Stock: 16999

Friendly and professional staff – cooperative – not pushy or over baring! The MHS website – easy to follow. Sales were easy with Oscar and the walk through with Arturo was excellent. Excellent prices and an excellent selection at MHSRV.

Stock: 16990

5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. We could not have had a better experience than what we had here. Everyone was super!! We ended up buying from here mostly because of their very good prices, our salesperson – Brian Kelley, and their excellent RV selection. We will for sure recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 16006

Everyone was very nice and made my experience a really great experience. The receptionist Martha was extremely patient and awesome; she made me feel welcome! Jordan and Chris were both excellent doing business with.

Stock: 16998

Our closing experience was great – thank you to a great team – Don, Juan, Chris and the cleaning crew . 5 stars overall! Great prices and a beautiful selection of quality RVs at Motor Home Specialist. We will definitely recommend Motor Home Specialist to everyone.

Stock: 17503

I decided to purchase a Class A Thor ACE t Motor Home Specialist because I was wanting to travel and work remotely. Prices here are terrific and so is the quality of RVs they have for sale! What I like most about the new RV is that it’s pet friendly, has clean lines and is spacious. I really found the website, calculators, videos and photos helpful when making my decision to purchase here. 5 stars and excellent service at MHSRV.

Stock: 18326

Everyone we dealt with gave us the best experience that we could expect. All were very good at what they do. Very competitive prices and an excellent selection of quality coaches at MHSRV. Nolan and Travis were both excellent doing business with. We also found the website to be very helpful. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 16566

We came to MHS for the very reasonable prices and the good selection of RVs they had to offer. We appreciate how smooth everything went. Jimmy and Tim were very kind. We couldn’t be happier with our new 18 Thor Ace!

Stock: 18325

MHS Exceeded our expectations! We found Motor Home Specialists on their website. We noticed the awesome prices and top notch quality of RVs that they had to offer. Marty was awesome to work with and gave us a no pressure deal. Roy was awesome during the walk-through too. Definitely will be recommending MHS to our friends and family!

Stock: 16571

The service provided by Mitch and his associates was very professional and courteous. The finance process was easy. I will highly recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 17000

I do appreciate everyone working with us to make a very good experience! Thanks.

Stock: 16569

I chose to get my 2018 Thor Ace from Motor Home Specialist because of the prices, but also the wide range of RVs they had to offer. Jordan made this purchase simply and fast by being straight forward. Airport pick up, reputations, and thorough walk-through from Roy, all made the experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Stock: 16011

5 Stars for Motor Home Specialist! The main reason I decided to purchase here was because of their large inventory and good prices. Also, they were always available for service and delivered excellent overall service during my experience. I purchased a Thor ACE and really like the dashboard work station, full slide, and outdoor kitchen. My sales experience with Staven Corey was very professional. Omar did a very good and detailed walk through on my new coach as well. I will be sure to recommend MHS to all my friends and family.

Stock: 16580

Everyone was great, and very helpful. Excellent prices. Excellent selection. Excellent service. Both the sales and walk-through with Staven and Collin were excellent. I will definitely send family and friends your way! Five Stars! Keep doing what you are doing!

Stock: 16009

The entire process was very easy – no pressure. MHSRV has quality inventory and outstanding service. Brandon was efficient, and Steven delivered an outstanding walk-through. I will be sure and recommend MHSRV to others going forward.

Stock: 16364

Great prices, lots of great RV’s, and an overall great experience with Motor Home Specialist. Even the finance portion of my sale was quick and easy. Lonnie Roselle in sales delivered a good process and Roy was very informative when walking me through all the features of my new Thor A.C.E. I really like the outside kitchen in this RV. I will be sure to recommend MHS to my family and friends moving forward.

Stock: 15364

Good prices, a good selection, and good overall service at MHS. Lonnie and Travis were both good to work with.

Stock: 15356

My main reasons for doing business with MHSRV are because of their prices and selection. My experience was very easy and professional. Brian did an excellent job throughout the sales process and Roy did an excellent walk through. It was all around a good experience. I will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 14574

We are 1st time owners - both Lonnie and Marvin patiently answered all our questions. Lonnie was easy to work with; kept us informed and was friendly. Martin was fantastic and very thorough during the walk through. Overall, great experience at MHS! They had the RV we wanted and prices were the best I found. Of all the features in our new Thor ACE, We especially like the king size bed, tall (84") inside, sleeps 8, and is a good mix of class A & C. Outstanding service at MHS! Will absolutely refer friends and family.

