Stock: 18514

Your website was the best! I purchased an Entegra Cornerstone and love the recliners, vega touch, heated and cooled seas and the interior. Pricing and quality of RVs are both very good. Brandon made things simple. Lee was very thorough during the walk through. Will absolutely send friends and family here for their RV needs.

Stock: 17099

MHS has great coaches and great folks. The service at MHS deserves 5 stars. Justin was fast and honest during the entire sales process. Justin was also very thorough during the walk-through. Thank you!

Stock: 18302

We came across MHSRV online. They had the exact coach we wanted with a good price tag. Brandon and Lee made this whole experience excellent.

Stock: 16687

I decided to purchase my RV from MHSRV because of the fantastic prices and the top of the line people. Marty gave me a no-pressure sales pitch and Travis was excellent to work with. Everyone that I have come in contact with is top notch and will recommend them to anyone.

Stock: 17670

We give MHSRV 5 stars for the best prices, selection of RV's and the location. David Garza and Lee were excellent to work with and very helpful. Great Experience!

Stock: 16289

My friend recommended Motor Home Specialist to me. The best prices is what sold me. Ted and Arturo were both made the buying process great.

Stock: 17394

It was Buck’s help over the years who had me purchasing here. MHSRV has very competitive prices and an excellent selection of quality coaches. I really like the overall quality of the Country Coach. I worked with Carl Buckner in sales who made the experience excellent for me. Joel did an excellent walk-through. Five Stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 16287

I was referred to MHSRV from a friend. I really like the big inventory at MHSRV and their very competitive low prices. Working with Justin throughout the sales process was very easy. I purchased an Integra Aspire and really like the styling, flooring, and floorplan. Mat did a very thorough walk-through. I also really found the MHSRV website to be very helpful. I will definitely be a referral of this company.

Stock: 17382

Definitely Five Stars for this company. We found the coach we wanted and really like the bathroom, kitchen, and king bed. Prices here are good as well as an excellent selection of motorhomes. I received excellent overall service. MHSRV made the buying process very easy for first time buyers. The coach was prepared superbly. We are more than satisfied! David, Arturo, Matt, Joel, and Don were all super!

Stock: 16522

Prices here are fantastic, and their coaches are first-class. I mostly like the overall quality of the unit I purchased (Dynamax Isata 3). Jimmy Campana was very pleasant to do business with. Roy did a great job during the walk-through. Additionally, it was really nice having a courtesy car. The personnel here is excellent. It was a really pleasant buying experience.

Stock: 16274

Motor Home Specialists is the only Integra dealer in Texas, and dealer location is great for service. They have great prices, and very good motorhomes. I purchased an Integra Cornerstone really like the 600HP engine, interior color, theatre seating, king bed, and 2 year warranty. Carl in sales was very easy to work with and straight forward. Matt also did a great job. Great experience! Everyone was nice, and very helpful - Carl, Don, Mat, and Matt. Thanks MHSRV.

Stock: 15661

We appreciated the overnight camping accommodations, the use of the courtesy vehicle and the water and wine which we were provided with. It was a great pleasure working with quality professional people. MHS has very good prices, very good, quality coaches and excellent service. It was mostly the inventory, price, and honesty that had us purchasing here. The unit we purchased was very well equipped. Calvin did a very good job in sales and an excellent job during the walk-through process. We will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family moving forward.

Stock: 15325

We chose to purchase with Motor Home Specialist primarily because of their great prices and availability. Sales with Ted Eaton was very good as well as the final walk through with Matt. We received excellent service during our time at Motor Home Specialist and we will be sure to send our friends and family to you. Thank you all!

Stock: 15969

5 star plus for Motor Home Specialist. The main reason for doing business here was initially the availability of our desired coach that MHS had in stock, and the exceptional help I received throughout the process of shopping. Prices here are more than reasonable and they offer an outstanding selection of quality coaches. I ended up getting a 2018 Coachmen Prism and really like the floor plan and the option of a diesel motor. JD Moore in sales made things painless and Collin did an excellent - commendable overview of the RV. The service here is above and beyond the call of duty and I will, without a doubt, refer friends and family to this business. Motor Home Specialist has Texas hospitality with efficiency in all points covered. Well done Collin - he was outstanding and knowledgeable.

