Stock: 19023

5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. They offer reasonable prices and a great inventory. We really like the theater seats and color of our new Leprechaun. Ted Eaton in sales was excellent and Chris performed an excellent RV walk through. We also found the website to be very helpful and informative when making our decision to buy here. The best we’ve ever dealt with, great service!

Stock: 18845

At Motor Home Specialist the people are polite and professional. I am impressed with everything. Total top notch experience.

Stock: 18005

I chose Motor Home Specialist because of inventory and the availability of a specific RV. You were the only site that had the Coachmen Leprechaun we wanted. MHS offers very professional service and an amazing lineup of quality coaches. Sales with Buck went smoothly and the walk through with Roy was very thorough. Thank you!

Stock: 19075

Everyone was great – Justin, Billy and Omar. We have already referred people to MHSRV. We really like everything about our new RV, especially the extras, pop-up TV and fireplace. The sales experience overall was fast and easy. 5 stars for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 17525

Motor Home Specialist had what we were looking for at a good price. Brian was very personable and Chris was very thorough during the final walk through. People were so friendly and welcoming. I will be sure to recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 17293

The RV was available to purchase for the right prices and MHSRV. From the initial inquiry to the final sale, it has truly been a great experience! 5 stars rating for MHSRV.

Stock: 18010

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist! They have fair prices and a good selection of quality motorhomes. Of all the features in our new Leprechaun, we especially like the navigation, size, and outdoor kitchen. John Powell was very professional and Chris was great during the walk through or our new coach. Very professional team, knowledgeable and friendly – 5 stars all around!

Stock: 15267

We chose to check out Motor Home Specialists because of their excellent inventory and prices. Everyone here has been extremely nice with no pressure to buy. JD and Omar were excellent to work with. It made this purchase a pleasant experience. Thank you!

Stock: 18008

Oh my goodness… if only every business had this caliber of great customer service and such accommodating staff! From sales staff to customer care and techs, we’ve had nothing but a great experience! Brandon made the sales process super simply and the closing process smooth and easy. Martin was amazing and full of information. The prices are considerably lower than our regions and the quality is unmatched. Absolutely recommend Motor Home Specialists to anyone looking!

Stock: 17931

We came to MHS for the price and RV selection. We stayed for the service! Very friendly and courteous staff. Excellent service! Mark and Tim were both excellent to work with.

Stock: 16416

Jimmy and Roy were both very friendly and informative! 5 stars for everything!

Stock: 17900

5 stars for MHS! We worked with Oscar and Roy throughout our Motor Home buying process and they both were amazing. We felt no pressure and they gave us an excellent price! Absolutely recommend this place!

Stock: 15659

You guys are a very professional organization. From the initial phone call from David, to the finance process, to the walk-through - all class acts! We also appreciate the airport pick-up and loaner care while we stayed the night in the RV. We are so glad we purchased from MHSRV! Thanks for the great experience!

Stock: 16960

We got the 2018 Coachmen Leprechaun 240 FW from Jimmy Campana at Motor Home Specialist. The main reason we went with MHS was the excellent prices. Jimmy and Roger took us through the amazing options and features like the exterior TV and single pop out beds. They gave us 5-star customer service. We will absolutely be recommending MHS to our friends and family.

Stock: 16418

It was the outstanding prices and quality of their coaches along with the friendliness of our salesman that had us purchasing with Motor Home Specialist. The Coachmen Leprechaun included all features that I was interested in. Buck was really nice and easy to work with; he helped to make the sales process painless. Roy was wonderful! He was very through and detailed when explaining all the features and benefits of the new coach. Mark henry was awesome to work with on financing. All of these factors made this process easy! 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: C1976

Five Stars for MHSRV! We mostly chose to do business here because of their selection, selection, selection…and GREAT PRICES. We especially love the quality of the finish out and large fridge in our new coach. Brandon Neal was easy to work with. The walk-through with hi was informative. The entire experience here has been wonderful. Brandon was patient with us and our little ones. Thank you very much!!

Stock: 16962

The main reason we decided to purchase with MHSRV because you had the type of Motorhome that met our requirements. Leveling jacks and a full length Queen were a few of our must-haves. Prices here are better or more comparable to other places we looked. Of all the features our Leprechaun has to offer some of our favorites include the leveling jacks, full size queen bed, U-shaped booth, storage, and front swivel chairs. Calvin in sales made our interaction easy and low pressure. Martin delivered a thorough and informative walk-through of our new coach. Everyone at MHSRV was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. The financial process was quick and easy and they had a large inventory to choose from.

