Stock: 17173

You had exactly the floor plan, color, and options we were looking for in a Dynamax DX3. We really like the extra ½ bath, big kitchen, master bedroom, and tow capacity in the unit. Brandon was very good and made things easy for us. Juan performed a smooth walk through. We will be sure to send our friends and family your way for their RV needs.

Stock: 18465

I like the people at Motor Home Specialist. The have competitive pricing and lots to choose from. Very professional service here.

Stock: 17705A

I found the variety of coaches and detailed pictures of the coach qualities on the MHSRV website to be very beneficial. Also, the discussions and sale process with the sales team and Lonnie were very easy. The walk through with Lee was very informative. Overall, very good service at Motor Home Specialist. This was a smooth purchase from start to finish (special effort to accommodate) Thanks!

Stock: 17169

Motor Home Specialist has a very large selection and is a trustworthy dealership. I am a repeat customer and feel that the service here is superb. I really like the quality and size of my new coach. Jordan made things easy and was excellent to work with. He also delivered a very good walk through of the new Dynamax Isata.

Stock: 17172

I called Jordan on Tuesday and left with a coach on Saturday. The entire experience was easy, cheap and awesome! Prices overall are unbeatable at Motor Home Specialist and the MHSRV website is really helpful when deciding to purchase here.

Stock: 16579

We chose to purchase our 2019 Dynamax Force from Motor Home Specialist because of the excellent service we received and the overall price of our new coach. This Force had all we wanted for a fair price. Justin was our sales person and he did an excellent job throughout our experience. Juan delivered a very smooth walk through on the new RV. Overall it was an excellent experience and thanks for everything.

Stock: 16525

The main reason we decided to purchase from MHS was the price. Buck made the sales process easy. Martin was great during the walk through. 5 stars!

Stock: 15642

I came to MHS for the price and my friends recommended it since they had such a positive experience. The whole process was very smooth and easy. David and Steven were easy to work with.

Stock: 17185

I like the idea of adding Matt (customer concierge) to be a go between. Good improvement! Appreciate being picked up at the airport and loan of a vehicle. Customer Service was outstanding from Mitch and Travis during the sales, walk-through and finance/closing processes.

Stock: 16515

I was internet shopping for an RV when I came across MHS’s website. Their product and price were great. John made the sales and closing process easy. I give Arturo a 10+ rating for his walk through. 5 stars for MHSRV!

Stock: 15648

MHS has very competitive prices and very good quality of RVs with a tremendous amount to choose from. Jordan answered all my questions and was knowledgeable and courteous. He walked us through the whole process seamlessly! Steven was also excellent to work with while giving us the walk through of RV choices. Glynn was excellent on fixing the flooring. Definitely recommend!

Stock: 17147

MHS has the best price for the easiest process. Jordan and Arturo were both easy to work with and quick during the entire sales process. Great company!

Stock: 17179

Lee did an excellent job doing the walk through process. He took the time to answer all of our questions on how all the features worked. Matt also did an excellent job. Brian did a great job. He called us up when the Dynamax DX3 arrived.

Stock: 14758

Thank you for taking so much care in preparing for our arrival, for having the rig ready, and for making us feel valued. You guys are awesome! Lunch was great, actually every part was very pleasant. We appreciate that you are not high pressure and that the process isn't annoying or labor-intensive. Thank you again!

Stock: 14984

We decided to shop for our new 2018 Dynamax DX3 at Motor Home Specialist because of our previous purchase here. We were very satisfied with the excellent prices and quality of RV's MHS has to offer. We went with the Dynamax because of the aqua hot fireplace and TV built in. JD Moore and Steve Rogers were excellent to work with. We are two very satisfied customers!

Stock: 14979

You folks are great! J.D. was easy throughout the sales experience. Arturo Rodriguez did a great walk-through. Five Stars.

Stock: 14760

The main reason I decided to purchase from MHSRV was because of their customer service and inventory. The prices were better than most, very reasonable. Staven Corey was excellent to work with. The MHSRV was also very helpful. I will absolutely be a referral of this company.

Stock: 15978

First class service pick-up at the airport, clear through the process of purchase and walk-through. MHSRV offers excellent pricing, excellent RV, and fantastic service. Buck Buckner made the sales experience awesome. Arturo was fantastic. Will definitely be referrals of this business.