Stock: 16373

We really like the MHS website pictures, which helped in choosing MHS as our preferred motorhome dealership. Also, they offer good prices, quality RVs, and great overall service. We ended up purchasing an Entegra Cornerstone and mostly like the high quality for a good price, the technology, interior lighting, and the paint job. Lee was details, thorough and he took the time to answer all our questions and walked us through all the features of our new RV. We really liked Lee’s service. He was very patient with us. Curtis did our closing and was very nice and pleasant to deal with, which made our closing easy. We will definitely be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 16864

Five stars for Motor Home Specialist. My main reasons for choosing MHS was becuase of their great prices and service. The quality of their selection is well above the rest. Lonnie was easy to work with and delivered a very informative walk through. Keep doing what you are doing — it’s been a pleasure! :0)

Stock: 13135

5 stars for MHSRV! Good prices, a great selection, and great service. I purchased an Entegra Cornerstone from Jimmy Campana who did a great job throughout the sales process. Lee did a great walk through for me as well. I really like the floor plan in my new RV.

Stock: C1956

MHSRV had the RV we wanted at a good price. They offer very good prices and a very good selection of motor homes. The sales process with Buck was very good and so was the walk through with Juan. Service at MHSRV was also very good. I will be sure to recommend MHSRV to friends and family.

Stock: 15466

MHSRV offers good prices, a great selection of coaches and great service. Matt did a great walk through. 5 stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 13683

I decided to purchase with MHS because of their selection and very good prices. Ted made things simple and Collin did a compete walk through of the new coach. Very good service at MHS and I found the company website very helpful. I will recommend you guys to family and friends.

Stock: 15145

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. They offer reasonable prices and good, quality coaches to choose from. I especially like the size of the forest River Georgetown XL motorcoach. John and Juan were both good during sales and the walk through of the new RV. I’ll be sure to refer friends and family to Motor Home Specialist for all their RV needs.

Stock: 16361

Great prices & great service at MHSRV. They are highly professional and had what I wanted in stock. Jimmy in sales was quick and positive and Arturo did a great walk through of the Entegra Aspire. I really like the neatness of the lines and color scheme in the new RV. I will be a referral of Motor Home Specialist. 5 stars.

Stock: C1954

It was their prices, quality, courteous staff, and the presentation that had me purchasing from Motor Home Specialist. I really like the features of my new RV. Jimmy made the sales experience easy and breezy. He delivered an excellent walk through of the RV. Even the finance portion was superb. I will absolutely recommend Motor Home Specialist to family and friends.

Stock: 15161

MHSRV has the best prices! Brian in sales was great. Lee did a great walk through. We received great service at Motor Home Specialist and will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 14756

I chose to do business here because of their options and sales. Prices at MHSRV are excellent. They have an excellent selection of quality RVs. Rodney was easy to work with. Five star service received. I will be a referral of this company.

Stock: 15336

I've purchased from Motor Home Specialist before. Really like the service and price of the Entegra Anthem. Great sales process with Brian. Matt did a great job as well during the final walk through.

Stock: 14991

The RV I wanted was in stock and at a good price! Great service! Carl and Arturo were both great!

Stock: 15382

MHS has a coach I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. Excellent prices here and an excellent selection of quality RVs. I really like the 4 slides in the Entegra Aspire. JD Moore was my sales person. He was easy to work with, laid back, attentive and honest. Arturo performed an excellent walk through of the Entegra. From start to finish, this was the best RV buying experience I have ever encountered. I've been an RV owner for over 20 years. I'll be sure to tell everyone about MHS. Excellent overall service here.

Stock: 13641

Chose MHS to do business with mainly because of their very competitive prices. They have a great selection of quality motorhomes. They offer very quick service and have a knowledgeable sales team. A+ sales process with Buck. Juan delivered a very helpful walk through and was very informative. Will most definitely recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 14001

All in good order. Carl was very professional and Don was very thorough! Chris was very nice and Bryson, very professional! 5 STARS for MHS! There are several main reasons as to why we decided to do business here; their inventory, MHS is a family owned business and has a military owner. GREAT prices, GREAT selection, and EXCELLENT overall service! We purchased a Four Winds and really love the color, Ford Floor Layout and it offers great features. The sales process w/ Carl was easy, efficient and streamlined. Bryan did the walk through, which was very easy and understandable - what a GREAT young man! Lastly, the MHS website was excellent. Will recommend MHS to family & friends.

Stock: 12019

Chose to do business with MHSRV because of price and choice. Great prices and good, quality coaches at this store. Went with a Holiday Rambler Scepter and especially like the size of the RV. I tow a race car trailer 32 foot stacker. Jordan and Matt were both great. I'll be your best salesman by referring friends and family here. Everything was great.

