Stock: 16109

Great experience; everything turned out as I would have expected. Reasonable prices at MHSRV. I really like the 3 slides and paint on my new RV. Rodney was easy to work with and Arturo was thorough. I also really liked the video walk through of the unit. 5 star ratings for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 16110

We purchased a Coachmen Concord and really like the 3 slides, the size and the Chevrolet chassis!! Marty did an excellent job during the sales experience and Roy explained everything very well during the walk through of the new RV. I enjoyed our stay, the staff was very helpful answering our questions. The whole process went very well. 5-star rating for Motor Home Specialist!

Stock: 15121

I decided to shop at MHS because of the great prices and great quality that MHS has to offer. I got the 2018 Coachmen Concord because of the amazing options and features, design quality, space the coach has to offer, as well as the staff’s attention to detail. Some minor issues were able to easily be resolved. Marty is a great salesman and made the closing process easy. Chris gave us a great walk-through. I also really appreciated the fact that they picked me up from the airport and provided me with a rental vehicle.

Stock: 16100

Impressed by ability to view coaches by ourselves with no pressure. Staff has been very responsive and friendly. Jimmy and Juan are both exceptional!

Stock: 16099

The main reasons for purchasing with MHS was price of their good prices and nice selection. I ended up getting a 2018 Coachmen Concord and really like the slideouts, fireplace, jacks, recliners and awning. Rodney in sales was good to work with and Roy did a good job walking me through the option and features in my new coach. Great service here at Motor Home Specialist! Thank You!

Stock: 15131

I purchased a Coachmen Concord from MHSRV and really like the comfort and TV Entertainment center in front, as well as the recliners. The sales experience was fast and efficient with Marty. The walk-through process was good with Tim Johnson. Very friendly people to deal with!! Made us feel very comfortable!!

Stock: 15130

Great experience buying from MHS. I would recommend the dealership and Brandon Murphy. It was the product and personality of the salesman and finance department that had me purchasing here. I like the floor plan, exterior pain, and interior appearance of my new Concord. Sales was smooth with Murphy and the walk through was very good with Collin. Excellent service at MHS - I will be a referral of this dealership.

Stock: 15138

It was the great prices and service that had me purchasing with Motor Home Specialist!!I I also really like the MHS youtube. I did business with Marty Hunt who made for a great sales experience. Roy did a great job during the walk through of my new Concord. The service I received was great. I will be a referral of this company.

Stock: 15132

This experience was excellent. David and Henry made everything easy and got us in the motor home we wanted. My main reasons for doing business with MHS was because of their awesome prices, availability and people. MHS has an excellent selection of quality motorhomes. I purchased a coachmen concord and really like the kitchen counter top, fireplace, and all of the amenities. David in sales was awesome and the finance portion of my interaction went seamlessly. Roy was very informative during the walk through of the new RV.

Stock: 15119

Biggest reason for purchasing from Motor Home Specialist is because of Mitch Bennett as he sold our last coach to us 2 years ago. Also, Motor Home Specialist was exceptional prices and an incredible lineup of quality coaches. We purchased a Coachmen Concord and really like the 3 slides in this RV. Mitch is professional, easy, and delivers over and above what we need. The finance experience with MHS was extremely professional and a fast process. Overall Mitch, Mark, Henry and others made our time such a positive experience. We will absolutely recommend Motor Home Specialist to our friends and family.

Stock: 15113

Our experiene has been unbelievably great! Thank you to David, Arturo, and Don for treating us like royalty! I chose to purchase here initially because of price, but David Garza's customer service was top notch. MHS offers great prices and the best quality RVs to choose from. I purchased a Coachmen Concord and especially like the slide outs and all the luxuries which were more than other class C's its size. Our sales experience was smooth as silk. Arturo did a very good walk through and was very informative. Service overall was top notch. It couldn't have been better. We will definitely be referrals of MHS! You guys have a great MHSRV website. which was helpful as well.

Stock: 15125

Rodney and Roy were both very good to work with at MHS. 5 star rating.

