Stock: 16385

I bought a motorhome at Motor Home Specialist last year because it had all the options I wanted already included. They have good prices and a good selection of quality coaches.

Stock: 17890

I was referred here by others and I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an RV. Excellent prices, an excellent lineup of quality coaches, and great service received. Justin in sale was great! Of all the features in my Heartland Road Warrior, I really like the bath and 1/2 , floor plan, residential fridge, Canadian artic package, and side porch. I found the 360 degree tours of the units to be very helpful when purchasing as well. 5-star rating!

Stock: 16706

Decided to purchase here because of they were very quick, simple and hassle-free. Great quality RVs to choose from, great prices, and professional service. David in sales was great and courteous. Juan was very thorough. MHS is highly recommended!

Stock: 16655

At first we decided to shop Motor Home Specialist because of the price but then both price and customer service were the main driving factors in making our decision to purchase here. Prices here are best in the country. Rodney was the best to work with and always answered the phone. Great experience from start to finish! THANK YOU to the whole team!!

Stock: 18882

My experience here was excellent; I have nothing but great things to say. Well-run facility and friendly staff from mechanics (Travis) to Andrew (walk thru), Carl in sales, and even Mark Henry in finance. No tricks or gimmicks; will buy from here again!

Stock: 17065

Brian was great to work with and made the sales process fast and easy. Travis was also awesome! 5 stars for MHSRV!

Stock: 16338

We all had a blast here and everything went very smooth. Very beautiful place to check out. The buying process was easy peasy thanks to Marty. Roy was very nice and easy going. All of the service we received was absolutely amazing. We will definitely recommend MHS – we already have.

Stock: 16709

Arturo is an awesome guy. My walk-through experience was great. Jordan made the sales process easy.

Stock: 16658

Oscar made an excellent sales process for us. Very impressive with the customer service. Our walk-through was also excellent. Juan was amazing and very knowledgeable.

Stock: 15255

Like the idea of staying in the RV on site overnight in order to be sure everything is good and check out how everything works. Everyone asked us if everything was OK & to our satisfactions. 5 stars.

Stock: 17506

We got the 18 Thor Outlaw from MHSRV for the very competitive prices and good quality and selection of RVs. David was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful when taking us through the sales process. Omar was very thorough walking us through the RV selection. We highly recommend MHS!

Stock: 17864

The flexible time frame, personalities of people who worked here are top notch, likable people. Salesmen, mechanics, walk-through, and customer service reps were all exceptional. Lee made me a comeback purchaser from this company with his exceptional walk-through.

Stock: 15256

MHS has awesome prices with amazing RVs. Ted Eaton was professional and made the process easy. Stephen was thorough through the walk-through process. Great all-around experience! Lunch was a nice surprise, especially with 7 hungry kids.

Stock: 16714

Excellent that you can stay at the camp site. Food service on Saturday is great. Staff knew my name and service/part department were willing to assist. Brandon Neal was fluid and flawless through the sales process and the financing and closing process was excellent. Stephen was good at the walk-through process and already knew everything about the coach.

Stock: 15966

The drive was worth it! We chose to shop at MHSRV because they carried the Adrenaline line. They were also very quick to respond. Omar and David were very knowledgeable, friendly and quick to assist. Thank you!

Stock: 16703

We chose to go to Motor Home Specialist for the excellent staff and price/value of the RVs they carry. Staven Corey and Travis were excellent. 5 Stars!

Stock: 16339

Five Star rating for MHSRV. Excellent prices and outstanding service at this location. I really like the garage in my Thor Outlaw. The sales process with Jordan Buckley was A+. I also found the You Tube videos helpful when purchasing here. A-Plus service…I couldn’t have asked for better.

Stock: 15254

I decided to purchase at MHS mainly because of price. They have an incredible selection of motorhomes. I worked with Bruce, who had a very smooth sales process. Colin performed my walk-through and made it very user-friendly. I found the website to be very helpful. Everything about my experience with Motor Home Specialists was very accommodating.

Stock: 15463

MHSRV has the best prices and a great selection of motorhomes. I purchased a Road Warrior and find it to be very luxurious, comfortable, roomy, and offers great features. The sales process with Carl was quick and easy. The finance experience was fantastic, and Chris delivered a thorough walk-through. Thanks for all the great service! All were friendly and very helpful.

