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I would rate MHSRV five stars, mostly because of their great prices and service. I especially like how I can spend the night to try out the new RV. Justin in sales was great to work with. I will be sure to recommend MHSRV to friends and family.

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5 - star review for Motor Home Specialist. The staff was professional and helpful and we really liked the selection of RVs to choose from. Prices at MHSRV are competitive and the service was outstanding. We worked with Powell and he was very helpful and always available! Stephen delivered a helpful and thorough walk through. Everything and everyone at this business are outstanding, friendly and helpful. We will be referrals of this business.

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Everyone we contacted here was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything. The unit we wanted was available. They offer reasonable prices, excellent coaches, and great service at MHS. We purchased a Thor Tuscany and definitely like the 1 1/2 bath, dish washer, living space, and fireplace. We worked with Buck who helped to make the sales process smooth. Stephen did an excellent job walking us through all the features and options in the new coach. 5 stars for MHS.

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They offer unbeatable prices and service excellence. The Tuscany has so many options and features, but my favorites are the super slide, dishwasher, cargo tray, and versatile floor plan. Justin made the sales process quick and easy. I love that there is no price haggle w/ MHS. Arturo and Michael both were informative during the walk thru. They could answer all our questions. Excellent service here and will definitely recommend MHS to all our friends and family. Additionally, I found the video walk through of the coach to be helpful.

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Purchased a Thor Tuscany from MHSRV and especially like the floor plan and front end of the coach. David at MHSRV was good in sales and Lee did a great walk thru of the Tuscany. Great service at MHSRV. Good & competitive prices here too. They have a great selection of coaches. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

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Good prices and a good selection of quality RVs at MHSRV. The service here is good. "Buck" Buckner is a great guy and Arturo did a great walk through of our new unit. Will refer friends and family to shop MHSRV.

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Decided to purchase an RV from MHS mostly because of their reputation and credibility. The Thor Tuscany is a great used RV. Worked with Marty who was easy to do business with and was straight forward. The walk through process with Arturo was a great experience. Received awesome service from MHS!

Great service. Picked up at airport, lent a car, everyone was great! Out of all the features of the Thor Tuscany, we mostly like the diesel, length of the rv, bath and 1/2, entertainment package, and it has a very nice finish. Mary and Lee were both very good. Very good inventory and price at MHS.

The customer service at MHS is great. Justin was easy to work with and made for a very smooth sales experience. Lee was informative and provided us with a thorough final walk through. We like everything about our new coach. Awesome service at MHS! We will absolutely send our friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

MHS had the motor coach in stock. We purchased a Thor Tuscany from Billy who did an excellent job. 5 star service across the board. We really like the dishwasher, tile floors and central vacuum in our new motor coach.

We purchased a new Diesel Pusher Thor Tuscany from Motor Home Specialist. Carl was our salesman and made things quick and easy. Out of all the features and options the Tuscany has, we mostly like the overall size, motor, slideouts, bedroom, kitchen and storage of the RV. The extremely competitive price and marketing (the many videos on youtube and the online photos of the actual RVs on the website) helped to make it an excellent experience for us at Motor Home Specialist. Without hesitation, we will refer friends your way. 5 star rating at MHSRV.

The kitchen and living space were the main features we liked about our new Tuscany. The price and quality of the RV is the main reason we purchased from MHS. Advertisement and price go a long way!

I chose to buy a Thor Tuscany because I really like the hardwood cabinetry, Aqua Hot system, decor and heated basement that all came standard at a great price. The RVs quality is top of the line and Michael did a great job with the walk-through. Everything was taken care of for us.

We have purchased here twice before because of the outstanding products, price and professionalism. This time Robert helped us to get our Tuscany that was fully loaded with an entertainment center, fireplace, full kitchen, washer/dryer and a king bed. What a great experience! Thank you!

MHSRV had to lowest price on our Tuscany and we really liked both the interior design and Thor's customer service so we came to Texas to buy. The staff was friendly, professional, helpful and gave us excellent service to whole way. We will certainly be referring others to them.

MHSRV is an excellent choice for customers who expect very good service with better prices than the competition. Our sales process, walk-through, financing and closing experiences were all very good and I will be recommending y'all to others.

We like that our Tuscany is just the right size. Stephan gave us an excellent walk through! Also Calvin did a great job showing us the property. We received very good quality of service from MHS.

Carl provided a very professional sales process while Brandon gave us a very good walk through process. The quality of service we received was 100%. It was a great overall experience.

My sales process was made to be efficient by Jordan and Michael did a very good walk through

5+ stars - Really like the idea of staying overnight to familiarize us with coach. You have a great facility with great employees. Everyone was so friendly & helpful. Platinum quality of service. Thank you.

The quality and quality of service are excellent at MHSRV.

The prices at MHSRV are the best we could find. A great experience. We would recommend them to everyone.

How would I describe the prices at MHSRV? Awesome.

MHSRV has the best prices and excellent quality.

The prices at MHSRV are the best.

Definitely we recommend MHS. The sales process & walk-through were great and everybody was very friendly.

5-Stars - The price and the call speaking with Billy made me decide to purchase at MHS. The sales process was short & sweet. Yes, we recommend MHS.

The quality of service is excellent; second to NONE! We enjoyed our salesman's knowledge and patience with us. Excellent selection! Excellent price! Excellent salesman! 5 Stars!

Yes, I would recommend MHS to my friends and family. 5-stars

Within 20 minutes of being on the property we were convinced this was a first class operation. We were treated wonderfully the entire time here.

The prices are the best. The quality is the highest. Yes, I would highly recommend MHS. Superior business, personnel and service.

The prices are great and so is the quality. 2nd time to purchase from MHSRV. Keep up the great job!

5-Stars - The good people here is what I liked most about the purchase. The sales process, finance and walk-through were all excellent.

I would recommend to all my friends interested in RVs without hesitation! MHS has a wider range of RVs both in price and quality. The quality of service is excellent and our sales process with Rodney Melton was fantastic.

Everyone was super helpful and super nice. A wonderful experience.

We are pleased with every phase of our purchase and would definitely recommend MHS to our friends and family.

Yes!! I would recommend MHS. Excellent prices. Excellent quality.

1 to 5 Stars?........ NO - 10 STARS! Thank you all. The prices are the Very - Very Best.

Yes! Yes! Yes! - Prices are excellent. Can't be beat.

Excellent - 5-Stars

I shopped all across the U.S websites. MHS had exactly what I was looking for at the lowest price.

Service is above & beyond the call of duty! 10 Stars