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We decided to buy from Motor Home Specialist because of they offer the best prices and a huge selection of fantastic motorhomes. We went with a 2013 Winnebago Journey; it was the exact layout we wanted. Nolan O’Bannon in sales did a great job and Juan did a great walk through for us prior to departing. The MHS website was also really informative and helpful. Fantastic experience. We will return for future purchases. Nobody in Oklahoma compares to MHS.

Stock: 18915

Nice to know MHSRV doesn’t have hidden fees or a large doc fee. Great work by Chris to get us a great interest rate. Nolan was helpful and available. The MHSRV website is also very helpful. We purchased a 2019 Bounder and really like the satellite, cabinetry, paint quality and solar capabilities in the new RV.

Stock: 16631

Easy process from start to finish. Marty went above and beyond to help us out. Very appreciated. We chose a Thor Chateau Citation and love the size and exterior entertainment. Excellent service, the best pricing and great quality coaches at MHSRV. The website was also very helpful when making our buying decision. 5 stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 18531

The main reason for shopping here is because of their very good prices. The Entegra Esteem is easy to use which is what I like most about the new RV. Justin and Martin were both great to work with and did a great job throughout the sales process and during the walk through. Overall the guys here are caring and easy to talk to. Good at explaining and calling back. 5 stars for Motor Home Specialist!

Stock: 18988

We chose MHS because of their very competitive prices and because of the features on the RV we wanted. We purchased a Thor Chateau and of all its options and features, we especially love the TV location in the living room, the outdoor TV and outdoor storage. David Garza was our sales person and he was very easy to work with and made the sales process painless. David and Billy were awesome! Couldn’t ask for any nicer people. Everyone we came in contact with greeted us by name and was super nice. Outstanding service received! Great staff! We found the website very helpful. It had lots of photos, videos and all information needed, especially price.

Stock: 17519

The main reason for shopping here is the professionalism of everyone involved in our purchase! David Garza made for a great overall sales experience and Arturo did an excellent job answering all questions! We really like the safety features and VEGA system in our new Anthem. We are pleased and excited about our new bus. Additionally, the MHSRV website helped with our buying decision. From start to finish we have worked with excellent people! Great experience!

Stock: 17449

The whole process was first class. Collin was attentive to us -answered all calls and questions. Enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you!

Stock: 16703

We chose to go to Motor Home Specialist for the excellent staff and price/value of the RVs they carry. Staven Corey and Travis were excellent. 5 Stars!

Stock: 15747

It was their excellent prices, and the helpful salesman (Staven) that had me purchasing from here. Staven did an excellent job helping us, he did not push, but was always there to help. Thank you! Overall, the prices at MHSRV were excellent as well as the quality of their service. I really like the interior and features of our Holiday Rambler Navigator. We will definitely recommend MHSRV to friends and family.

Stock: 17423

We are repeat customers. Prices here are competitive and they have a good selection of quality Motorhomes to choose from. Purchased an Integra Odyssey, and especially like the size and quality of the unit. Marty Hunt made the sales process easy. See you in 3 to 5 years.

Stock: 15674

Friendly people, no pressure, great prices and good food at MHS! They have a large inventory of outstanding RVs and very competitive prices. I love everything about my new diesel pusher. Staven Corey made for a smooth sales process and Arturo did a great and informative walk through. Outstanding service at MHS!

Stock: 14759

Great service at MHSRV! I was ready to upgrade to a larger RV. Prices are reasonable and the selection of RVs is great. I did business with Buck and Omar and both were great. i will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 15667

It was our experience when looking at motor homes and the great prices that helped us to decide to buy from Motor Home Specialist. The quality of their selection is great and the service overall was awesome! Jimmy did a great job throughout the sales interaction. We purchased a Fleetwood Storm and really like the 2 baths, storage under the coach and the general floorpan. Colin did an awesome job walking us through all of the features in the new coach. We will absolutely recommend MHS to friends and family; we have already done so…We were so impressed when looking for our mobile home, by the friendliness, knowledge base, accessibility, and facility. Thank you for a wonderful buying experience. We look forward to returning in a few years.

Stock: 16699

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. You get value for the money. Five star prices, five star motor homes and five star service! Five stars overall, from the sales process, to finance, to the walk through! Great website! I can’t believe anybody would buy from anyone else!