Stock: 16332

MHSRV offers competitive pricing, excellent coaches and excellent service. The sales process was easy and convenient with Justin, and Roy was very informative during the walk-through process. I will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 13841

My main reasons for shopping at Motor Home Specialist is because of their very good inventory! Prices here are among the lowest. I purchased a Thor Outlaw and especially like the rear patio and overall floor plan of the RV. Buck Buckner in sales was smooth and made things easy throughout the sales process. Stephen was very informative during a final overview of the Thor Outlaw. I really like the MHS website and will definitely be a referral of this place!

Stock: 15236

I traveled from Illinois (northern) just to purchase from MHS. Great pricing and your sales reps are very courteous! Carl in sales was great! Thank you!!! I will be sure to recommend MHS to my friends and family for their RV needs going forward.

Stock: 15459

I purchased a Heartland Road Warrior and especially like the fact they come fully loaded; it eliminates the guesswork. Lonnie in sales is fantastic and Matt did an excellent and very thorough walk through of the new Road Warrior. Top notch service from the entire staff!! I will be a referral of MHS.

Stock: 14487

The very reasonable prices and customer service was outstanding, which are 2 main reasons as to why we decided to purchase from MHS. We ended up purchasing a Coachmen Adrenaline and we really like the back porch and that our trailer has a generator. Jordan made the sales experience very simple and smooth. Stephen was also very helpful. We felt like family during our interaction at motor home specialist. you made us feel welcome and right at home from beginning to end. Thank you!

Stock: 15464

5 stars for MHS. It was the great prices and they had the RV we wanted in stock. We purchased a 2018 Road Warrior and really like the 3 A/C and full body paint. Ted Eaton in sales was very easy to work with. The website was also very helpful when making our decision to purchase here. We will be referrals of this business.

Stock: 14541

It was a very easy process and thorough closing at Motor Home Specialist. The availability and great prices are reason for deciding to purchase here. I really like the exterior patio and garage in the new coach I purchased. Rodney did a great job in sales and Colin performed a god walk through of the new coach. I especially like the company’s website and will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 15238

Great prices. Marty Hunt was quick and easy during the sales experience. He did an excellent job at the walk through as well. Really like the MHS videos. Thanks!

Stock: 15454

The people and financing are the 2 main reasons for purchasing with MHS. Excellent prices, excellent RV selection, and excellent overall service. David was easy to work with and Collin was very thorough. Excellent staff; very friendly people at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14368

5 star rating for MHS. Buck and Billy were very helpful and really walked us through the buying process. Juan did a great walk through of our new coach. We really like the 2 patios and king bed in the Heartland Road Warrior. MHS has great prices and a great RV selection. Facebook referrals really helped us when making the decision to come here. Great service from MHS.

Stock: 14485

Motor Home Specialist had the unit we liked as well as great prices. I really like the garage in our new coachmen RV. David Garza was very easy to work with throughout the sales experience. MHSRV has a very informed staff. Tim, who performed our walk through, is very nice and helpful as well. We received awesome service at this dealership. We will be referrals.

Stock: 14492

We were treated very fairly and appreciate the friendliness. It was the price and quality of product that MHS had to offer which made doing business here easy. We purchased a Coachmen Adrenaline from Marty and really like the patio, generator and bathroom of the motorhome. Marty did an excellent job in sales and was very thorough during the final walk through.

Stock: 13754

Chose Motor Home Specialist because of their excellent prices, selection and service. The sales experience with John Powell was excellent. Great service and nice people at MHS. Will recommend them to friends and family.

Stock: 13749

Chose MHS because of the great price and proximity to home. Jordan was straight forward and Collin did a great job at the walk thru of the RV. Will be a referral of MHS.

Stock: 14545

I am still in awe over the ease, stress free, trustworthy, friendly, professional purchase experience! Another helpful factor in my buying decision was your website and wide selection of motorhomes and the Thor video walk thru. I am a first time RV buyer and I'm already looking to the future purchase of another RV from MHSRV! Omar was knowledgeable, professional and informative during the walk thru of my new Thor Outlaw. Jimmy was awesome! He was honest and professional through the buying process. Of all the options and features in the Thor Outlaw, some of my favorites are the power seat, toy hauler, auto jacks, and garage. Will absolutely be a referral of MHS! I've been bragging about all of you already!

