Stock: 15333

Keep up the great work everyone! Collin is the most helpful salesperson! Chris in finance also knows his job very well. We will definitely be referrals of Motor Home Specialist. We ended up purchasing a Thor Palazzo and really enjoy the size of the unit, its comfort and maneuverability.

Stock: 18148

Arturo was great! Justin and Buck were both excellent, helpful and thorough.

Stock: 16850

The main reasons I chose to do business with MHSRV are because of their value, reputation, selection and ease of buying experience. I especially like the warrantee, floor plan, and condition of the Thor Palazzo. Sales with Jimmy went good and Matt was very knowledgeable during the walk through.

Stock: 15327

My main reasons for purchasing here was becuase of their fair value prices, excellent selection of RVs, and great shopping experience. The Thor Palazzo has lots of storage, which is probably one of my most favorable features of the RV. I purchased this from Brandon Murphy was made things easy! Matt was also very good to work with throughout the walk through. The finance experience was even awesome. Service was perfect - 5 stars! This was such a good experience!

Stock: 14780

I really liked the volume to pick from at Motor Home Specialist. The sales process with Buck was painless and Stephen was very knowledgeable and completed an awesome walk through of the new RV. The whole experience was great, no pressure!!

Stock: 14776

We are repeat customers - it was great the first purchase. Prices here are the best we've found and the quality of their RVs are great. Purchased a Thor Palazzo from Jimmy who made things easy. Really like the small diesel pusher and slide-outs in the Thor RV. The walk through process with Arturo was fast and informative. 5 star rating for MHS.

Stock: 14779

Chose MHS primarily because of price. They have good prices, an excellent line up of quality coaches, and excellent service. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 14778

Chose to do business at Motor Home Specialist because of the purchase price, interest rate, and becuase of their excellent service and support. Prices at MHS are very good. I purchased a Thor Palazzo and really like the color scheme and length of the RV. Lonny was very easy to work with and offered no surprises. Tim was also great. He did the final walk thru and did an excellent job. Lastly, the MHSRV website has all the info and pics needed to make the decision to buy from here.

Stock: 14430

Prior purchase of new motor home and great service and outstanding prices at Motor Home Specialist. Lonnie made sales an easy process. Finance was A+ and Tim was excellent during the walk thru. Of all the features in the Thor Palazzo, some favorites are the fireplace, Michellin tires and aluminum wheels. The whole experience was quite enjoyable and the new motor home is awesome. Thanks to all for making the experience quite pleasant and painless.

Stock: 14781

Main reasons for choosing MHS as my motorhome provider is because of the salesman, Calvin and the company's approach to pricing. They offer very competitive prices and high quality RVs. Calvin was excellent to work with and Roy did a good job during the walk thru process. 5 stars. Will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 13065

We liked the no pressure of the sell. The ease of being able to look at the different RV options. Also, we liked the airport service pick up and being able to stay at the facility for break in. Lee was very helpful during our final walk thru. Prices here were the lowest we found. It was the helpfulness, price and selection and Buck, our salesman that helped drive our buying decision.

Stock: 15068

Wanted a used unit and purchased with Brandon at MHS. I really like the size of the Palazzo RV. Prices and RV quality at MHS are very good. Good service at MHSRV and will recommend them to friends and family.

Stock: 14795

It was mostly the web and TV reviews that helped to drive the decision to buy from here. Good pricing and an excellent selection of quality coaches at Motor Home Specialist. Really like the diesel of the Thor Palazzo. Carl and Bryson were both great. Great service here - 5 star rating.

Stock: 13067

Chose motor home specialist as our RV dealer because of their A+ pricing, quick response, finance process, and their honesty with no games. They had what we wanted, which was a 2017 Thor Palazzo, Diesel Pusher. We really like the bunk beds, diesel engine, size of the RV and the price. Easy was awesome to do business with!! Lee was also very good and thorough!! If we ever purchase again, we will be back! And we will definitely be referrals of this company moving forward.

The Thor Palazzo is great for us because of the smaller size and it fits our lifestyle. Pricing at MHSRV is excellent along with their excellent selection of quality coaches. Excellent service here. 5 star rating.

MHS has a great setup on lot! Golf carts, no stress and lunch on Saturday. The experience was very simple - no stress. Stephen was very informative and Rodney did a great job selling us our new Palazzo, which is the only 35 feet long "diesel" that meets our needs. Competitive pricing at MHSRV with excellent motor home choices. Quality of service so far here has been very good. 5 star rating!

I would rate MHS 5 stars. I really like the service showroom with competitive sales prices and excellent RVs. The website was also very helpful to us. Rodney was flawless and helped make everything simple and easy. Both Rodney and Arturo did a perfect job during our final walk through. Excellent service MHS.

Everyone here was very nice from the gentleman who picked us up (Charles) to the woman who helped us close, Brandy. However, lee took such an interest in making sure we knew our RV. He was exceptional. Easy was also great and everything very easy for us. 5 star rating from great pricing to a wonderful RV selection and great overall service.

We came to Motor Home Specialist because they had the model of Thor Palazzo we wanted at a very reasonable price. We received very good quality of service.

The main reason we decided to purchase at MHSRV is because there was one good price, upfront, and we didn't even have to negotiate to get it. We chose our Palazzo because it was a diesel pusher with comfortable furniture, a large refrigerator and a washer/dryer. Everyone was extremely friendly, helpful and informative!

Let me start with thank you! Everything from the sales process, financing, walk-thru and overall quality of service was excellent. We give you 5 stars.

We decided to purchase from MHSRV because they had the best price and excellent customer service. Carl made our sales process no hassle and very good. Our overall experience was the best, friendly and quick.

The quality and the sales process with Lance were excellent. MHS has a large selection of motorhomes to choose from and the finance and closing was quick & easy.

MHSRV has the best selection - best prices. Very clean facility - inside and out.

Motor Home Specialist has the best prices and the walk-through with Stephen was great.

The quality of service great. 5-stars

Very easy to buy from with no pressure.

Your website got us here, but service and price made the sale.

Best vehicle purchase ever and the prices are the lowest on the internet.

5-Stars. The main reason I decided on MHS was the price. The sales process with Brad was smooth, the financing was very seamless and the walk-through was superb.

The quality of service was super.

Fast, friendly & efficient

Sales personnel were pleasant to work with. The service was very good and the finance and closing experience was pleasant, simple and quick.

The sales process with Lance was painless and the walk-through was fantastic.

Researched online and found MHS has great reputation. We will certainly recommend MHS to others.

5-Stars - The prices are great and the walk-through, finance & closing were all easy.

I would recommend MHS to my family and friends 100%. Greatly enjoyed the entire process. The prices are great and the quality is excellent.

Prices? Good - Saved us a bundle - 1 yr. of college!

Good sales & good explanation of coach.

1. Couldn't ask for a better salesperson. 2. Really appreciated always being able to come and browse with no hassle or pressure. 3. Buying process + PDI experience was excellent.

Would highly recommend you to our friends.

Researched prices online - tried dealers closer to Yuma, but MHS gave us best price.

I am very pleased with the total purchase experience. Every staff member could not have been any kinder or knowledgeable about the product or services offered.

Everyone was great. We left with no questions and very informed about the coach. Thanks so much.


First class appearance of facility. Appreciate letting us stay overnight.

I am very satisfied with the entire process. This is our first RV and would come back for future purchases.

Keep up the good work. What a very nice place to purchase a RV.