Stock: 18005

I chose Motor Home Specialist because of inventory and the availability of a specific RV. You were the only site that had the Coachmen Leprechaun we wanted. MHS offers very professional service and an amazing lineup of quality coaches. Sales with Buck went smoothly and the walk through with Roy was very thorough. Thank you!

Stock: 16403

The price was the main reason I decided to purchase from Motor Home Specialist. Prices are the best around and on top of that, they have an excellent selection of quality RVs to choose from. I purchased a Coachmen Freelander and really like the bunkhouse and heated tanks. Brandon made for and excellent sales experience. Brad was great to work with as well during the walk through process. This was an excellent experience and well worth the drive down here. I’ll definitely be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 17734

I chose to do business at MHSRV because they had the right RV at the right time. Great prices and a great selection of quality motorhomes at MHSRV. David was easy doing business with. Jordan was very professional during the walk through of my new RV. Perfect service at MHSRV. 5 stars! Great job!

Stock: 17525

Motor Home Specialist had what we were looking for at a good price. Brian was very personable and Chris was very thorough during the final walk through. People were so friendly and welcoming. I will be sure to recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 16439

Everyone was so helpful. The customer service was great. We chose to come to MHS because of the price but we stayed for the amazing service. Carl was quick and smooth during the sales and financing process. Chris did a great job during the walkthrough. We will be recommending MHSRV to our friends and family!

Stock: C2025

We were able to find our 17 Fleetwood Discovery here at MHSRV. The prices here are very competitive and we were able to make this purchase at the model price. Brandon was great to work with and made the closing experience great. Brandon gets 5 stars for his walk-through and service on the RV. Definitely recommend to friends and family!

Stock: 16899

10 out of 10 service from MHRSV! Ted was an honest salesman that gets things done and gives you the perfect financing and closing experience. Chris deserves a raise for his walk-through he gave us. If you want amazing service, prices and a knowledgeable staff, head to MHSRV!

Stock: 17095

Brandon and Arturo were both great to work with during the whole RV buying process. We decided to make our purchase at MHSRV because of the final inspection process and follow through. We recommend MHS.

Stock: 17494

I came to MHS for the competitive prices and the top rate quality and availability of RVs. I stayed for the outstanding service. Buck and Roy were great. They were effective and thorough. I am looking forward to a long term relationship with MHSRV!

Stock: 16076

Arturo was very patient and so very helpful as we are first-timers. John Powell never gave up on us as we first contacted him a year ago. Chris in finance was great too. All deserve highest rating!

Stock: 15256

MHS has awesome prices with amazing RVs. Ted Eaton was professional and made the process easy. Stephen was thorough through the walk-through process. Great all-around experience! Lunch was a nice surprise, especially with 7 hungry kids.

Stock: 17900

5 stars for MHS! We worked with Oscar and Roy throughout our Motor Home buying process and they both were amazing. We felt no pressure and they gave us an excellent price! Absolutely recommend this place!

Stock: 14758

Thank you for taking so much care in preparing for our arrival, for having the rig ready, and for making us feel valued. You guys are awesome! Lunch was great, actually every part was very pleasant. We appreciate that you are not high pressure and that the process isn't annoying or labor-intensive. Thank you again!

Stock: 15618

Motor Home Specialist had great prices and all of the RV features we wanted. Marty Hunt and Arturo Rodriguez were very good at getting us through the sales and walk-through process. I would rate MHSRV 5 stars!

Stock: 15138

It was the great prices and service that had me purchasing with Motor Home Specialist!!I I also really like the MHS youtube. I did business with Marty Hunt who made for a great sales experience. Roy did a great job during the walk through of my new Concord. The service I received was great. I will be a referral of this company.

Stock: 15107

The model I was looking for was at a great price here at Motor Home Specialist. Jimmy and Billy were awesome! Prices here are extremely reasonable and the quality of their selection is better than most. What I love most about this business is the low pressure sales and the pick up at the airport. Jimmy was SO EASY doing business with and Travis was not rushed and very thorough during the final walk through. Even the finance and closing experience was straight forward and simple. Service overall at MHSRV was perfect! I will most definitely be a referral of this company! I can’t think of a single thing to improve. The entire experience has been pleasure. Thank you!

Stock: 15215

It was the great selection and prices that had me buying a Cruiser Radiance from Motor Home Specialist. I also really like their Youtube videos. Justin in sales was great and Arturo was informative during the walk through portion of my interaction. The bunk room in the Radiance is one of my favorite features in the Cruiser RV. 5 stars across the board for MHSRV.