Stock: 13295

This is our second purchase here, love the no pressure sales approach. Really like the wide selection of coaches to choose from. MHS has reasonable prices, no pressure, and a great salesman (Brian), which are all reasons for doing repeat business here. Martin was also very informative during the walk thru. Very good service, and will recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 14247

MHSRV had the price and model we wanted, which is why we decided to purchase here. Dealt with Lonnie in sales which went good and Roy did a good walk thru also. Good service at MHSRV.

Stock: 14244

MHSRV offers competitive prices and an excellent selection of quality motorhomes, which is why I purchased from them. Marty was great and Bryson did a good job at the walk thru. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and courteous.

Stock: 13299

Lonnie in sales was good to work with. Arturo did a good job at the final walk through. Good prices, good selection of quality motorhomes, and good service at MHSRV. 5 stars. Will be sure to refer friends and family to MHSRV.

Stock: 13300

Wanted a coach to travel and to see the US. Motor Home Specialist has great prices, a great selection, and great service. The Coachmen Concord is small enough to handle. I am excited to try my first RV.

Stock: 14973

MHS had the right RV. 5 star rating for this business. Good prices and an excellent RV lineup. Really like the size and look of the Concord. Worked with Rodney and Russ. The sales process was easy. Even the closing process was fast and professional. Will send friends and family to MHS for their RV needs.

Stock: 13301

Good deal at MHSRV. They have great prices and great coaches. J.D was great. Really like the interior and exterior paint on the Coachmen Concord. 5 star rating for MHSRV.

Stock: 13851

The main reason for doing business with Motor Home Specialist is because of their professionalism. Our first visit to MHSRV was awesome! Their prices are the best and their RVs are excellent on every front. I purchased a Coachmen Concord and really like the leather recliners, fireplace, 3 TVs and the awning. The sales process was the best! We worked with Brian. The walk through process with Bryson was informative, knowledgable and super helpful. 5 star service across the board. From start to finish - very professional.

Stock: 13303

Most of all, MHS has great folks who truly care, and they have outstanding pricing. The quality of their RVs are out of this world. Their customer service is second to none. They have great, caring people to assist you throughout the purchasing experience. Marty made the process so easy. Even the closing process was excellent - everything was prepared before we arrived. The walk through was fabulous and thorough. As far as being referrals of MHSRV, we already do refer our friends and family here. We are totally blown away! We are so very fortunate to find you. God bless ya'll.

Stock: 13852

We have had several RVs thru the years and never had the excellent experience like MHSRV. Better than we have ever experienced. What a concept? Brilliant. They treat customers like you would want. Luxurious atmosphere. Special thanks to Bryson, Arturo and Carlos. We ended up purchasing a Coachmen Concord and the price included all the options we wanted from the dealer (i.e. level jacks, satellite upgrade pkgs). Overall, it was the price, inventory and friendliness of the staff which is why we chose to do business with MHSRV.

Stock: 10617

Mitch did a great job during the sales process. We really like the size of our new Coachmen Concord. Great treatment by everyone we encountered. MHS offers great pricing and quality RVs to choose from.

Stock: 11438

Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. Ted did a good job selling me the Concord. I like all the features and options of this new motorhome. Arturo did an excellent job during the walk through process. 5 stars for MHS.

Purchased a Concord through MHSRV and really like the fireplace, big window, booth, paint job and self leveling jacks. MHS offers competitive pricing, excellent service and staff. 5 star rating. Everyone has been very helpful and will definitely tell friends and family. We will be back for our next RV. Thank you so much!!!

Good clean well maintained facilities with a helpful office staff, sales and employees. Friendly and helpful staff and sales person. Billy did an excellent job Matt was very thorough. MHS offers competitive prices and excellent coaches.

It has been a pleasure to purchase from you. Brandon, Matt and Mark were very pleasant, patient and professional to work with. We will be happy to recommend MHSRV to our friends. The walk through with Matt was very complete. The inventory here at MHSRV let us see a wide range of coaches from many manufactures. All your RV's were very good - high quality units at very good prices. We purchased a Concord and really enjoy the fireplace and floor plan.

Love the sales approach. We have spent 15 years looking - never pressured. Great experience at MHS. They have great pricing and a wonderful selection of motorhomes. The size, fit and finish of the Concord is great for us. We will be referrals of MHS.

