Stock: 19542

We had outstanding service! Also, Todd Hahn was here from Entegra and helped with our order. Brandon Neal in sales was great to work with and Steve Ewing delivered an outstanding walk through on our coach. This is our second Entegra to own and we really like the 2019 safety features. We were able to order the Entregra with exactly what we wanted and the prices at MHS are very good! 5 stars for MHSRV; we will definitely tell everyone to shop here.

Stock: 17890

I was referred here by others and I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an RV. Excellent prices, an excellent lineup of quality coaches, and great service received. Justin in sale was great! Of all the features in my Heartland Road Warrior, I really like the bath and 1/2 , floor plan, residential fridge, Canadian artic package, and side porch. I found the 360 degree tours of the units to be very helpful when purchasing as well. 5-star rating!

Stock: 17705A

I found the variety of coaches and detailed pictures of the coach qualities on the MHSRV website to be very beneficial. Also, the discussions and sale process with the sales team and Lonnie were very easy. The walk through with Lee was very informative. Overall, very good service at Motor Home Specialist. This was a smooth purchase from start to finish (special effort to accommodate) Thanks!

Stock: 16515

I was internet shopping for an RV when I came across MHS’s website. Their product and price were great. John made the sales and closing process easy. I give Arturo a 10+ rating for his walk through. 5 stars for MHSRV!

Stock: 16285

5 stars for MHS! We bought the 2018 Entegra Aspire 44W because of the good deal and value great customer service. Brandon and Arturo were great to work with. All around good experience.

Stock: 14746

We love our 2017 Forest River Georgetown 36B GT5 because of the 2 full bath, 22.5" tires, full body paint and bunks included with this RV. Buck Buckner and Stephen Rogers made this a very good experience. 5 Stars!

Stock: 16418

It was the outstanding prices and quality of their coaches along with the friendliness of our salesman that had us purchasing with Motor Home Specialist. The Coachmen Leprechaun included all features that I was interested in. Buck was really nice and easy to work with; he helped to make the sales process painless. Roy was wonderful! He was very through and detailed when explaining all the features and benefits of the new coach. Mark henry was awesome to work with on financing. All of these factors made this process easy! 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14305

I chose to do business here because of price and customer service. MHSRV has the best prices, great service, and excellent selection of quality RVs. Carl was very upbeat, and Omar did a good walk-through. This is a great company, and the people were very friendly.

Stock: 16186

Everyone at Motor Home Specialists were very helpful – fast – easy – painless. The staff was willing to work with my compressed time frame. Prices here are fair and competitive. I will be sure to recommend MHSRV to family and friends.

Stock: 14804

The main reason I chose to purchase here was because of their prices, which are very good and competitive. They have an excellent lineup of quality RVs and excellent service. Rodney and Toby both made for an excellent experience. Great Dealership!

Stock: 15459

I purchased a Heartland Road Warrior and especially like the fact they come fully loaded; it eliminates the guesswork. Lonnie in sales is fantastic and Matt did an excellent and very thorough walk through of the new Road Warrior. Top notch service from the entire staff!! I will be a referral of MHS.

Stock: 15647

MHS helped us find a hotel, restaurants, etc. We needed a quick closing and it was! We were able to do a lot of the paperwork beforehand. Prices here were better than all we compared! Ted was quick and thorough during the sales experience and Arturo was through during the walk through of our new Dynamax Force. We really like the Freightliner engine in our new RV. The MHSRV website was also very beneficial! Excellent service at this business.

Stock: 14405

Mostly chose MHS because of price and communication. Prices at MHS are competitive and their selection of coaches is excellent. Steven was easy to work with and Matt was thorough. Excellent service - 5 stars.

Stock: 15524

Getting a big one and chose to do business here. 5 stars for MHS. Worked with Marty and Arturo who were both excellent. Prices, selection, finance, sales, and service were also all excellent. Will be sure to send friends and family to MHS.

Stock: 13627

Very good prices and a very good selection of quality coaches at MHSRV. The sales process went very good (Justin) and the walk through was also very good (Martin). The MHSRV website was helpful when deciding to buy here. Will be a referral of MHSRV. 5 stars.

Stock: 14571

This was the best price on the internet. The staff here is very professional and friendly and they have an excellent selection of quality motorhomes. The total buying experience was awesome. Marty was professional and able to answer all our questions. Juan was also professional to work with. Overall, we received excellent service during our interaction. The MHS website was also very helpful. 5 star rating for MHS.

Stock: 14638

Good prices, quality RVs, and good service at Motor Home Specialist. Purchased a Thor Four Winds and really like the diesel generator, side slides, oven and cabinets. Kris did a good job throughout sales. Will be a referral of MHS.

Stock: 14555

Brian did a great job. Great prices at MHSRV and a very good selection of quality motorhomes. I really like the garage storage and number of beds in the new Thor Outlaw. Brain was very helpful and Arturo and Andrew were very good during the walk through process. Great overall service. 5 stars.

Stock: 14778

Chose to do business at Motor Home Specialist because of the purchase price, interest rate, and becuase of their excellent service and support. Prices at MHS are very good. I purchased a Thor Palazzo and really like the color scheme and length of the RV. Lonny was very easy to work with and offered no surprises. Tim was also great. He did the final walk thru and did an excellent job. Lastly, the MHSRV website has all the info and pics needed to make the decision to buy from here.

Stock: 13710

Main reasons for deciding to purchase from MHS was because of their selection, customer service, and and price. Plus Jordan's product knowledge. Prices at MHSRV are the best we have seen and their RVs are top rate; they offer higher end products. Omar was very detailed in the walk thru and service overall was top notch. We will absolutely recommend MHS to family and friends. In addition, we appreciate the no haggling, no B.S. games. It was the most enjoyable buying experience we've had. Look for a favorable yelp review.

Stock: 13698

Really liked the responsiveness to my inquiry and questions. I flew in from Atlanta because of the pricing and excellent selection of RVs at MHS. Purchased a Holiday Rambler Vesta and like the leveling jacks and 3 cameras on the coach. Colin was very thorough during the final walk through and Brian's sales process was flawless. Excellent service at MHS.

Stock: 13523

MHS had the right model at the right price. We like everything about our new Entegra Anthem. MHS has a very professional staff. It's a great dealership all the way around. Would recommend them all the way. 2 thumps up!!

Stock: 14477

Wonderful experience with all at MHSRV. Excellent price and selection. Ted and Michael were great.

Stock: 31519

I really like how everything was handled at MHS. They said what they could do and they made it happen. Great pricing. Good RVs. Great overall service. The Windsport is the right size for us and I really like the kitchen, TV, and color scheme. It was a pleasure doing business with an honest company!

Good service, good pricing, and good selection of quality motor coaches at this company. 5 stars.

We found MHSRV during an internet search when looking for the Challenger 37KT. Great website! Our favorite features of the Challenger are the opposing LR slides, king bed, and double awning. Mitch B. and Stephen did an excellent job selling and showing us the coach. Totally easy process! We did an internet inquiry and received a prompt response. Call from sales (Mitch) to follow up and was just plain easy to talk to! The walk through was very thorough and clean!

Billy, Brandy, Lee did a great job. We drove over from Atlanta, GA and it was worth the 26 hour round trip drive. Motor Home Specialist is easy to deal with and offers quick responses, which is why is was easy to chose them as our RV dealership. Our favorite features of the A.C.E. are the king sized bed (walk around), storage, space and appearance. Billy was our sales person and made the process very smooth and easy and Lee did an excellent job showing us all the features during our final walk through. We will ABSOLUTELY refer our friends and family to visit MHSRV. Thanks for the great experience and service!

Thank you for making our buying experience a very pleasant and easy one! This is the first time that we have made a large purchase over the internet and needless to say we were apprehensive. But, when we met you, met other purchasers from all over the country, and saw the Aspire all of our apprehension was gone. We were very impressed with the hospitality and service provided by you and everyone at MHSRV. Everyone that we met was very nice and more than willing to assist us with becoming acquainted with our new coach and answering our questions. We are very glad that we were able to stay on the premises until we were comfortable with the new coach.

We couldn't have experienced a simpler, easier sales process! Jordan Buckley was phenomenal! Thank you. Already told friends and co-workers about Motor Home Specialist.

I liked the Freelanders outside entertainment center and the storage space so when I saw the very competitive prices that MHSRV had I decided to buy here. Brandon made the sales process very easy and everyone gave us excellent service.

The prices at MHSRV are excellent. Lance was great and Steve gave us a very informative & detailed walk-through. We will definitely be recommending MHS to our family and friends.

We bought here because of the great selection via the internet, which had all the details listed on the website & numerous pictures, and the even better price.This is the best quality RV we have seen and the quality of service was excellent. We have already recommended MHS to our friends and absolutely will continue to do so. We have had a wonderful experience from start to purchase! We are very excited! :)

Buying process was very easy! Walk through was thorough but relaxed. They took plenty of time for all our questions!

The dealership display "like Disneyland"

The prices at MHSRV are fantastic. The sales process with Mitch Bennett was painless and the walk-through with Brandon was in depth and detailed. professional service, excellent quality. We have already recommended MHS to our friends and family.

Great experience. All companies should immolate your company! Appreciate your honest upfront ways!

5-Stars. The main reason I decided on MHS was the price. The sales process with Brad was smooth, the financing was very seamless and the walk-through was superb.

5 Stars for sure. The service could not get better. You have a smooth - seamless, top notch group of people at your dealership. Very pleasant to do business with. The internet site is the best out there. I'd like to get a job working here!!

From the first contact with our salesman (Jimmy Campana) along with the friendly & professional staff we have been treated courteously & with care. So much consideration given in all aspects. Thank you!

We bought at MHS because of the selection, price and attention to detail. The sales process was smooth and straight forward. The quality of coach is outstanding and the quality of service is fantastic. - Thank you so much for making this process smooth & straight forward - I have been thoroughly impressed with EVERYONE I have met @ MHSRV. 5-Stars

Lots of nice people. Our sales process with Brad was impressive and our closing was a :) 10.

The quality at MHSRV is excellent. 5-Stars.

Great prices, great service. I liked everything about my RV I purchased and the sales process with Buck was excellent.

The prices & quality are fantastic. Super walk-through process.

5-Stars The prices and quality are good & excellent.

We just wanted to say that this is like going to a Cadillac dealer and being taken care of. We came all the way from Georgia to buy from this company because we knew they were the best! We love the new RV and the folks here. The father, sons, daughter-in-laws and all support staff are the best! We have a business in Georgia and I can only hope that we take care of our customers the way this company does. Thanks so much!

Ya'll are awesome. The prices are the best, I trusted Jimmy and the website and videos proved you are the real deal.

We shopped at least 10 other dealers and decided on MHS because of price and friendly service. Our sales process with Robert Easley was very good and the walk-through with Bill was excellent.

The prices, quality, closing, walk-through, service & sales process were all excellent.

Unbeatable prices. Mitch was able to use his experience & knowledge to help us chose the specific motor home we needed for us.