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5 star rating for MHSRV. Brandon Neal was great to work with! Reasonable prices, a good selection of quality coaches, and great service at Motor Home Specialist! I will be sure to tell friends and family to shop here for their RV needs.

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Great customer service at MHSRV. Omar and John were both great to work with. This is the biggest place with the best prices. I will be sure to recommend MHSRV.

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You guys rock! We went with MHS because of their selection and price! They offer great prices and excellent coaches! We purchased a Forest River Georgetown and especially like the living room space and quality of the coach. Jordan Buckley was our salesperson and he made the sales process very easy! Chris delivered a very educational walk through on our new RV. The best service at Motor Home Specialist!

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The entire MHSRV experience was the best! The prices they have to offer are unbeatable and they offer the best quality RVs in the game. Jimmy made the entire sales and financing process easy and seamless. Omar was very thorough throughout the walk-through. Absolutely recommending MHSRV to our friends and family.

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My biggest reason for purchasing here was the upfront pricing online, which are all very good. I purchased a 2014 Forest River Georgetown, and especially like the outside TV and residential fridge. Brandon Murphy was great throughout the sales experience, and the walk-through with Chris was great. Great service at MHSRV! I will be a referral of this business.

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Best Price + Selection + Website + Facility! The sales process with Carl was PERFECT and Omar was very good during the walk through. Service overall was PERFECT. I purchased a Forest River Georgetown and of all its features, I especially like the full paint, the color of the interior cabinets and the seats. Wonderful, 1st class experience all the way. Highly recommend them!

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Reasonable pricing at Motor Home Specialist. The sales experience was excellent with Marty and Arturo was great and completed an informative overview of my new Forest River Georgetown. Great quality of service here at this dealership. I'll be a referral of Motor Home Specialist. 5 star rating.

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Our son Adam recommended us to visit MHS. "Outstanding" and personal touch here at MHS. We received awesome service! MHS offers 5 star prices, 5 star motorhomes. Justin delivered a 5 star sales process. Even the walk through process was awesome! We will continue to recommend MHS to friends and family.

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I purchased a Forest River Georgetown from Motor Home Specialist primarily becuase of their great prices. I really like the 2 baths and drop down bed over the driver and the passenger seat. David was easy to do business with and Martin and David were thorough during the final walk through. Great overall service received from MHS.

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Chose to do business with Motor Home Specialist because of the model and price of the RV. Prices with MHS are the lowest I found. Sales with Justin went good and so did the walk through with Roy. I purchased a Forest River Georgetown and really like the slide tray storage and the kitchen. 5 stars for Motor Home Specialist.

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Chose MHS to do business with because of their value and very good selection. I bought a Forest River Georgetown and really like the 2 slides in front, the washer / dryer combo, and the big fridge. JD Moore was great and provided low pressure sales. Roy was very detailed during the walk thru of the RV. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. Pleasant atmosphere -- no high pressure. I'll be a referral of MHS.

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We have been prior customers of MHSRV. Calvin did a very good job taking care of us. We were treated like royalty. We will recommend MHSRV and Calvin to friends.

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Chose to do business with MHS because of their great reviews and pricing. The sales process with JD Moore was good and quick. Bill Fussel in finance really worked with us and Arturo delivered a very good final walk through on our new RV. Outstanding service received from MHS. Even the whole site was outstanding. We came in from Las Vegas, Nevada. There was a couple hiccups with the paper work but the whole team jumped in and got it worked out. Made the trip a success. Very good.

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We purchased from here before. They have an extensive inventory of excellent coaches and the best pricing, better than anywhere. Brian Kelly helped to sell us the Forest River Georgetown. He was easy to work with, straightforward and offered no pressure sales. Out of all the features / options of the Forest River Georgetown some of our favorites are the kitchen (counter space and storage) and the separation of the bathroom sink and toilet. Arturo was very comprehensive and informative during the final walk through. He answered all of our questions. We received excellent service from everyone we had contact with.