Stock: 13920

We chose MHSRV as our motor home dealership mostly becuase of their service, price and selection. Prices here are $10K lower than in California. The selection is excellent and the service is 5-STAR! We purchased a Thor ACE Motor Coach and especially like the bunks and all the amenities (slide outs, A/C, automatic everything). Rodney Melton in sales was detailed and friendly. The finance portion of the experience was excellent and thorough. Roy performed an excellent walk-through and answered all our questions. We've already referred people to Motor Home Specialist. We really appreciated the step by step experience and overnight stay.

Stock: 14573

The main reasons I decided to purchase with MHSRV was because of their excellent prices and the availability. Brandon Murphy in sales was excellent and Toby did a good walk through on the new coach. Will definitely be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 14562

Sales and finance were very easy to work with. The price was the best I could find. I purchased a Thor Motor Coach A.C.E and really like the 2 air conditioners, floor plan and colors of the motor home. I enjoyed the experience I had with MHS. 5 star rating.

Stock: 13918

Went with Motor Home Specialist becuase of the good quality and low prices. I like everything about my purchase, especially the pull-outs and size of the ACE RV. Justin made the experience easy. Will absolutely be a referral of Motor Home Specialist. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Stock: 14576

I would give a 5 star, excellent rating for Motor Home Specialist. It was their knowledge of product and friendliness that had me purchasing from them. Excellent prices and an excellent motorhome selection at Motor Home Specialist. Arturo did a super job at the walk-through of the ACE. I really like the A/C, slides and 50 amp in my new RV. Will definitely recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 14571

This was the best price on the internet. The staff here is very professional and friendly and they have an excellent selection of quality motorhomes. The total buying experience was awesome. Marty was professional and able to answer all our questions. Juan was also professional to work with. Overall, we received excellent service during our interaction. The MHS website was also very helpful. 5 star rating for MHS.

Stock: 14572

I chose to do business with Motor Home Specialist becuase of their excellent selection. MHS offers competitive pricing and great service overall. Ted and Roy were both great to work with. I purchased a Thor ACE and especially enjoy the 1 full side slide.

Stock: 14582

We really liked the low key - no pressure and the freedom to look as long as we wanted. Pricing at MHSRV is excellent, no hassle. Jimmy did an excellent job and Roy answered all questions during the delivery of a very good walk thru. This is the only place to purchase! We will recommend you to friends and family for their RV needs.

Stock: 14579

Was recommended to shop here by my sister and her husband. Prices are very good, the selection of motorhomes is very good, and the staff is professional. The sales experience went smoothly with Carl. I purchased a Thor ACE and especially like the layout of the coach. 5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. I'll recommend them to friends and family.

Stock: 14565

It was their volume of motorhomes which drove our decision to buy from here. They have lots to choose from at great prices. We ended up purchasing a Thor ACE and mostly like the slides and outdoor kitchen in the new coach. Kris made for a smooth sales process with no pressure. Roy delivered a good walk through. During our experience, everyone was helpful and worked hard to explain and answer all our questions.

Stock: C1895

This was the right unit for the right place at Motor Home Specialist. Their pricing here is better than most (all) and they offer an excellent selection of quality motor homes. Of all the features and options of the Thor ACE, I mostly like the aesthetics, how well it's been maintained, and all the extras (newer unit, it's a Thor!) Lonnie was efficient and thorough throughout the sales process. Don did a great job with the closing. It was efficient, explained well, with details, making the process speedy and complete. :)

Stock: 13398

Great prices, great RV selection, and top notch service at Motor Home Specialist. Really like the quality of the Thor ACE. David was great and Arturo performed a great walk-through.

Stock: 12907

You had the model we wanted! Especially like the size and cameras in the Thor ACE. Ted did an excellent job and Bryson was great to work with. Very knowledgeable. Very nice, helpful people who were available to answer any questions. The website and internet search was helpful as well. 5 star rating for MHSRV.