Stock: 13193

I received a quote back on price within the hour and all my questions were answered. Motor Home Specialist has the BEST prices and the BEST lineup of quality coaches. The Holiday Rambler has great options and features - my most favorable ones are the 2 A/C units, king bed and auto leveling capabilities. The sales process was easy with Rodney Melton. The walk through of the coach with Travis went very well and thorough. I received excellent service during my interaction at Motor Home Specialist. The process works. No issues.

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Everything was as promised at Motor Home Specialist. Good prices and location, and a great lineup of quality coaches at MHSRV. Lonnie was good in sales and Mat delivered a great walk through. I will be sure to refer friends and family to Motor Home Specialist for their RV needs.

Stock: 14309

We had a great experience at Motor Home Specialist. Initially chose MHS because of their great prices and selection. We like everything about our new RV. Steven was awesome and Juan did a great walk through. We will of course be referrals of Motor Home Specialist. 5 stars.

Stock: 16020

Purchased a Damon Tuscany from MHS because of an upgrade and I was a previous purchaser. Fair prices, good quality RVs, and good service at MHS. Mitch and Collin were both good to work with. I really like the slides and floor plan in the Damon Tuscany. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 14647

Motor Home Specialist had the best price. The Thor Quantum is the perfect size and was in the right price range. Justin and Martin were both great to work with. MHS is the biggest dealer by volume! Great service. I will recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 14492

We were treated very fairly and appreciate the friendliness. It was the price and quality of product that MHS had to offer which made doing business here easy. We purchased a Coachmen Adrenaline from Marty and really like the patio, generator and bathroom of the motorhome. Marty did an excellent job in sales and was very thorough during the final walk through.

Stock: 15709

MHS was a recommendation from a friend. They offer very competitive prices, great service, and a great lineup of quality motorhomes. The sales process was easy. I ended up purchasing a Fleetwood Discovery from John. Matt did a great walk through with me on the RV. The MHSRV website was also really helpful. 5 stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 14890

Love the idea of staying the night to "live" through the experience. Also it was great to have a loaner car. It was the cost and what they had, which was the ultimate driving factor for making our purchase. I ended up purchasing a Thor Chateau and especially like the bed, bathroom, and kitchen in the new RV. John Powell made the sales process pleasurable and Martin did a very good job at the walk thru of the new RV. Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. I've already referred friends and family here.

Stock: 15486

There were so many different reasons why we chose to do business with MHS. Their great selection, RV's hook up ready to view with no salesperson and the prices, which are more than comparable. Brandon and Omar did a great job. 5 star rating for MHS.

Stock: 15337

I found what I wanted at Motor Home Specialist. They have good prices and good RVs. The experience was easy. I worked with David and Lee. The walk through of the new coach was excellent. I really like the theater seating in my new Insignia. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 15442

David, our salesman was great and really helpful. Tim did a very good job showing us the features of our Diplomat. 5 stars. Have already referred friends/family to MHS.

Stock: 14247

MHSRV had the price and model we wanted, which is why we decided to purchase here. Dealt with Lonnie in sales which went good and Roy did a good walk thru also. Good service at MHSRV.

Stock: 13495

Chose to do business with Motor Home Specialist because of their large selection and great prices. We purchased a Fleetwood Storm from Brian Kelly at MHS. Brain was very helpful and very friendly. We really like the outside kitchen, recliners and kitchen in our new coach. Everyone was very friendly and went out of the way to make us feel comfortable. 5 stars for MHS. Very good overall service here.

Stock: 13255

Excellent pricing at Motor Home Specialist, much lower than the competition. The quality of their selection is outstanding. Carl was very informative and very pleasant to work with during our sales interaction. Our favorite features in our new RV is the floor plan, and the entertainment center over the cab. Bryson and Tim walked us through the RV before leaving and they did an excellent job. Awesome experience - we will definitely return for future needs. Additionally, we will definitely recommend MHS to our family and friends as we received excellent service during our experience.

Stock: 15111

We were very pleased with the customer service, the financing and the walk through! Calvin was an awesome salesman and we would recommend MHS to anyone looking for an RV! Thank you!

Stock: 14948

Great prices and a nice selection of quality brand RVs at Motor Home Specialist. David Garza made the sales process perfect. Arturo also did a very good job during the walk through of the Newmar Mountain Aire. Nice facility here.

Stock: 14961

Decided to purchase an RV from MHS mostly because of their reputation and credibility. The Thor Tuscany is a great used RV. Worked with Marty who was easy to do business with and was straight forward. The walk through process with Arturo was a great experience. Received awesome service from MHS!

