very informative. Love the shuttle service!

Stock: 18329

The main reason I bought my RV from MHS was for the great price and the professionalism from tech’s, finance and sales. Marty and Stephan made the whole thing perfect.

Stock: 16658

Oscar made an excellent sales process for us. Very impressive with the customer service. Our walk-through was also excellent. Juan was amazing and very knowledgeable.

Stock: 17852

Justin and Chris were both great to work with. 5 stars. Thanks!

Stock: 18186

This purchase was better than our first motorhome purchase. From the phone call to the drive out to the salesperson (Marty) and our finance guy (Chris). Nothing more to say but that we are extremely pleased! Feels like family! Thank you very much!

Stock: 17000

I do appreciate everyone working with us to make a very good experience! Thanks.

Stock: 14260

Love the ability to spend the night and then have questions answered. Carl made the buying process easy. Stephen was very patient and made our walk-through an excellent one.

Stock: 18335

The prices and inventory selection of RVs at MHSRV are excellent. David was excellent to work with through the entire process. I’ve recommended MHS before and I will again.

Stock: 15430

Everyone we met were very nice, friendly and very helpful. Brandon and Lee were both very smooth and informative. Thanks, 5 stars!

Stock: 15255

Like the idea of staying in the RV on site overnight in order to be sure everything is good and check out how everything works. Everyone asked us if everything was OK & to our satisfactions. 5 stars.

Stock: 17772

The main reasons we decided to purchase our RV from MHS was for the options on your coach and (Spec’d right) upfront pricing. The have excellent pricing and quality.

Stock: 17829

5 stars! Garth made the buying process excellent and the prices were great. Max also gave us a great walk-through. Outstanding service. Thank you! Very appreciated!

Stock: 17453

We decided to come to MHS because of the selection and the great reviews. Did not disappoint! John and Tim were both excellent to work with. The entire process could not have been smoother.

Stock: 17108

I didn’t know about a cosmetic paint issue on my trade. HMS didn’t turn into a problem and took care of it. Real professional. Thanks! Sales and finance with Don was really great.

Stock: 15200

The service at MHSRV is excellent. Collin was straight forward and easy to work with throughout the entire buying experience.

Stock: 16159

The prices and quality of RVs at MHSRV are excellent. Martin was excellent during the walk through and very informative. Oscar made the buying process very easy.

Stock: 16969

Our experience at MHS was great. Buck was very smooth, excellent to work with during the sales and purchase process. Stephen was also very helpful during the walk-through. 5 star rating from me.

Stock: 16760

I came to MHS for the location, great prices and selection. Collin was very smooth and made the closing quick. Everyone has been so friendly. I had a great experience.

Stock: 17150

One of the better buying experiences I have ever had. Marty was great to work with throughout the sales process. Arturo was very informative during the walk-through – great job! I will absolutely be telling my friends and family about MHSRV!

Stock: 18233

Gary of Coachmen answered all of my technical questions. I very much appreciate Marty Hunt making that contact with the coachman rep. He made me confident of the quality of the Crossfit RV.

Stock: C2014

The reason we went to MHS was because they allowed us to use the coach on consignment. Every one of the staff members helped us out on the deal. We travelled over 2000 miles to get here and glad we made the trip!

Stock: C2020

Mitch Bennet is the best in the business! In 4 years he has become even better and takes excellent care of his customers with a no-nonsense approach. That is rare in the sales world and it is extremely valuable to MHSRV! He will always receive any referrals from me!

Stock: 16425

MHSRV made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Justin was friendly and quick responder during the sales process and made the closing process smooth and easy. Travis was thorough when it came to the walk-through. Thank you so much!

Stock: 17185

I like the idea of adding Matt (customer concierge) to be a go between. Good improvement! Appreciate being picked up at the airport and loan of a vehicle. Customer Service was outstanding from Mitch and Travis during the sales, walk-through and finance/closing processes.

Stock: 15230

We got our 18 Thor Challenger from MHSRV because of the excellent price and quality they had to offer. Justin helped us during the sales and closing process and made it pleasant and efficient. Omar took us on our walk-through and it went perfectly. Thank you MHSRV!

Stock: 16321

Nice that you’re able to maintain service and friendliness with such a high volume practice. Lonnie, Mark and Arturo were all knowledgeable, professional, efficient, patient and pleasant to work with.

Stock: 15967

We appreciate the help with purchasing from out of state and using our credit union. Collin was fast, efficient and spot on when helping us make the decision and financing our RV. Omar was excellent during the walk-through.

Stock: 16974

We chose to shop for our RV at MHSRV because of their extensive options of inventory and excellent quality of RVs. Lonnie made the sales and closing process painless. Great service from start to finish.

Stock: 16220

Everyone here was very friendly. John was smooth and informative during the sales process and made the closing experience quick and easy. Arturo was also very informative through the walk-through. My experience was excellent and I highly recommend MHSRV.

Stock: 17510

I found my 2018 Forest River Georgetown 369DS from MHSRV. The prices were fair and the quality was excellent. David Garza made the sales and closing process super easy. Roy was thorough in the walk-through experience. 5 stars!

Stock: C2024

From the first phone call everything was great dealing with Ted by email, phone, and text. Very easy to communicate with even though I probably aggravated him because of my excitement! Then getting financing from Chris was done the same day and so easy! Made the stressful, scary buying experience one I would do over every day because them made it so seamless!

Stock: 16432

MHS staff is very friendly and helpful! Would buy from here again and again and again!

Stock: 17602

5 stars all around for MHSRV. We got our 18 Thor Hurricane from them because of the prices, which were the lowest we could find anywhere. We also give 5 stars to Jimmy and Chris who helped us find our dream RV. Class act from top to bottom!

Stock: 16731

We give MHSRV 5 stars! Don made the sales process easy and the closing & finance experience quick. Arturo did our walk-through and was very thorough.

Stock: 15977

We went to MHSRV for the prices, helpfulness and friendliness from the staff. Very pleasant experience at MHSRV. I could honestly see a friend in John and Mark.

Stock: 17932

We enjoyed our buying experience as much can be expected. Collin and Roy helped us find the one RV that checked all the boxes! They have amazing prices and an excellent quality of RVs at MHSRV. Collin was very knowledgeable and gave us great rates. Roy took us on our walk-through and was so funny and gave us a very detailed walk-through experience. We rate MHSRV 5 or more stars!