Stock: 16522

Prices here are fantastic, and their coaches are first-class. I mostly like the overall quality of the unit I purchased (Dynamax Isata 3). Jimmy Campana was very pleasant to do business with. Roy did a great job during the walk-through. Additionally, it was really nice having a courtesy car. The personnel here is excellent. It was a really pleasant buying experience.

Stock: 14461

Prices at MHSRV are excellent, better than anywhere else. They have top-notch quality RVs. My sales experience with Marty were easy…he answered all questions promptly. The Dynamax Isata 5 was built to our specifications, so ultimately we like everything about the RV. From the time ordered, to the time I signed the documents, the staff at MHSRV answered all questions, and gave top-notch service…thank you.

Stock: 15179

Great prices, new quality coaches, and great service at Motor Home Specialist. The MHS website was also helpful when deciding to purchase here. Calvin in sales made things easy for me and Matt performed a great walk through of my Dynamax DX3. It was also a pleasure working with Billy Fussell. 5 star rating for MHSRV.

Stock: 14977

The RV that I wanted was in stock at Motor Home Specialist. Kris Menden did a great job in sales and Colin did a great job walking me through the features of my new Dynamax Force. Great service at MHS. 5 star rating.

Stock: 16208

It was MHS’ price and service that had me purchasing here. Prices are very competitive and they offer an excellent selection of quality coaches. The sales process with Buck Buckner was excellent as well as the walk-through with Matt. I purchased a 2018 Dynamax Isata 3 Series and really like the full slide and floor plan of the new RV. Excellent service overall at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14512

We were treated excellently by David Garza. Prices at Motor Home Specialist are well below market competitors and the selection of quality coaches here at this location is excellent. I purchased a Dynamax Isata 3 Series and really like the Forest River reputation and Mercedes Diesel engine in my new unit. I received a five star walk through with Arturo and will absolutely recommend this place to friends and family. They have excellent photos on the website and we really like the O’banion history. We are glad we found you!

Stock: 14759

Great service at MHSRV! I was ready to upgrade to a larger RV. Prices are reasonable and the selection of RVs is great. I did business with Buck and Omar and both were great. i will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 14502

My main reason for choosing MHS is because of their great price options. I purchased a Dynamax Isata 3 Series and really like the diesel generator. Brandon Neal in sales was very good and Roy did a great walk thru for me. 5 tar, great service at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14508

Amazing experience! Thanks for lunch and for allowing us to stay the night and for a loaner car! MHS had the vehicle we wanted. They have very fair prices and an awesome selection of coaches. We purchased an Isata 3 Series and really like the beautiful attention to detail in this new RV. Carl helped to make the sales experience quick and easy and Collin did an excellent job walking us through the new RV. We received excellent service during our experience and will absolutely refer our friends and family to visit MHS for their motor home needs.

Stock: 14518

I especially liked the ability to look without having a salesman with me, but he was always available for any questions. Justin was my salesman and he did an excellent job. Tim did a good walk through as well. I ended up purchasing a Dynamax Isata 3 Series and I like everything about the RV, there are too many items to list and describe. Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. Everything exceeded all expectations.

Stock: 15647

MHS helped us find a hotel, restaurants, etc. We needed a quick closing and it was! We were able to do a lot of the paperwork beforehand. Prices here were better than all we compared! Ted was quick and thorough during the sales experience and Arturo was through during the walk through of our new Dynamax Force. We really like the Freightliner engine in our new RV. The MHSRV website was also very beneficial! Excellent service at this business.

Stock: 15177

Main reasons for purchasing here was because of the inventory and good prices. I worked with Marty who did and excellent job in sales and Matt did a god walk through. The service overall was good. I will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family. 5 stars!

Stock: 15174

I chose MHSRV because of the good prices and availability. I really like the sleeping capacity in the Dynamax Force. Brandon in sales was good and Arturo delivered a great walk through. 5 stars for MHSRV. I will recommend you to friends.

Stock: 15639

MHSRV has very good prices and a very good selection of quality coaches. I really like the slide-out size and other options on my new dynamax isata 3 series. Justin was very good to work with. 5 stars.

Stock: C1945

This was the only place that had our unit we wanted. They have amazing prices and very nice, well taken car of motor homes. We really liked the lay-out and functions in our Dynamax Isata E Series. Mark G is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the sales experience. Even the finance portion of the interaction was quick and friendly. JR was informative during the walk through of the Dynamax. Mark Griffith was a huge help and made sure we were taken care of and followed up every step of the way. We couldn't be happier. Will absolutely recommend MHS to our friends and family.

