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I decided to shop at MHS because of the great prices and great quality that MHS has to offer. I got the 2018 Coachmen Concord because of the amazing options and features, design quality, space the coach has to offer, as well as the staff’s attention to detail. Some minor issues were able to easily be resolved. Marty is a great salesman and made the closing process easy. Chris gave us a great walk-through. I also really appreciated the fact that they picked me up from the airport and provided me with a rental vehicle.

Stock: 17349

Great job to the crew!! The prices are the best we were able to find for an very nice RV selection. Lonnie was super easy to work with and made the whole process easy on us. Matt was very informative during the walk-through.

Stock: 17333

Well thought out on providing pleasant, friendly, trustworthy product selection. Features, sales, walk through and financial – Thank you!

Stock: 17602

5 stars all around for MHSRV. We got our 18 Thor Hurricane from them because of the prices, which were the lowest we could find anywhere. We also give 5 stars to Jimmy and Chris who helped us find our dream RV. Class act from top to bottom!

Stock: 17508

We previously purchased an RV from MHS so we knew this is where we wanted to get our new 2016 Coachmen Cross Country RV. Brandon was very attentive and easy to work with!

Stock: 15555

We purchased the 2018 Thor Four Winds RV from Brandon and Travis. We chose this one because of the gas oven, queen slide out, remote mirrors and cameras. Motor Home Specialist has great prices and selection of RVs.

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Motor Home Specialist had exactly what I wanted and was able to make the financing work. Prices here are competitive and they have an excellent line up of motorhomes. We purchased a 2005 Monaco Signature and I really like the Roadmaster chassis, Cummins diesel, tag axle, and my wife loves the interior colors. Brandon made the sales process awesome. Financing was perfect and Arturo delivered a very thorough, professional walk through of our new RV. We received top notch service here at Motor Home Specialist. Keep doing what you're doing! I don't see anything that could be improved upon. You guys and gals are awesome!

Stock: 13952

I can’t thank you guys enough for my experience in purchasing a new RV. Everyone (Coach, Billy, Curtis, Mat and Robert) was extremely nice and very diligent in helping me through the process. Doing this all on line was scary in the beginning but when I arrived at your dealership I realized I was dealing with professionals and not just a dealer. You can own a dealership or you can provide a the means to be a great dealership. MHSRV definitely provides the means and professionalism that goes with a great dealership. From your on-site ( and free I might add) Restaurant for customers to the Service area and the delivery process you guys made it all feel right and never once did I feel like I was making a mistake or have second thoughts.  What an experience and process! It was simply an awesome way for me to feel good about buying new when I normally would not. When my wife and I started our RV search a few years ago it was crazy. We spend over a year looking at different coaches and went to dozens of dealerships in several states. None of the other dealers we visited holds a candle to what MHSRV has in a dealership! Keep in mind I said we looked for over a year! We ended up purchasing from an individual because no dealer made me feel good about our purchase! But that was all erased when I drove on to the MHSRV lot. The minute I arrived in my old RV I was absolutely blown away!! Just the sheer size of the place is awesome! But seeing all those RV’s hooked up like a campground that was just the best! Each one I walked in was like walking into my own. The lights were on and the AC was blowing cold and it was just remarkable!  I was even given a golf cart to ride around on without a salesman to tag along! What?! That’s crazy!! Who does that?! MHSRV does, that’s who! Guys, this was simply the best way to end the search for a new RV. Now there is one negative to this purchase. Sorry to end this on a bad note but when I got home my wife loved it and said to me; you better get me a Washer and Dryer in here. When I asked why she said “we’re going to be doing a lot of traveling.” J So now I got to find her a Washer and Dryer. But on the good side of that, during my deliver process Mat told me the hook ups were there so that’s good! I can’t say enough about how great this experience was and how great you guys were! In the great words of John Fogerty: Put me in Coach, I’m ready to Play! ( I mean RV ) From the bottom of our hearts, Thanks Coach and all of you at MHSRV!!! God bless you all!!

Stock: 16772

My main reason for purchasing here was because of their great pricing and service. I love everything about my Tiffin Allegro Bus. Brandon did a great job in sales and Neal did a great walk through. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 14541

It was a very easy process and thorough closing at Motor Home Specialist. The availability and great prices are reason for deciding to purchase here. I really like the exterior patio and garage in the new coach I purchased. Rodney did a great job in sales and Colin performed a god walk through of the new coach. I especially like the company’s website and will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 13301

Good deal at MHSRV. They have great prices and great coaches. J.D was great. Really like the interior and exterior paint on the Coachmen Concord. 5 star rating for MHSRV.