Stock: 11471

Enjoyable experience. You will be first on my list when I look for my next RV. Brian Kelly is friendly and easy to work with. Colin delivered a very good walk through of our new A.C.E. Great floor plan in the A.C.E. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 11458

Purchased a Thor ACE from Motor Home Specialist. Our favorite features of the new Thor are the king bed, outdoor kitchen and TV's. Carl delivered a smooth sales experience and was fun to work with. Matt performed a thorough walk through. People at MHS are really great. Will send our friends and family here.

Stock: 12452

We chose to do business with MHS because of a recommendation, their inventory, and they offer excellent pricing. We purchased a Thor ACE and especially like the floor plan. Justin was our salesperson and he was knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. The walk through of our new RV was very thorough. Thank you so much! Shopping her was comfortable and the process was seamless. We will be referrals!!

Stock: 11463

Biggest reasons for choosing MHS at our Motor Home dealership is because they are friendly! Easy to talk to! And the cheapest! Great pricing and great, quality motorhomes! We really like the bunk bed package, TVs and big bathroom in the Thor ACE! Bill was GREAT! and Stephen did a GREAT walk thru! We will be referrals of MHS. Very satisfied!

Stock: 11769

MHSRV has the lowest prices and great customer service. Billy made things easy and Arturo did a great job walking us through our new Thor ACE. We like everything about our new RV.

Decided to purchase with MHS b/c of their excellent prices and the courtesy of the employees whom I interacted with. MHS offered better prices than any Ohio dealer. Cavlin in sales did an excellent job. Arturo performed a very detailed, excellent final walk through of the new RV. I received excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. Additionally, the courtesy shuttle was an excellent idea!

We really appreciated the overall knowledge and professionalism that Motor Home Specialist had to offer. Jordan did an excellent job selling us a Thor ACE motorhome. Prices at MHSRv are excellent. We will most definitely send our friends and family here.

MHSRV has lots of choices, a very good reputation, low prices and a very friendly staff, which are all reasons why we decided to purchase with them. The pricing is very low compared to other dealers and their RVs are all very well maintained. We purchased a Thor ACE from Calvin who helped make the sales process extremely easy with no high pressure. We really like our shower (looks light and open) and the nice counter space in our ACE. Lee was very thorough during the final walk through.

Good pricing and top door RVs at Motor Home Specialist. The slide and in bedroom storage are some of our favorite features of our new ACE. Carl made the sals process quick and easy. Collin answered all of our questions during the final walk through. We will absolutely be referrals of MHS.

Mitch at MHS was great. Stephen was also good to work with and was very informative during the walk through. Great service at MHS. Pricing is affordable compared to others. We really like the king size bed and towing capacity in our new ACE. It's a great size for our family with great features.

MHSRV has very good RVs and their prices are the best in town. They are pretty honest how low they can go. The selling process with Mitch went smoothly. Arturo did an excellent job during the final walk through of our new RV. Great experience. No pressure sales.

Jimmy was excellent! Chris P, very thorough! 5 stars Motor Home Specialist!

From the website information and videos to the response with discount price to the arrival of MHSRV dealership to the walk thru and to the closing of the agreement was an excellent experience. We like the A.C.E. motor home style, slide out and floor plan the most. Buck was EXCELLENT and so was Arturo!

Billy, Brandy, Lee did a great job. We drove over from Atlanta, GA and it was worth the 26 hour round trip drive. Motor Home Specialist is easy to deal with and offers quick responses, which is why is was easy to chose them as our RV dealership. Our favorite features of the A.C.E. are the king sized bed (walk around), storage, space and appearance. Billy was our sales person and made the process very smooth and easy and Lee did an excellent job showing us all the features during our final walk through. We will ABSOLUTELY refer our friends and family to visit MHSRV. Thanks for the great experience and service!

The folks at MHSRV are friendly and professional. We were a bit apprehensive about traveling from Iowa to buy but it was worth it! The price, internet comments and Jordan explaining the procedure were the main reasons we decided to buy at MHS. We really like our coach's king bed, shower, storage and fit and finish. Our closing was quick and easy and our walk-through with Arturo was very good. Thanks Folks.

Our finance and closing experience was excellent!! Brandy is the best.

The sales process was easy and fast along with our finance and closing experience. Easiest large purchase I've ever made.

Great people - Very informative without applying any pressure. Good experience doing business with MHS.

The prices at MHSRV are the best in the industry. The quality of the RV's are top quality. I really appreciated all the support throughout the entire process. Everyone was professional and courteous.