Stock: 15958

We chose MHSRV because of their outstanding selection, outstanding prices, and great financing. We purchased a Coachmen Leprechaun, and especially like the walk-a-round bed, overall length, U-shaped dinette…too many things to list. Marty Hunt was great! He helped make the sales experience easy. 5 Star service at Motor Home Specialist. Our driver from the hotel was very nice. Everyone was super helpful and very accommodating! Thanks so much!

Stock: 15661

We appreciated the overnight camping accommodations, the use of the courtesy vehicle and the water and wine which we were provided with. It was a great pleasure working with quality professional people. MHS has very good prices, very good, quality coaches and excellent service. It was mostly the inventory, price, and honesty that had us purchasing here. The unit we purchased was very well equipped. Calvin did a very good job in sales and an excellent job during the walk-through process. We will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family moving forward.

Stock: 16856

MHS has a large inventory of excellent quality coaches. I especially like their large selection of Coachmen Leprechauns. What I like most about the Leprechaun is the ease of living configuration, auto jacks, etc. It is a lovely RV! Mitch in sales made the process easy and smooth. Omar, who performed the final walk through, was excellent and detailed. 5 star service at Motor Home Specialist!

Stock: 16913

Everyone at Motor Home Specialist is very informative, professional, and courteous. They have an awesome selection and staff. Prices are excellent here, especially the price of our Leprechaun which is what we were looking for. Cutis was easy to work with during the sales process. Finance at MHS was easy and Toby was very informative during the walk through portion of the experience. Excellent service received at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15906

I chose Motor Home Specialist initially becuase of the size of their inventory. Prices here are competitive with high quality RVs to choose from. I ended up purchasing a Coachmen Leprechaun and especially like the floor plan. I worked with Curtis in sales which made for a very good experience. Toby was very nice and delivered a great walk through of the new Coachmen. Excellent service by phone and email from both Curtis and Chris. They were all very patient and responsive to questions and/or concerns. The MHS website was also very helpful throughout the buying decision. I will absolutely refer friends and family to Motor Home Specialist for their RV needs.

Stock: 15278

Pricing was good at Motor Home Specialist, which is one of the main reasons I decided to purchase here. I really like the full body paint on my new coachmen Leprechaun. Ted in sales was good and the walk through with Steve went very well. Service overall at MHS was very good. 5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. I will be sure to tell friends and family about you.

Stock: 16864

Five stars for Motor Home Specialist. My main reasons for choosing MHS was becuase of their great prices and service. The quality of their selection is well above the rest. Lonnie was easy to work with and delivered a very informative walk through. Keep doing what you are doing — it’s been a pleasure! :0)

Stock: 16770

5 stars for MHS. They have good prices, a great selection and good overall service. Brandon did a good job in sales. We will be referrals of this company.

Stock: 15660

I purchased a Coachmen Leprechaun and especially like the walk in closet, fireplace, and slide out. I ended up choosing MHSRV as my dealer primarily becuase of their very good prices. John Powell in sales was very good to work with. Colin was excellent during the walk through. Overall, excellent service here at Motor Home Specialist. I will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 15910

Motor Home Specialist is much more cost effective. They have the best prices by far and a very good selection of quality motor homes. Tim is a great guy and did a good walk through for us. Rodney in sales made things smooth throughout our experience. We will absolutely be referrals of this business. I'll be back!

Stock: 13286

5 stars for MHS. Prices are amazing and the selection of quality RVs at MHS is fantastic. We love the look of our new Coachmen Leprechaun. We worked with John who did a great job. Martin also delivered a great walk through of the new coach.

Stock: 15272

5 STARS. Primarily chose Motor Home Specialist because of the availability of the unit I wanted. Good prices, good selection, and good service at MHSRV. Jordan was excellent doing business with and Omar performed a good walk through of the Coachmen Leprechaun. I really like the residential fridge and theater seats in the coach.

Stock: 15276

Brandon Neal was excellent, patient and responsive. We appreciate the end to end support through the sales process and beyond. Service at MHS is excellent. Omar delivered an excellent walk through of the new Leprechaun. We especially like the slides, bunks and colors in this RV. Our main reason for doing business here was because of a referral, price and the responsiveness of Brandon Neal.

Stock: 15270

I decided to purchase with MHS mostly because of their reputation and excellent selection. They have very fair prices and excellent service. Rodney in sales was fantastic and Roy did an excellent walk through of the new RV. I purchased a Coachmen Leprechaun and really find that it’s a great class C with all the bells and whistles. Everything was great, no pressure, free to look all we wanted, and everyone was patient with all our needs. Great place, hard to find places like this nowadays. Keep it going!

Stock: C1916

Purchased with MHS becuase of the great motorhome, which was very clean and well kept, and because of David, the salesman. Prices and selection here are great and they offer excellent service. David and Billy are fantastic, their extra effort is much appreciated. I'll absolutely recommend MHS to friends and family for their RV needs.