Purchased a Coachmen Concord with MHS. Great quality products here with fabulous pricing. The leveling jacks and sleek look of the Concord are some of our most favorable features of the coach. Arturo made for an thorough walk through. Everyone we dealt at Motor Home Specialist with was patient and thorough.

Easy access to information and good deals at MHS. Great service. 5 star rating.

5 star ranking across the board! Great prices, very good selection, great sales (Calvin), service and finance experiences. Arturo did a great job walking us through the new RV.

We had visited MHS in the past and we were impressed, so decided to do business with them. Calvin and Bryson are wonderful!

MHS offered the lower price and had what we were looking for. Excellent quality RVs here. We purchased the Coachmen Concord becuase of the quality and size. It's been the best service we've received. Rodney was very knowledgable and patient. Collin was also very informative. Motor Home Specialist is very well organized and everyone was very helpful and eager to help us. Enjoyable experience, 5 stars!

I have been buying campers for years - you guys are super! 5 stars for pricing and quality of your motorhomes. Brandon was great to work with and did a super job with our final walk through. I will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family.

MHS offers great value and excellent prices and service! We purchased the Coachmen Concord and liked the layout and quality of the coach the most. Easy made the process very "easy." The most amazing service we have received from Sesty, she's amazing!! The service we've received from the moment we arrived at the airport from Charlie to being greeted by Easy. The walk through we received from Arturo has been outstanding and well worth our travels. We will be back!

The availability of serval models and the ease of purchase definitiely helped when making our decison to buy from MHSRV. The website was also very thorough which helped us to go with Motorhome Specialist. The prices and quality of RVs they offer are excellent. The Coachmen Concord was our choice mostly becuase of the SAT, FBP, and overall size. Rodney is very knowledgable and made the sales process easy. Steve was very thourogh during our final look at the motorhome. Start to finish it was PAIN FREE.. except for "now I've got to pay for it!" Lol

The prices at MHSRV are the BEST IN THE MARKET along with the quality of the RV's. We would highly recommend this dealership to all my friends. It was worth the trip.

The quality of service I received was excellent. The staff and employees are all very friendly and polite. The sales process is FIRST CLASS.

We love the treatment and service we received and because of that we will recommend you to everyone. The price was great and the people were even better. Thank you.

The excellent price and availability of the model we wanted brought us all the way from North Carolina to buy from Motor Home Specialist. We also received a very positive process and excellent customer service.

Had a seamless finance & closing experience and had really good service.

While I thought the prices at Motor Home Specialist were very good, it was the helpfulness and professionalism of Michael Reardon and Sesty that made this such and excellent experience.

All the staff we came into contact with were very courteous. The whole purchasing experience was really appreciated! Kudos to Razo, Katy & Stephen

Impressed by the extensive service - Airport pickup; loaner car for shopping; set up so you can stay overnight before heading home with coach. The prices at MHSRV are the best we found and the quality is top notch. What we liked most about the RV we purchased (2014 Coachmen Concord) was its gorgeous - the floor plan and overall features were outstanding. We would definitely recommend MHS. The quality of service is outstanding. The sales process with Rodney was painless. Our finance and closing experience was the easiest ever and the walk-through with Arturo was thorough. 5-Stars

The quality of service at Motor Home Specialist was excellent. The sales process with Lance Dunning was easy and painless. 5-Stars

Our salesman Mitch is probably the biggest reason we bought here. So friendly and nice, took his time & never made us feel obligated to buy. Most amazing, helpful, considerate, knowledgeable salesperson we have ever met!! Our walk-through was thoroughly done. Arturo was great. The finance and closing was perfect, very professional. Also, we really liked the jacks, air suspension, full body paint, stereo / TV outside, the satellite and flat screens on the RV we purchased. 5 Stars - The quality of service was unbelievable!

We were referred by a current MHSRV customer. What we liked most about the RV we purchased was EVERYTHING!! LOVE OUR RV!! The finance and closing was easy, as was the sales process with Jimmy. The quality of service was perfect. We would absolutely recommend Motor Home Specialist to our friends and family.

We truly enjoyed all the people who were most helpful.

Everyone was so nice & helpful. Beautiful place - Food excellent!

Motor Home Specialist has the best discounted price and the quality is excellent.