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5 stars for MHSRV. They have excellent motorhomes to choose from at fair prices. Jimmy was excellent during the sales process. Really like the bunk bed feature in the Forest River Georgetown.

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Like the size and space of the Forest River Georgetown. Jimmy at MHSRV is great to work with and friendly. Arturo did a really great job walking us through our new coach. Good service here and will be referrals.

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Prices at MHS were low compared to the West Coast. 10 stars for overall service! I ended up purchasing a 2016 Forest River Georgetown and out of everything it has to offer, I mostly like the king bed and the bath and a half. Already referred people to purchase from this RV dealership. I plan to follow up with a letter to Mr. Obanion. Wonderful job by all. Thanks!

I really appreciated the complete absence of high - pressure sales techniques. Mitch was helpful but not at all overbearing. Highly recommended.

Very pleasant experience at Motor Home Specialist!

Competitive prices and great motorhomes at MHSRV.

The California MH dealers gave up when they heard we were talking to MHSRV. MHS has awesome pricing and flawless, quality RVs. Really like the black diamond interior and bunks in our new Georgetown. Rodney is awesome to work with. Really like the website and videos - continue to do more of the videos.

Liked everything they offered at Motor Home Specialist. Price was great and they have friendly service. Brian and Matt were very good and the walk through was very informative. Will definitely be referrals of MHS.

Really like the fridge and bathroom in the Georgetown. Great service at MHSRV.

MHSRV made it easy. Good pricing plus high quality RVs. Rodney and Matt were both excellent. We purchased the Georgetown and mostly like the king size bed and overhead bunk options.

Ted at MHSRV helped to sell us the Forest River Georgetown. We really enjoy the MCD, fiberglass roof, storage tray, stainless bowls, and glass shower of the new coach. MHS offers very competitive pricing and excellent service.

The Georgetown's paint job, layout and design are some of our favorite features/options of our new coach. We did business at MHS mostly because of the model, availability and price. Easy was very good. Collin also did an excellent job. He ended up doing our final walk through of our Georgetown. Excellent website, MHSRV. We will be referrals.

GREAT JOB! I'm very pleased. Purchased a Georgetown from JD Moore. He was easy to work with and very informative.

MHS had the coach we wanted! We found MHSRV after a pop up appeared when we were searching. Your pricing is great! Jordan was easy to work with and sold us the Forest River Georgetown. We really like the full paint, washer/dryer, residential refrigerator and the 2 baths in the new coach. 5 star service at MHS! We wish you were closer.

Everyone at MHS is super friendly and professional! Buying our Georgetown from Easy was a fun process! I love the bowl sink and color palette inside & out of the Georgetown! Excellent service at MHSRV, we will be sending friends and family your way.

This is the easiest "vehicle" purchase we have ever done. Sales process with David was easy and Arturo was great at our walk through. Chose to buy the Forest River Georgetown. The 1/2 bath and quality of the vehicle really stood out to us. Will absolutely refer friends and family to shop at this company.

You had the RV we were looking for at the right price. We like all the features and options of the Georgetown Motor Home. JD made the sales experience easy and was very good. Will refer friends and family here.

Brandon at MHS did an excellent job selling us our new Georgetown! The bath and half, large shower, and king size bed are some of our favorite features of the RV. Excellent price and quality at MHSRV!

Our friend recommended that we come to Motor Home Speicalist. The prices are very good and they have excellent motor homes to choose from. Excellent experience and felt special during the sales process. Tim was very sooth and Collin did a very good job as well. Absolutely will recommend friends and family. 5 stars to MHS.

We stopped several times before buying and always saw Billy. He was always accommodating, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help. He also looked for options when what we were looking for wasn't available. Billy did our final walk through. It was worth every minute. Exceptional service at Motor Home Specialist. They have great customer service and are friendly and knowledgeable. They have great pricing versus the competition. All the RVs there are very good, but what we liked most about the Georgetown was the front drop down bunk, the washer and dryer combination, and the 1/2 bath. We will be referrals of MHS.