Stock: 14238

My main reasons for choosing MHS was because of their exceptional selection, added features on the units, and the exceptional prices they offer. The side cameras and swivel seats in the Leprechaun have to be some of my favorite features in the my new RV. Jimmy was straight forward and honest throughout the sales experience. Arturo was extensive and comprehensive. Excellent service at MHSRV - 5 star rating.

Stock: 14239

Great prices, excellent service, and great coaches at Motor Home Specialist. Brian Kelly was easy to work with throughout the sales interaction! And Mat was easy and informative during the final walk through of the RV.

Stock: 14998

The Coachmen Leprechaun at Motor Home Specialist was the right RV for a great price! Pricing o this particular RV I purchased was well below others in price but with equal mileage. I had been looking for several months and knew exactly what I wanted. Sales were easy with John Powell and the walk thru with Collin was informative. I will highly recommend MHS to friends and family! It was the best ever service I've received. What a pleasure! It was worth the extra time to travel here! I could have bought the same RV for $10,000 more. 5 star rating for MHSRV.

Stock: 13281

Great prices at MHSRV. They offer a great selection and excellent service. Just truly enjoyed the experience and will pass the word around the Seattle area. Thank you!

Stock: 14726

5 stars for MHS. Did business here because of their good prices and the RV was in stock. Like all of the options and features on the Coachmen Leprechaun. Jimmy and Lee were both very good. Will be a referral of MHS.

Stock: 14724

Sales with John at MHS was low pressure and very informative. Omar was also very informative during the walk thru of the coach. Of all the features on the Coachmen Leprechaun, my favorites are the layout of the RV, the overhead bed, and the washer & dryer. Excellent service at this place of business. Have already referred family / friends to do business here.

Stock: 14439

MHS offers competitive pricing and a large inventory of quality motorhomes, which are reasons as to why I purchased from here. I worked with Justin in sales which went very smoothly. Bryson was excellent to work with as well. I had a lot of questions during the walk thru and he answered them thoroughly. I ended up purchasing a 2017 Coachmen Leprechaun and really like the large fridge, outside paint, and outside TV and stereo. MHS has very friendly and knowledgeable people. They are all very happy to help you and help you get through from beginning to finish. Thank you all. Will definitely refer friends and family to this business.

Stock: 14725

Main reason for selection Motor Home Specialist as the dealership of choice is becuase of the quality of their vehicles. Purchased a Coachmen Leprechaun and really like everything about it, from bumper to bumper. The sales experience, finance portion and even the walk through went good. Great experience overall. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 13402

Purchased from MHSRV b/c of price and selection, both of which are very good. Roy was very good with the walk through of the RV. 5 star rating for this business.

Stock: 13284

You had the model we were looking for and a BIG inventory of very good, quality units. Brian and Lee were both excellent. We like all the features / options of our new Coachmen Leprechaun. All good people at MHS and excellent overall service.

Stock: 14729

It was their great selection of quality motorhomes. The customer service and pricing were also great. John was our salesman and he was organized and professional - a great sales experience overall. Matt performed a great walk through of our new Coachmen and he was friendly. We found our RV place for now and future purchases and will absolutely recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 12421

Good prices and very good motorhomes at Motor Home Specialist. Buck was the salesman and the process was smooth. Colin and Chris did a great walk through. Will refer friends & family to MHSRV.

Stock: 12419

It was the salesmanship at Motor Home Specialist that helped with the decision to buy from here. Buck was wonderful throughout the sales process. 5 stars and wonderful service.

Stock: 13845

You had the RV we wanted. Out of all its features and options, we really like the recliners with the TV across in the Leprechaun. Billy and Arturo were great. Already referred friends and family to MHS. Great service; 5 stars.

Stock: 13404

Chose MHS because of their excellent selection. 5 star rating for this company. They offer very competitive pricing and excellent overall service. The Leprechaun is a great size and offers many features. Buck Bunker was pleasant to do business with and Chris did an excellent walk through of the new coach. We will be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14438

Nice folks at Motor Home Specialist. Good, quality RVs and very good service. Purchased a Coachmen Leprechaun from Billy who did a very good job and was easy to work with. The Coachmen Leprechaun has recliners and a residential refridgerator, which are some of my favorite features.

Stock: 12554

David was great to work with. Very good, competitive pricing and quality motorhomes. 5 star rating from MHSRV.

Stock: 10650

Pricing at MHS is lower than anywhere in Florida. Excellent selection of RVs and excellent service here. Calvin made the sale process smooth. Purchased a Leprechaun Class C and really like the bunk model which is great for 3 kids. I will definitely return to purchase another RV in the future and will refer my friends & family here.