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At Motor Home Specialist the people are polite and professional. I am impressed with everything. Total top notch experience.

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I had a very good experience with MHS and already planning to purchase a new RV within 2 years with MHS.

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Good prices, very good quality motorhomes, and very good service at MHSRV. Marty did a very good job during my sales interaction and Collin delivered a very good walk thru. I really like the bunks in my new motorhome. 5 stars for MHSRV.

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Purchased a Cornerstone from Motor Home Specialist mostly because of the excellent price. They have an excellent selection of coaches. We really like the quality of our Cornerstone. Sales with Brandon went smoothly and the walk thru with Lee was very good. I would recommend this dealership to everyone I'm in touch with.

James has been extremely helpful in helping us with our new motor home. We greatly appreciate it. We would like to give him the other side of the coin. These are the great points of the new Realm. 1. The body graphics and colors are absolutely gorgeous. We have people coming up to us continuously in all the campgrounds and commenting that this is the best looking motor home they have ever seen. Even in parking lots when we are shopping. People are amazed. 2. On two lane highways the 600 HP gets the coach up to 85 MPH in a flash for safe passing and great mountain pass climbing. We never have a problem with overheating even on the longest of climbs even with the AC running. We run through the Rocky Mountains all the time. 3. The dash AC is amazing. 115F and driving into the sun - no problem - Dash AC keeps us cool. Who needs cooled seats? 4. The shower size and comfort is outstanding. 5. The furniture is comfortable and looks good. 6. Visitors love the natural walnut finish and the rest of the designs and finishes. 7. I drive ridiculous distances in a day. The air suspension and ride are fantastic. The unit is so quiet that I can hear the air suspension work going around curves. The adjustment to stiffen the steering in cross winds works to reduce muscle and mind stress. This is by far the easiest MH I have ever driven and air leveling works when parked for shorter periods. 8. This is our first time with an all electric unit and we have really enjoyed it. Batteries last a long time and Auto-Gen starts if batteries wear down. Real fridge is the answer! 9. Powered bin trays are great for us older guys. Access to far end of trays is easy and lots of basement storage. 10. Awnings cover from front to back of the unit. Auto retract too. I turned the key to do something on the Nav. system. Then went back out and wondered why the awnings were all in. There are more great things that we appreciate, but 10 for now is a good start... Wait one more. 11. James Triana is a great help to us enjoying our trips. Thanks for building such a great coach, The Luchaks of Canada

MHS offers great value and excellent prices and service! We purchased the Coachmen Concord and liked the layout and quality of the coach the most. Easy made the process very "easy." The most amazing service we have received from Sesty, she's amazing!! The service we've received from the moment we arrived at the airport from Charlie to being greeted by Easy. The walk through we received from Arturo has been outstanding and well worth our travels. We will be back!

Motor Home Specialist is 5 stars. They have the lowest prices and Jordan gave me an excellent sales process. Many thanks to everyone for my experience at MHS.

MHSRV has a great prices and selection. Jordan was our salesman and he was very professional while making our sales process smooth. We would recommend MHSRV to our family and friends for sure!

We will absolutely be recommending our family and friends to MHSRV. The salesman, Jordan, excellent customer service and good prices made us decide to buy from your company all the way from Canada. We are very happy with the entire process.

I bought from MHSRV because of the lower prices and professional service I received from Jordan and Arturo. Jordan is a 5 star salesmen

Carl provided a very professional sales process while Brandon gave us a very good walk through process. The quality of service we received was 100%. It was a great overall experience.

The quality of service was excellent and the sales process was painless!! Very nice operation.

The quality of service is A+ - We have already recommended MHS to our friends and family! The prices are excellent and the quality was terrific.

5+ Stars - Price, reputation & great quality.

Most certainly we would recommend MHS to our friends and family. They have the best price & excellent follow-up.

The quality at MHS is excellent. Thank you.

We had an excellent experience from the day we contacted them to the moment we took possession of our motor home.

The prices at MHSRV are excellent. A+, A+, A+, A+, Absolutely I would recommend MHS.

5-Stars - The sales process, finance, closing, walk-through and the quality of service were all great.

5-Stars - The prices are the lowest and the quality is great. Jimmy Zee (Campana) was awesome.

From the time I started my process, the staff was helpful & patient. A very positive experience. 5-Stars - Excellent prices & quality.

5-Stars. Prices are better than other states.

Jimmy made all the arrangements to pick us up at the airport & was there for anything we needed. Never had such a great experience as this buying something. The prices are better than any other.

This is a first class operation. Do not change anything. I was amazed about everything and there was no pressure put on me. That was a great feeling. Thank you for everything.

Excellent quality. Excellent closing experience. Excellent walk-through.

The main reason I bought from Motor Home Specialist was the price.

Great experience. The finance and closing was excellent. I would recommend Motor Home Specialist to my family and friends.

One heck of a nice place. Big, clean & friendly.

We've been looking for a couple of years and decided on MHS because of friendly staff, more selection, no pressure sales & great salesman. (Jimmy Campana) Thank you for the car rental, hotel room, lunch, wine, flowers & service!! Great.

We will be back! Robert Easley was friendly, efficient & not pushy.

Very good team. The sales process was very easy, the prices very good, the quality excellent and the service #1.

Good Price. Enjoyable. All personnel very diligent.

Our salesman was excellent, awesome & very helpful. The pricing is very good and quality of service, closing and walk-through were excellent. We'll definitely recommend Motor Home Specialist.

It was worth the travel down.

The prices are very good and the sales process was excellent.

Thank you for providing hook-up stalls for your customers. We enjoyed are stay. Everyone was very cordial and friendly. 5-Stars.

Very professional and easy process. 5-Stars.

Very professional, very knowledgeable, very good & positive experience.

The main reason for deciding to purchase from MHS was that they have the best pricing. The overall purchasing experience with Lance Dunning was excellent.

The closing experience and the walk-through process were excellent. The main reason we purchased from MHS were the price and the facility.

We are very satisfied with our experience here.

MHS has better choice & selection! The overall purchasing experience has been perfect.

Very helpful with Canadian purchase. Bought here because of price and quality.

We bought at MHS because of presentation & unit type.

The prices and quality at Motor Home Specialist are very good.

The quality of service was excellent.

The prices are excellent and quality too! Thank you very much for making this experience very pleasant.

We shopped many online dealers and bought from MHS because of price.

The experience was great. I am bringing a customer to look at your 2007 Prevost jut because I am so impressed with the way I was treated.