Stock: 16390

This is the second unit I have bought form MHSRV. Not the last one, I’m sure… start to finish – super job! Prices here are excellent and the selection of quality RV’s is good. Buck in sales was smooth and efficient. Roy did a great job walking us through the features in our new travel trailer. Exceptional service at MHSRV.

Stock: 18228

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist!!! JD was very nice and prices were outstanding – the best prices anywhere. The selection was awesome with very good quality RVs to choose from. We purchased a Fleetwood Bounder and found that our most favorable options include the floor plan with king size bed, W/D, and bath and 1/2. The color scheme in this particular unit was also nice. JD Moore in sales was easy to work with; even the closing experience was hassle free! Billy was great! The final walk through with Travis was very informative and thorough. The MSHRV website was easy to maneuver and informative as well. Love that we can stay overnight to ensure we have a complete understanding of how everything works! Thank you for everything!

Stock: 18420

We decided to check out MHSRV because of the inventory, best customer service and prices. The prices are the best in the country. Rodney and Stephen – thank you for your help. 5 stars all around!

Stock: 16220

Everyone here was very friendly. John was smooth and informative during the sales process and made the closing experience quick and easy. Arturo was also very informative through the walk-through. My experience was excellent and I highly recommend MHSRV.

Stock: 17074

Great Team! I will definitely be recommending my friends and family!

Stock: 17474

Jordan was very professional. Basically everyone I met was great and courteous. I will definitely buy again from here. I really like the condition of the RV. Prices here are great across the board, and they have a wide variety of high end quality RV’s. Sales with Jordan were fast and easy. The walk-through was very detailed. I will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: C1963

I chose to purchase from MHSRV because of their excellent selection, sales team, and they had the specific coach we wanted, which was the Sports Coach Cross Country. I especially like it’s fridge, bath and a half, bunk bed that lowers, and the King bed. Sales with David were excellent and Arturo did an excellent walk-through. Five Stars overall. Excellent customer service.

Stock: 15551

The very reasonable prices and the friendliness of the sales staff are two main reasons why I decided to purchase with Motor Home Specialist. They have an excellent line up of quality motor homes. I purchased a Thor Four Winds unit and really like the storage and quality of the home. Marty Hunt was easy to work with and Roy performed an excellent walk through for me. Excellent service received at Motor Home Specialist. I will absolutely be a referral of this company.

Stock: 14502

My main reason for choosing MHS is because of their great price options. I purchased a Dynamax Isata 3 Series and really like the diesel generator. Brandon Neal in sales was very good and Roy did a great walk thru for me. 5 tar, great service at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15454

The people and financing are the 2 main reasons for purchasing with MHS. Excellent prices, excellent RV selection, and excellent overall service. David was easy to work with and Collin was very thorough. Excellent staff; very friendly people at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13364

Best Price + Selection + Website + Facility! The sales process with Carl was PERFECT and Omar was very good during the walk through. Service overall was PERFECT. I purchased a Forest River Georgetown and of all its features, I especially like the full paint, the color of the interior cabinets and the seats. Wonderful, 1st class experience all the way. Highly recommend them!

Stock: 15429

Justin, Mark, and Lee were all excellent! I am a repeat buyer of MHS and this was an easy deal. MHS has good prices, good RVs, and excellent service. I purchased an Entegra Aspire motorhome and really like the heated floors, bunks, and bath and a half.

Stock: 13962

Pricing is the main reason for purchasing from MHS. Prices here are great. Additionally, they offer a perfect selection of quality coaches. Curtis and Omar were great to work with. 5 stars.

Stock: 11872

Went with Motor Home Specialist becuase of their prices, which were the best we found. We also really liked the courtesy provided by their staff. The RV selection at MHSRV is very good. Kris was our salesman and he communicated perfectly and was courteous. Additionally, Artie delivered a thorough walk through of the new Cross Country. Top notch / no pressure service at MHSRV. We will recommend friends and family to this company for their RV needs.

Stock: 15097

It was because of their highly competitive prices, excellent service and communication, and excellent selection. Wonderful experience at Motor Home Specialist. The sales experience with Rodney was perfect and Omar delivered an excellent walk through. Will absolutely recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 14034

Motor Home Specialist offers the lowest prices with an excellent line up of quality motorhomes. Rodney was excellent. Overall, excellent service received. Will absolutely tell friends and family about my experience.

Stock: 14385

Motor Home Specialist had the specific coach we wanted, which we saw online. Your website was helpful in making our decision to purchase here. Sales with David was excellent. The walk through process with Stephen was excellent. The finance and closing experience was excellent. Service overall was excellent. We will absolutely recommend Motor Home Specialist to our friends and family.

Stock: 13016

Biggest reasons for doing business at Motor Home Specialist is because of price and selection. The prices are wonderful and the quality of their coaches are excellent. The website was also helpful when making the decision to purchase here. The Thor Windsport has 2 half baths, which I really like. Ted in sales, made for a very smooth sales experience. Arturo was very thorough during the walk through. I received super service overall from MHS.

Stock: 13058

Good prices and a good selection of quality RVs at MHSRV. The service here is good. "Buck" Buckner is a great guy and Arturo did a great walk through of our new unit. Will refer friends and family to shop MHSRV.

Stock: 12694

5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. Chose do purchase our Expedition through them because they had the specific coach. Out of all the options on the Expedition, our favorites are the bunks and outside entertainment. Jordan (sales) did a great job. Stephen gave an excellent walk through of the Expedition. Good service at MHS. Will be referrals of this dealership.

Decided to purchase with MHS b/c of their excellent prices and the courtesy of the employees whom I interacted with. MHS offered better prices than any Ohio dealer. Cavlin in sales did an excellent job. Arturo performed a very detailed, excellent final walk through of the new RV. I received excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. Additionally, the courtesy shuttle was an excellent idea!

Easy access to information and good deals at MHS. Great service. 5 star rating.

Billy and Brandy made our experience quite personal. They gave us a great deal of their time. MHS will have all of our future business and we will be spreading the news!

I really liked the exterior TV on our Freelander as well as the hardwood floors but it was the extra option and the Fantastic Price that brought us to MHSRV. Jimmy was very easy to deal with and friendly. I will be recommending MHSRV to my family and friends.

Motor Home Specialist is 5+ stars. I bought from the because of the value! The price was the best I could find and they have an awesome selection. Carl was courteous, professional and made our sales process amazingly easy.

The price at MHSRV was great. It was the main reason for deciding to purchase from MHS. Robert Easley and Arturo were great and I will be recommending MHS to my friends.

MHS was recommended to us by a friend. The prices, quality and service were all very good and the walk-through with Steve Ewing was outstanding.

5-Star. The quality of service is excellent

The prices are very reasonable and the quality is excellent at MHSRV.

Absolutely the best service, sales, financing, closing/walk-thru. Excellent experience!

The sales process with Lance was top notch. Our walk-through was super! Bill did a great job! We'll absolutely recommend Motor Home Specialist.

Our main reason for purchasing from MHS was the trust we had in the salesman. (Chris) The quality was super and the closing experience was excellent.

Prices?...... BEST WE FOUND.

We decided to purchase from Motor Home Specialist because they had the motor home that met our desires. The walk-through was excellent and the sales process was very good.

Good coach @ great price.

Knowledgeable and honest sales staff. Thank you for a smooth and easy transaction.