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It was overall a wonderful experience purchasing from MHSRV. Both Jordan and Lee were excellent to work with. Prices here are fair and the inventory selection is excellent. We ended up purchasing a Foretravel Realm and love the slides and appliances. Overall 5 stars for MHSRV. I will be sure to recommend MHSRV to friends and family moving forward.

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I love everything about my new 18 Foretravel Realm. If you are looking for a new motorhome MHS has very good prices and quality RVs to choose from. Jordan and Lee were excellent to work with. Absolutely recommend this place!

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Everything has been great from the beginning to the end. We purchased our 2019 Foretravel Realm LV3 from MHs because of the great service and sales team. Jimmy and Lee were great to work with!

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The service, prices and quality of RVs at Motor Home Specialists are excellent all around – Brandon was very accessible. Lee was very informative during the walk-through. All personnel were very, very courteous and helpful.

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The quality of RVs at MHS are very good! Ted did a really good job getting us sold on our dream RV. Lee did a great job during our walk-through. We will be recommending MHS to our friends and family.

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We did business here for a trade in. MHSRV offers an outstanding selection of quality units at excellent prices. We purchased a Foretravel Realm FS6 and really like the chassis, slides, and finish of interior in this RV. We worked with Jordan Buckley and the sales experience overall was fun and informative. We loved Jordan and how prompt he was to return calls! :) We could not be happier. On a separate note, the MHSRV website is very easy to use. 5 stars! We will be referrals of this company.

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Motor Home Specialist was a great referral from friends and the “Realm.” They have very fair prices at MHS along with excellent motorhomes and outstanding service. We worked with Ted Eaton in sales and he was efficient, straight forward and honest. Lee did a very good walk through of our new coach and he was very professional. We like everything about our Realm. The design on the interior is much like our home - great taste!! I can not suggest any improvements for Motor Home Specialist. 5 star rating.

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We appreciate the ability to stop here and look at RV's, as we have 5-6 times, without hassle or obligation. It's absolutely wonderful to be able to look at and compare all these RV's in one place and no salesman hounding us. We have referred many people here because of it. This is our second RV here. Jordan in sales was informative and relaxing. Lee did a great walk thru. Great MHSRV website and great overall service. 5 star rating.

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The sales person John kept me informed all the time. Curtis helped with the finance. Lee did a great job also. So far everything has been great. Ended up purchasing a 2018 Foretravel Realm and especially like the quality of the workmanship in the building of this RV. Fair prices and good motorhomes at MHS.

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The Foretravel Realm is top of the line quality. Purchased from MHS bc they carried Realm. They have good prices and service. Buck did a good sales job. Steve did a great walk through of the Realm. Will refer MHS to friends.

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SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE, & AVAILABILITY is the best in the industry here at Motor Home Specialist. Prices are also the best in the country. Ended up purchasing a Foretravel Realm and really like the spartan chassis, bunk beds, and paint quality on the coach. This is the fourth coach purchased from MHS -- It only gets better each time!

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On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I'd give MHS a 10. They offer very fair pricing and very good quality RVs. Robert Easley was easy to work with. Steve also did an excellent job during my final walk through. A great experience here at MHS. Very pleased! Great people and very professional.

James has been extremely helpful in helping us with our new motor home. We greatly appreciate it. We would like to give him the other side of the coin. These are the great points of the new Realm. 1. The body graphics and colors are absolutely gorgeous. We have people coming up to us continuously in all the campgrounds and commenting that this is the best looking motor home they have ever seen. Even in parking lots when we are shopping. People are amazed. 2. On two lane highways the 600 HP gets the coach up to 85 MPH in a flash for safe passing and great mountain pass climbing. We never have a problem with overheating even on the longest of climbs even with the AC running. We run through the Rocky Mountains all the time. 3. The dash AC is amazing. 115F and driving into the sun - no problem - Dash AC keeps us cool. Who needs cooled seats? 4. The shower size and comfort is outstanding. 5. The furniture is comfortable and looks good. 6. Visitors love the natural walnut finish and the rest of the designs and finishes. 7. I drive ridiculous distances in a day. The air suspension and ride are fantastic. The unit is so quiet that I can hear the air suspension work going around curves. The adjustment to stiffen the steering in cross winds works to reduce muscle and mind stress. This is by far the easiest MH I have ever driven and air leveling works when parked for shorter periods. 8. This is our first time with an all electric unit and we have really enjoyed it. Batteries last a long time and Auto-Gen starts if batteries wear down. Real fridge is the answer! 9. Powered bin trays are great for us older guys. Access to far end of trays is easy and lots of basement storage. 10. Awnings cover from front to back of the unit. Auto retract too. I turned the key to do something on the Nav. system. Then went back out and wondered why the awnings were all in. There are more great things that we appreciate, but 10 for now is a good start... Wait one more. 11. James Triana is a great help to us enjoying our trips. Thanks for building such a great coach, The Luchaks of Canada