Stock: 13337

Main reason for deciding to purchase from Motor Home Specialist was because of their good service and prices. Pricing here is the best. Ended up getting a 2017 Forest River Berkshire and really like the fireplace, washer/dryer, and satellite. David helped to make the sales process easy. Mat was good and calm during the walk through of the new RV. Excellent service at this business. Thank you.

Stock: 13178

David was fantastic! It was because of our salesman which is why we did business here. Really like all the features and options of the Southwind Class A motorhome. Arturo did a great walk through. Will send friends and family to MHSRV.

Stock: 13321

It was price and location why we decided to purchase from here again. Chose to purchase an Entegra Anthem and like everything about the Entegra -- the macerator, wifi, under counter lighting, etc. Ted is easy to work with and Michael Stephens was excellent. The walk through process of the Entegra was excellent. Wow - MHS is huge! Bought a unit in 2004 and didn't recognize it now!! Will continue to be a referral of this place.

Stock: 13137

Very good pricing at MHS. We bought an Entegra Anthem and especially like the quality and warrantee of the coach. Excellent sales job done by Jimmy. A very good walk through done by Lee. 5 star rating for MHS. We will be back!

Stock: 12648

Excellent RVs at great prices. Really like how you're able to to use the phone to control everything on the American Coach Eagle. Worked with Buck who did a good job. Steve was excellent at the final walk through. Excellent service here - 5 star rating.

Stock: 14041

5 stars. Excellent overall service.

Especially like the diesel engine, awning railing, tag, floor plan and stacked washer / dryer in our new American Coach Allegiance. Great prices and good RVs to choose from here. You made it fun and easy. Thank you.

Went with MHSRV becuase of their pricing and their willingness to let us take our time. We asked a ton of questions and Ted was excellent. We really like the kitchen and the standard features that are included in our new unit. Arturo did an excellent job walking us through the new coach. Very low pressure at MHSRV. It was a smooth process and they are very thoughtful.

Really like the quality and warranty of the Entegra Anthem. Jimmy at MHS was excellent. Good pricing and good, quality RVs at MHS. We will be back!

We really liked an advertisement for motor home specialist and decided to visit them. They have reduced pricing. Carl was super easy to work and Chris also did a good job. Yes! Will definitely recommend friends and family to MHS.

Our salesman "Jordan" was extremely helpful and accommodating and made the process very easy. Collin was also very thourough during the walk through portion. All in all, MHS offers excellent pricing, excellent motorhomes, and excellent quality of service. We ended up purchasing the Thor Chateau mostly because we like the size, layout and appearance. 5 stars to MHSRV.

We went with MHS mainly because of cost. They offer awesome pricing and superior RVs. We like the floor plan on the Holiday Rambler Vacationer. Carl did an amazing job selling us the new RV and Lee was awesome at our final walk through. 10 star service at MHS.

We purchased a new Diesel Pusher Thor Tuscany from Motor Home Specialist. Carl was our salesman and made things quick and easy. Out of all the features and options the Tuscany has, we mostly like the overall size, motor, slideouts, bedroom, kitchen and storage of the RV. The extremely competitive price and marketing (the many videos on youtube and the online photos of the actual RVs on the website) helped to make it an excellent experience for us at Motor Home Specialist. Without hesitation, we will refer friends your way. 5 star rating at MHSRV.

Great pricing and selection at MHS and the best sales experience. Steve did a great job at showing all the features available on the new Cornerstone. Will refer friends and family to MHSRV.

Great service. The best pricing and excellent motor homes.

As a repeat customer of MHS, I can say the pricing and quality RVs are very good. Carl made this recent purchase a smooth experience. Michael was very thorough at walking us through the Entegra Cornerstone. Entegra did a great job with all the new options they've added since 2013.

The outdoor kitchen and the king bed is what we liked the most on our 2016 Hurricane. The quality of service we received was excellent. Our sales process and finance and closing experience was easy and professional. *****

We experienced a long delivery/pick up period (7-8 days) due to misfortune & weather but Steve worked with us until everything was resolved. He was very informative, patient, and concerned with our comfort with our new Cornerstone. Motor Home Specialist accommodated all our needs and overall gave us a very good quality of service the whole way through. We will definitely recommend you to others.

I bought my Entegra Aspire from Motor Home Specialist because of the unbeatable price and 1st class service. Jordan made the sales process quick and painless while Steve gave me a fabulous orientation on my new Aspire. I will be recommending MHSRV to others.