Stock: 13535

5 stars all around for MHS. 5 star prices. 5 star RV selection. 5 star service. And 5 stars for Ted's sales approach and for Collin's walk through.

Stock: 14942

Went here because prices are great and they are always friendly. Calvin Lockwood did an excellent job. MHSRV website is easy to maneuver, which is helpful. Will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 12519

It was the price and the availability of the unit which is why I did business with Motor Home Specialist. The prices at MHSRV are significantly lower than the competition. The quality of their RVs seem to be excellent. David was very helpful and accommodating. The finance portion of my experience was very thorough, friendly and courteous. Arturo was very thorough and helpful when walking me through the Siesta. In the beginning, I was guarded and concerned in dealing with such a large dollar purchase over the internet and phone. In the end, I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Stock: 12369

Motor Home Specialist had what we wanted in inventory. The automated systems are easily operated in the Force, which is primarily one of our favorite features of the RV. Great sales experience with Kris and a great walk through performed by Stephen. The operations at MHSRV seem well run like a precise machine. Thank you!

Stock: 11496

Prices at MHS are very good and they have excellent RVs on site. Ted in sales was efficient and Arturo did an excellent job at the final walk through. Really enjoy the floor plan of our new Windsport. Very good service - 5 star rating.

Stock: 11817

5 star rating for MHSRV. Excellent prices and excellent motorhomes. Rodney made for a smooth and effortless sales process and Chris was very informative and knowledgeable during our final walk through of the new Thor Hurricane. The staff at MHSRV was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience.

Stock: 12671

Ted and Mat at Motor Home Specialist were both great to work with. At MHSRV they have excellent pricing and motorhomes. was also helpful when it came to doing business here. Great service at MHSRV.

5 star rating for pricing, service, and RV selection. We found MHS online and decided to purchase with them. Robert was very knowledgeable.

5 stars for mhsrv. They have a great reputation and we like the extras offered. Great pricing with quality motorhomes to choose from at mhsrv. The Thor Hurricane is good quality and David did an awesome job during sales. Colin also did awesome at the walk through of our new coach. Great experience and great customer service.

5 stars for MHSRV. Biggest reasons for purchasing here is the customer service and sales staff. We worked with Christ and purchased a 2016 Coachmen Freelander. We really like the slide out of this coach.

We did business with MHSRV because you have the best competitive pricing and we like Brandon. Your RV selection is good as well. We really like the electric awning, kitchen counter space, electric leveling and 2 slides of the Coachmen Pursuit. Lee was good; he was patient and nice during our final walk through of the Pursuit. The website was also helpful when making a decision to do business here. In addition, I love that you allow to take a golf cart and browse as long as you like. That's excellent and doesn't feel pressured to buy.

We've purchased from MHSRV before. 5 star service! They have great pricing and a great inventory selection. Brandon and Lee both did a good job at selling us and showing us our new Entegra.

GREAT service! GREAT pricing! GREAT selection! And we really liked the videos on the MHS website!

Thank you for being so accommodating and helping us find exactly what we needed!! Jimmy was smooth and comfortable to work with. Excellent quality of service at your company. We really like the recliners and the bathroom in the new Prism, and you offer the perfect pricing. We will absolutely send our friends and family your way. Thank you!

Motor Home Specialist has excellent quality RVs at excellent prices. No haggle price. We went with the Dynamax DX3 b/c of the quality of the motor home. It has a large refrigerator & washer/dryer and also offers air seats. Excellent sales service at MHSRV. Kris was awesome and made for a quick sales process & Lee was very informative.

Our friend recommended that we come to Motor Home Speicalist. The prices are very good and they have excellent motor homes to choose from. Excellent experience and felt special during the sales process. Tim was very sooth and Collin did a very good job as well. Absolutely will recommend friends and family. 5 stars to MHS.

The selection and price is why we decided to purchase with Motorhome Specialist. Everything about the Coachmen Encounter is great! Everyone was fantastic from sales (Carl), finance, and walk through (Arturo). Thank you so much. We will definitely be sending our friends and family to MHS. PS - the internet site is awesome.

Everyone at MHS was very helpful and friendly. David is an excellent salesman. Brandy, the finance manager, was excellent at her job! MHS is the place to buy!

We decided on the Road Warrior because of the party deck, 2 couches, 2 bathrooms and good quality of the RV. Everyone was very helpful, very friendly and accommodating through our entire process.