Jordan was awesome at selling us our new motorhome at MHSRV. We chose this company becuase of their good pricing and no hidden prices when we were looking. We like the bunks and sleeping capacity of our new Georgetown. Awesome service received!

The Forest River Georgetown was everything we wanted at the right price. Great pricing and excellent RVs at MHS.

We decided to purchase with Motor Home Specialist because of their reputation, sales methods, great inventory to look thoroughly at, and the best pricing. The quality of their RVs are the best. You order them well-equipped, MHS. Our favorite features of the Georgetown are the 2nd AC, the smaller size (length), 3 TVs, and high quality interior. Buck is excellent. He is honest, educated, and guided us through the process well. The closing experience was also excellent and efficient. In addition, our walk through experience with Justin Leonard was excellent. He was very thorough. We will continue referring our friends and family to Motor Home Specialist. 5 star rating.

We are previous customers of Motor Home Specialist. They offer the prices and RVs we have found. We purchased the Georgetown and out of all the features it has, we like the self leveling jacks, black water flush, and the LED lights throughout the RV the most. David helped the process run smoothly and was very accommodating. Arturo took his time and showed me everything. He answered any questions we had. Excellent service! Thank you for all the patience and help you all have given us!

Found you on google and decided to purchase because of the great prices and helpfulness of your staff. Rodney was easy to work with and very friendly.

As first time buyers, we did not know what to expect from the whole experience but was pleasantly surprised and appreciated the level of professionalism and excellent customer service throughout the whole process. It was the excellent pricing and customer service that helped us to chose Motor Home Specialist. We also really liked all the pictures on the MHS website. Our favorite features with the Forest River Georgetown was the layout and decor and the overnight stay indoctrination. Jordan was our salesperson and did an excellent job. Lee also did an excellent job walking us through the coach one last time.

We purchased from Motor Home Specialist because of their selection and price! Out of all the features and options the Georgetown has to offer, we liked the kitchen area and ice box most. The sales process was great as well as the quality of service from start to finish. Even the final walk through of the RV was very informative. Mitch B was our salesperson and did a great job. 5 stars for MHS!

The prices at MHSRV are amazing. The quality of service we received was TOP NOTCH!!! VERY FRIENDLY STAFF, AMAZING FACILITY. *****

The size of the coach and of course the price is the reason we purchased our Georgetown from MHS. The finance and closing experience was superb. Your customer service is impeccable and a friendly atmosphere. *****

Our sales process was quick and easy! The staff at MHS were friendly and easy to work with. The quality of the RV's were TOP NOTCH!

We came to MHSRV to buy our Georgetown because of their great reputation, best price and being able to see pictures of the actual coach we were going to buy online. The customer reviews on Forest River products were positive and Carl's no pressure sales approach was very customer friendly.

We came here from Colorado because you had the Georgetown model we wanted with good options and the pricing was right. Rodney was excellent to deal with and everyone gave us excellent service.

We wanted our Georgetown because of the great floor plan with the double reclining sofa and fireplace but it was the selection and prices that brought us to MHS. Buck was very easy to deal with and never pressured us. The quality of service was excellent in all areas.

I liked my Georgetown because it is roomy, lots of storage, quality workmanship and the good looks but I decided to buy from MHSRV because of the friendliness and good customer service we received. Thanks to Mark, Billy & Brandy we have already been recommending your company to others.

We loved the whole experience! No pressure, great price and Billy helped us find what we wanted with our new Georgetown. Also nice that Billy was a Seahawks Fan!

Motor Home Specialist is 5+ stars. I bought from the because of the value! The price was the best I could find and they have an awesome selection. Carl was courteous, professional and made our sales process amazingly easy.