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Competitive pricing at Motor Home Specialist. Pleasant sales experience and Lee did a good job at our final walk through. Great service and website.

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Biggest reasons for choosing MHS at our Motor Home dealership is because they are friendly! Easy to talk to! And the cheapest! Great pricing and great, quality motorhomes! We really like the bunk bed package, TVs and big bathroom in the Thor ACE! Bill was GREAT! and Stephen did a GREAT walk thru! We will be referrals of MHS. Very satisfied!

Went with MHS b/c of the number of units to choose from. Great pricing, great selection of quality coaches. Sales w/ Justin was the best. Collin also did a great job at the walk through. Best ever service at MHS. Great people and an easy experience.

Buck and Mark were very helpful with the whole buying process. We flew in from Alabama and the coach was ready to go. Arturo went over the coach in detail. They loaned us a car to get lunch, which was great. We mostly like the outside patio, high ceilings, and floor plan of our new coach. Very good pricing and RV selection at MHS. 5 star experience! Will absolutely be referrals.

MHSRV has the best pricing and the quality of RVs they have in inventory are great. We liked the walk through process of our Travel Supreme RV. The service guys did a great job at walking us through all the features. The MHSRV website definitely helped in making our decision easy. In addition, Justin is a great salesman who took time out to assist us. He answered all of our questions and he was great all around. 5 stars to Justin! Going forward, I will send my friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

We are previous buyers from our favorite salesman! We love Jimmy! The prices at MHSRV are the best anywhere and combine that with the best quality of service in the industry. We have been referring people to you guys since our first purchase and will continue to do so. Thanks for everything!

We bought from MHS because of the number of units they had in stock and they had the best pricing. Lance made the entire sales process very smooth and Brandon gave us complete coverage with our walk through process and answered all questions.

The quality of service is A+ - We have already recommended MHS to our friends and family! The prices are excellent and the quality was terrific.

Great pricing. Easy sales process. Awesome walk-through. 5-stars.

5-Stars. What I liked most about the RV I purchased was the fireplace, diesel & sectional couch. The prices, quality, walk-through and service at MHSRV were all great.

Excellent business plan. Best price, best service.

Extremely hospitable people across whole lot. Experience was amazing, very happy with service & quality of RV.

The quality at MHS is excellent. Thank you.

Every process from beginning to end professional & easy.

Your website was good enough for us to buy our RV sight unseen & fly in from Alabama to pick it up.

The prices at MHSRV are excellent. A+, A+, A+, A+, Absolutely I would recommend MHS.

5-Stars - The sales process, finance, closing, walk-through and the quality of service were all great.

5-Stars. Prices are better than other states.

Our sales process with Jimmy was stress free and easy. The prices and quality were great, the walk-through process was informative and thorough and the quality of service was superior.

Thank you for providing hook-up stalls for your customers. We enjoyed are stay. Everyone was very cordial and friendly. 5-Stars.

Excellent prices. 5-Stars. Video was very helpful.

Very professional, very knowledgeable, very good & positive experience.

The prices are the best I have seen for the product.

The prices are excellent and quality too! Thank you very much for making this experience very pleasant.

The experience was great. I am bringing a customer to look at your 2007 Prevost jut because I am so impressed with the way I was treated.

I would recommend MHSRV to my family & friends.

I found MHS a fair & reasonable company to deal with. No pressure sales and very friendly. Our salesman was very helpful & informative. Thanks Robert. I would definitely do business again. 5-Stars


Everybody was great. Really good customer service. We felt we were treated very kindly! Great place to buy from!

I would recommend MHS


I shopped all across the U.S websites. MHS had exactly what I was looking for at the lowest price.

The overall experience has been great. You have a focus on customers and it draws people to you.

We decided on MHS because of price, product and detailed website.

The service was really good. I would definitely recommend your place to my friends and family.

We've already recommended Motor Home Specialist. The prices and quality are excellent. We won't shop anywhere else!

We bought from Motor Home Specialist because of price and they had what we wanted.