Stock: 12003

It was the great selection and price that had us purchasing with MHS. Smooth sales process w/ Robert. The walk thru experience was straight forward. Excellent service overall. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 14366

Great prices and great RVs at Motor Home Specialist. David was very easy to do business with and Juan was thorough during his final walk thru of the new coach. Very good service at MHSRV. Very impressed.

Stock: 14354

Definitely want to thank the team for taking care of us. Special thanks to Russ for the walk thru! He was amazing! MHS offers fair pricing and excellent service. It was a smooth process overall.

Stock: 14361

Chose to purchase from MHS because of their great competitive pricing and staff. Also the website was helpful. Sales with Mitch went smoothly. Mat did a great walk thru. Great service with MHS - 5 star rating.

Stock: 14110

Went with MHS to purchase the Thor Outlaw mainly because of their reasonable prices and availability. They offer a high, quality selection of motorhomes. Their variety allowed me to make the best choice! Brandon was knowledgeable during the sales process and Roy was very educational during the walk thru. Will highly recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 14921

MHS had the unit we wanted, their location was closest to our home, and they have knowledgeable sales people, which is why we decided to purchase from here. Competitive prices and good, quality motorhomes at MHS. Out of all the features of the Heartland Edge, we really like the bath and half, leveling system, generator, and sofa. Murphy and Arturo were both good. The walk thru of the Edge w/ Arturo was excellent. Friendly, courteous people at MHS and a nice, organized sales lot. Will be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13840

Chose mhs as my motor home dealership mostly becuase of price. Also, mhs has a very nice variety of quality RVs. Jordan made things very simple (almost scarily easy) for the buying process. Mhs finance experience was also low stress and very helpful. Arturo, who delivered an informative walk through of the new motorhome was very patient. Excellent overall service. Will recommend friends to MHSRV.

Stock: 14377

purchased with MHS b/c they have a very good selection, very good prices, and b/c of our sales rep. Purchased a Heartland Road Warrior and especially like the two fold down porches and king bed. Sales with Lonnie went smoothly and even the finance portion of the experience went smoothly. Chris did the final walk through, which was excellent. Will absolutely refer friends / family to MHS.

Stock: 15066

We found a used toy hauler at MHS on the internet. Marty at MHS was easy doing business with and Arturo was great during the walk through of our new RV. Will absolutely be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14546

MHS has very good prices, customer service and they offer the best deal up front, which are many reasons why I chose to do business with them. Worked with Brandon who was very professional and purchased a Thor Outlaw. I especially like the layout of the motorhome. 5 stars. Will refer friends and family to MHS.

Stock: 13481

Price & location is why I chose MHS. I will chose MHS for the first choice on my next coach. 5 star rating. Great service.

Stock: 14942

Went here because prices are great and they are always friendly. Calvin Lockwood did an excellent job. MHSRV website is easy to maneuver, which is helpful. Will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 13753

Everyone at this facility from sales, finance, to service are amazingly kind, thorough, and considerate. Driving 5 hours was so worth doing business here. Arturo is a very good teacher and orientated me well to get to know my coach. Mark; your the best. I appreciate you very much. Stephen your awesome as well. Great prices and a great selection of quality coaches here. I purchased a Thor Outlaw and especially like all the sleeping areas, the garage, decor, and exterior of the new coach. Excellent sales process with Mark and a Class A walk through with Arturo. Will absolutely refer friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13970

Prices & friendly staff. 5 star rating. MHS has very good prices, excellent coaches, and very good service overall. Their website was also beneficial in the purchasing decision.

Stock: 14488

Choose MHS because of price. They have an excellent line up of quality RVs. A Rodriquez performed an excellent walk through of the Adrenaline, which we like everything about the new coach. Yes, will refer friends and family to this business.

Stock: 14524

Decided to do business with MHS primarily becuase of their selection and the price of the "specific" model we wanted. Their pricing is excellent, it's why I flew from Oregon. And there selection of RVs is excellent. There's nothing like it locally. We purchased a Thor Outlaw Toy Hauler and really like the garage, the layout and the features of the coach. We received great service at MHS and will absolutely recommend this company to friends and family. I really appreciated the service (car loan to get lunch, to use for the day while we stayed overnight). You guys went above and beyond to facilitate my wife and I. It was worth coming to Texas.