Stock: 15544

I chose MHS because of their good prices. They offer a good selection of quality RVs to shop. David Garza did a good job during the sales interaction and Toby did a good walk through of my new Four Winds. I really like the auto leveling on my new RV. 5 stars for this company.

Stock: 16795

Everyone as Motor Home Specialist was professional and friendly. They had what I wanted. Buck Buckner made the overall sales interaction pleasant. Prices here are good and the selection of RVs is also very good. I would rate Motor Home Specialist with 5 stars.

Stock: 15132

This experience was excellent. David and Henry made everything easy and got us in the motor home we wanted. My main reasons for doing business with MHS was because of their awesome prices, availability and people. MHS has an excellent selection of quality motorhomes. I purchased a coachmen concord and really like the kitchen counter top, fireplace, and all of the amenities. David in sales was awesome and the finance portion of my interaction went seamlessly. Roy was very informative during the walk through of the new RV.

Stock: 15183

I was comfortable with the driving distance, price and talking with Brandon, which are many reasons why I decided to purchase with Motor Home Specialist. I ended up getting a 2018 Coachmen Galleria and really like the size and simple design features of the new RV. Brandon Neal was reassuring and professional during the sales interaction. I asked Brandon if he personally spent time with my vehicle and was impressed that he did, making sure it was up to his standards. Arturo performed a structured walk through so I could follow up. The service at Motor Home Specialist exceeded my expectations. On top of that, they have competitive prices. 5 star rating for MHSRV. I will continue to be a referral of this company.

Stock: 15547

Price and options at Motor Home Specialist are 2 reasons for doing business here. I like the jacks and outdoor kitchen in my new Thor Four Winds 29G. Sales w/ Justin were very good and quick and Toby did a very good walk through before our departure. Also, the MHS website was very helpful. Very good experience — first motorhome purchase. Billy and Justin were awesome!

Stock: 14574

We are 1st time owners - both Lonnie and Marvin patiently answered all our questions. Lonnie was easy to work with; kept us informed and was friendly. Martin was fantastic and very thorough during the walk through. Overall, great experience at MHS! They had the RV we wanted and prices were the best I found. Of all the features in our new Thor ACE, We especially like the king size bed, tall (84") inside, sleeps 8, and is a good mix of class A & C. Outstanding service at MHS! Will absolutely refer friends and family.

Stock: C1945

This was the only place that had our unit we wanted. They have amazing prices and very nice, well taken car of motor homes. We really liked the lay-out and functions in our Dynamax Isata E Series. Mark G is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the sales experience. Even the finance portion of the interaction was quick and friendly. JR was informative during the walk through of the Dynamax. Mark Griffith was a huge help and made sure we were taken care of and followed up every step of the way. We couldn't be happier. Will absolutely recommend MHS to our friends and family.

Stock: 13727

5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. They offer the best pricing and good service. Juan did a good walk-through of my new Thor Motor Coach. JD Moore in sales was good. I'll be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 14757

We chose to purchase here because we were moving to a Class C from a fifth wheel. Motor Home specialist has very good prices and very good coaches. The Dynamax is a very high-quality unit. Chris in sales was excellent and Martin was excellent during the walk-through. I really like the MHSRV website. Five stars.

Stock: 14968

Prices with MHSRV are very good. It was a very good experience overall - very helpful and good follow through on David's part. It was a helpful walk thru w/ Stephen. It was good to know about Adam's service, which we used. It was all very good - no complaints and no surprises. :0) We will recommend friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13470

The model we wanted was available at MHS and the price was good. Prices here are better than I found elsewhere. Purchased a Thor Quantum and really like the oven and bed / seating layout. The sales experience was very clear and step by step with Carl. Omar delivered a detailed walk thru. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 14885

It was the responsiveness of the salesman, their price/ options/ selection, and other staff @ MHSRV that were all reasons for us to purchase here. Even the MHS website is helpful with the multiple photos and long description of options. The prices at MHSRV met our "value" point and their selection was good (for us, it was Thor versus Forest River). We ended up with the Thor Chateau as our 1st class C, ford V-10 w/ towing option. Brian was excellent! (Thanks Brian!) The finance/closing experience was excellent too! (Thanks Don!) Bryson did an outstanding job! Thank you to Brian, Don, Bryson, Sherrie, and Charlie (great conversation!) -- this is an outstanding / platinum level sales / delivery process!

Stock: 14366

Great prices and great RVs at Motor Home Specialist. David was very easy to do business with and Juan was thorough during his final walk thru of the new coach. Very good service at MHSRV. Very impressed.

Stock: 13031

Biggest reason for choosing MHS for my RV purchase was becuase of their great inventory. The wife really liked the cabinets in the Thor Quantum. Ted Eaton was easy to do business with.