Stock: 14757

We chose to purchase here because we were moving to a Class C from a fifth wheel. Motor Home specialist has very good prices and very good coaches. The Dynamax is a very high-quality unit. Chris in sales was excellent and Martin was excellent during the walk-through. I really like the MHSRV website. Five stars.

Stock: 14522

I appreciate the timely service. Bo handshakes and looks you in the eye! JD was efficient and helpful throughout the sales interaction. Arturo is very knowledgeable and performed a thorough walk-through of my new Dynamax Isata. I initially chose MHS because of their prices, which are the best! The pick up from the airport was very helpful! Five star service overall. Thank you!

Stock: 14756

I chose to do business here because of their options and sales. Prices at MHSRV are excellent. They have an excellent selection of quality RVs. Rodney was easy to work with. Five star service received. I will be a referral of this company.

Stock: 14517

From the airport ride to lunch was super. Great people and prices at MHSRV. We decided to purchase with motor home specialist mostly because of their people and prices. They offer the best prices on top notch RVs. Went with the Dynamax Isata which is the perfect size for 2 people. Carl made the sales process smooth. The finance portion of our interaction was quick and easy and Omar did a complete walk through of the new RV. I will recommend MHSRV to family and friends.

Stock: 15901

Went with Motor Home Specialist because of price and the quick process via phone / email. Pricing with MHS is competitive and transparent. They have a high quality selection of motorhomes and great service. Kris was great, efficient and available!

Stock: 14507

Went with MHS primarily because of their selection and price, both of which are good. Purchased a Dynamax Isata 3 Series from Jordan who did a great job. I really like the diesel, its compact and comfortable style, and the quality of the RV. Roy did a great walk through. Additionally, the MHS website is good compared to others.

Stock: 14448

We ended up getting our new RV from MHS mostly because of their competitive prices and high quality inventory. David Garza was professional and knowledgeable throughout the sales experience. Excellent service at MHS. Also, the MHS website is very helpful. I've already referred friends/family here.

Stock: 15782

Good prices and very helpful people at Motor Home Specialist. We ended up getting an Isata and really like our recliner lounge chairs and the bed over the cab. Jimmy in sales was awesome doing business with and James did a really good walk through for us. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Stock: 14452

Chose to purchase with MHS becuase of the availability, service, and price. They offer a line up of top shelf motorhomes. Purchased a 2018 Dynamax Isata 5 Series and really like the engine, paint, four wheel drive, features, and quality of the manufacturer. Stephen did an excellent job during the final walk thru and sales with Robert were easy. Excellent experience. Great people. Top shelf service.

Stock: 14991

The RV I wanted was in stock and at a good price! Great service! Carl and Arturo were both great!

Stock: 14505

We chose Motor Home Specialist because of their great prices, honesty and friendliness. Easy was terrific to work with. We had the best service from MHS. Our expectations were above and beyond! The walk through with Tim was super. Outstanding service overall.

Stock: 14515

Chose Motor Home Specialist as my RV dealer because of their sales staff and selection. Really like the full wall slide in my new Dynamax. Excellent sales experience with Kris.

Stock: 14521

Chose to purchase a Dynamax Isata 3 Series from Motor Home Specialist because of the brand, floor plan and price. David in sales was very good to work with. Super selection at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14558

The best pricing at Motor Home Specialist. Brian was awesome and Mat was excellent. Very informative walk through on the RV. Great experience. Highly recommend.

Stock: 13535

5 stars all around for MHS. 5 star prices. 5 star RV selection. 5 star service. And 5 stars for Ted's sales approach and for Collin's walk through.

Stock: 13532

Purchased a Dynamax Isata from Motor Home Specialist mostly because of their excellent selection of RVs and their excellent sales help. Like so many features of the Isata, but mostly I like the heated tanks and cummins diesel. Great walk through process done at MHS. They offer top notch service and the best prices.

Stock: 10108

It was the sales interaction with Ted that helped with our decision to purchase from here. The process was excellent. Also, we found the MHSRV website helpful. Arturo (walk - through) was very dedicated and answered all questions. He ran to parts for the hitch and stuck with us until all issues were resolved. Arturo is a great employee and delivered an excellent walk through! Some of our favorite features on our new coach are the freightliner chassis and the 1 and 1/2 bath. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist.