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Really appreciate the good customer service information and competitive pricing at MHS. Prices are very appealing compared to other locations. They have an excellent lineup of quality coaches and excellent service. Carl and Mat were both very informative during sales and during the walk through of the new coach. Of all the features my American Tradition has to offer, I especially like the tag axle, power and size of the engine. 5-star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

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Our salesman facetimed us inside the coach which was helpful in making our decision. 5 stars for MHSRV.

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Very good prices at Motor Home Specialist. They have an excellent line up of quality RVs. The heated floor, dishwasher and 1 1/2 bath in the American Tradition are a few of my favorite items in the coach. I was really pleased with the people I worked with. Brandy did really good. Really good service from this company. 5 star rating.

I would give MHS a 5 star rating. I found that the website and videos of the American Tradition and the detailed pictures of each thing were very beneficial when deciding to purchase. I like everything about the American Tradition, especially the bigger engine and tag axle. Easy, my salesman at MHSRV was very good and matter of fact and to the point. Michael & Steve were also very informative. I will recommend family and friends to buy from MHS.

5-Stars - The quality at MHSRV is very high and the sales process was excellent.

The quality of service is top notch.

I would certainly buy from MHS again. A top rated purchasing experience with excellent service & a professionally handled closing. Well done.

One heck of a nice place. Big, clean & friendly.

MHS had the coach I was looking for at an awesome price. Honest salesman and thorough and knowledgeable staff! :) A fantastic overall experience.