Stock: 15066

We found a used toy hauler at MHS on the internet. Marty at MHS was easy doing business with and Arturo was great during the walk through of our new RV. Will absolutely be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14040

Great service at Motor Home Specialist. Everyone was very polite. They offer very competitive prices and 5 star RVs. The Fleetwood Bounder has an auto over head bunk and a 1 1/2 bath, which we really like. Also, we like the colors of this RV. Marty was awesome to work with and Arturo was very helpful. Marty & Billy made our RV buying experience very streamline. We'd deal with them again in a heart beat! 5 star service from MHS!

Stock: 11378

You had the best price and unite we wanted. An excellent selection of RVs at Motor Home Specialist. Michael performed an through walk through of the DX3. Fantastic service all around at MHS. Thank you. Thanks for letting us stay while things were being taken care of. Thanks Billy!

Stock: 11710

5 stars! Excellent pricing and excellent RVs! The staff here is incredibly helpful - accommodated us when we hit an obstacle in the first purchase - found another RV that worked - Mitch and Kyle are the BEST!! We ended up getting a Thor Four Winds, Class C Motorhome and especially like the shower size, bunk house, outdoor kitchen and diesel engine! Best sales process EVER! Kyle in finance is also fantastic!

Mitch at MHS was great. Stephen was also good to work with and was very informative during the walk through. Great service at MHS. Pricing is affordable compared to others. We really like the king size bed and towing capacity in our new ACE. It's a great size for our family with great features.

Lee who walked us through was so nice and helpful as was Brandy. JD was also great. We really enjoy the bed in our new RV and the storage for the size of the unit is great.

MHS had what we wanted at an affordable price. The quality of RVs at MHS is much higher than other locations we visited. The floor plan, platform, and make/model of the new Freelander Coachmen are some of our fav. options of the new coach. David showed us that family matters which helped us decide to purchase from him. Excellent, 5 star service at MHS.

MHS had the RV we wanted in stock. The spartan chassis, color of the RV and the 2 bathrooms are some of our favorite features of our new Aspire. Carl and Lee are great! Very pleasant from the first phone call until the final papers! Thank you!

Purchased here because of price and model. Really like the layout and quality of the Entegra Anthem. Michael & Lee did a good job showing us our new coach.

Outstanding service from MHSRV. You have the best prices. Top quality RVs. The design and the Thor reputation are probably our top two favorite things we like most about the Challenger. 5 star rating for MHSRV - we will be referrals.

Decided to purchase from MHS because of their great prices and service! We really liked the bunks, overhead bunk, 1 1/2 bath and the fact the Mirada we purchased was brand new! Just N was efficient in the sales process. The walk through was very pleasant and thorough. Service from Motor Home Specialist was overall professional. We are satisfied customers.

Good pricing and excellent RV selection at MHS. 5 star rating. There's no pressure and it was an easy sales experience with Justin. Financing was quick / painless / good.

Brian is GREAT - excellent experience at MHSRV. You guys are awesome.

5 star rating for MHSRV. They have the BEST pricing, the BEST selection, and the BEST sales experience (Rodney).

5 stars to your company. You offer the best terms, service, and best personal treatment with competitive pricing and top brand RVs. The quality of your website was also beneficial in making our decision to buy from here. We ended up buying the Thor Four Winds from Buck who was pleasant to work with. The size and quality of the Four Winds was an exact match to our needs.

The Challenger was our favorite mostly because of the finishes and quality of the RV. Motor Home Specialist was the best place for us to purchase becuase they are experienced, best volume of business, and the best prices. Jordan made the process easy for use with no hassle and very straight forward. Matt did a GREAT job showing us our new coach. We are greatly appreciative for the education and service and for getting us the best value for cost.

The huge selection, customer reviews, and competitive prices is why we purchased from MHSRV. The prices were the best we found. The sales process was very smooth with no pressure. The features we like most on our Miramar is the outdoor kitchen, interior & exterior storage, king bed, Overhead bunks, and huge dinette and sofa. We really liked that we could browse your sales lot on our own by a golf cart you provided. All your units were unlocked and powered on. Your huge selection both in models and pricing saved us a lot of time and money.

The kitchen and living space were the main features we liked about our new Tuscany. The price and quality of the RV is the main reason we purchased from MHS. Advertisement and price go a long way!

We chose our new Aspire because of the tag axle, 450HP Cummins engine, the automatic reels and the very good price MHSRV has. Our salesman Mitch was extremely knowledgeable and made the entire process pleasant and effortless. Excellent service!!