Stock: 19379

The service team at MHS is exceptional. I primarily chose to shop here because of their good/fair pricing and excellent service. Nolan O’bannon made the sales process an excellent one. The walk through with Joel was also excellent. Additionally, we found that RV trader and the MHS website helpful when making our final decision. 5 stars!!

Stock: 19356

Purchased here because of the selection and excellent sales experience. They have competitive prices. I ended up getting a 2019 Forest River Berkshire and really like the number of beds and seats, the amount of storage, and it has lots of easy to use storage and features. The entire sales process was seamless thanks to Collin. Arturo was thorough and helpful throughout the final walk through of the unit. It was great to be able to actually go into so many models here. Great experience from beginning to end. Will absolutely refer friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 17584

Our experience at MHS was a very smooth and low pressure sale. Working with Carl was easy and was able to address all of my concerns. Juan was very thorough during the walk-through and was able to answer all of our questions. The RV protection is a very good value.

Stock: 16968

Ted and Don are excellent. Excellent! We have dealt with Ted before and he is the man! We love working with him and made it an easy decision to get our RV from MHS. Arturo was also excellent throughout the walk-through. A++. We heard about MHS through word of mouth from our friends and we were not disappointed. Thank you!

Stock: 16969

Our experience at MHS was great. Buck was very smooth, excellent to work with during the sales and purchase process. Stephen was also very helpful during the walk-through. 5 star rating from me.

Stock: 16974

We chose to shop for our RV at MHSRV because of their extensive options of inventory and excellent quality of RVs. Lonnie made the sales and closing process painless. Great service from start to finish.

Stock: 16965

Excellent prices and an excellent lineup of quality RVs. Jimmy was easy to work with and offered a no-pressure sales approach. He did a great job! I really like the product videos from MHSRV. 5 stars.

Stock: 15085

We decided to purchase with MHS because of their inventory selection and it being true to what their online website shows they have available. Prices here seem to be extremely fair and they have a great selection for what the budget is. The Forest River Berkshire is the RV we ended up purchasing and we really like the diesel engine and comfort options. Kris and JD were our salesmen, but really it was Billy Fussell. Everything went smoothly and Steven did a really informative walk through for us. Service here was top notch and we will for sure tell our friends and family about Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15935

Decided to shop with Motor Home Specialist because of the excellent selection of motorhomes they have. Prices and the overall service provided at Motor Home Specialist was very good. We like all the options and features of our new coach. Justin made for an excellent sales experience. Arturo also did a very good job walking us through the RV. Everyone was very helpful and worked with us and answered all of our questions. Very professional people at MHS.

Stock: 15497

MHSRV offers very good pricing and quality RVs. I chose them as my RV dealership mainly because of their price and location and the variety and selection they offer. I ended up purchasing a F.R. Berkshire and really like the water manifold system, cockpit layout, generator up front, and the bath and 1/2. Mitch and Lee both did a great job. Great service overall at MHSRV.

Stock: 15082

Best deals at MHS. Excellent lineup of quality coaches. Very good service at this dealership. Sales experience w/ Brian went smoothly and the walk thru with Arturo was great.

Stock: 15083

Prices at MHSRV are lower than normal. Purchased a Forest River Berkshire and like the floor plan and decor in the new RV. Carl made things easy and Collin did an excellent walk through. Good service overall at MHSRV.

Stock: 11163

Decided to purchase with MHS because of the variety of options and their competitive pricing. They have excellent RVs to choose from and excellent service. The king bed, rear bathroom, and hideaway bed are some of my favorite features in the Forest River Berkshire. Brian was very easy to work with, which made for a smooth experience. Really like and appreciate the low pressure sales!

Stock: 13337

Main reason for deciding to purchase from Motor Home Specialist was because of their good service and prices. Pricing here is the best. Ended up getting a 2017 Forest River Berkshire and really like the fireplace, washer/dryer, and satellite. David helped to make the sales process easy. Mat was good and calm during the walk through of the new RV. Excellent service at this business. Thank you.

Stock: 13343

Good prices and a good selection of RVs at Motor Home Specialist. Ted Eaton in sales was good to work with. Arturo also did a good walk through on our FR Berkshire. Will recommend friends & family to MHS.

Stock: 14077

MHS had the Class A, diesel that we were looking for. We chose the Berkshire and really like the bath 1/2 and body style of the new coach. MHS has the best RV selection! Billy was excellent to work with and delivered a smooth sales experience. Arturo was very good as well and did an excellent job walking us through our new RV. The best service here at MHS. The staff were so welcoming and eager to assist. Billy & Arturo were so great - best experience with any major purchase. Thanks so much.

Stock: 11142

Excellent facilities at MHS. It's nice to be provided with a loaner car and to be able to stay here with former motorhome and new coach positioned side by side to transfer the belongings. The Forest River Berkshire has more options than other manufacturers. Mitch was very easy and pleasant to work with and Arturo Rodriguez was awesome. He was very patient and knowledgeable during the final walk through of our new Berkshire. MHS had the right brand, and a good price on the new coach.

Stock: 11179

Ted and Arturo both did a good job at selling and walking us through our new Berkshire. 5 stars. Good service at MHS!

Stock: 11129

Excellent pricing. Excellent selection. Great service. Rodney and Mat were great to work with. Ended up buying a Forest River Berkshire and particularly like the bunk model and diesel features. Will refer friends and family to MHSRV.

Purchased a Forest River Berkshire which has large sleeping capacity, a great refrigerator location, and we really like the cabinetry in the coach. We went to MHS because they have an excellent selection of RVs and good pricing. Timmy was easy to work with and Arturo did a very thorough job walking us through our new coach. The overnight stay in our new coach on MHS premises was an excellent experience for a first time buyer.

The quality of the workmanship, the slides, furnishings, and water manifold system are some of our favorite features of our new RV. We purchased the Berkshire from MHSRV mainly because of the convenience, selection, prices, and service. Brian and Matt were both very good to work with. The walk through process was very useful. Good sales experience at MHS.

Went with MHSRV becuase of their pricing and their willingness to let us take our time. We asked a ton of questions and Ted was excellent. We really like the kitchen and the standard features that are included in our new unit. Arturo did an excellent job walking us through the new coach. Very low pressure at MHSRV. It was a smooth process and they are very thoughtful.

Excellent service, prices and coaches. Brian in sales was low pressure and pleasant to work with. We purchased the Berkshire XL and really like everything about it. 5 stars!

Ted & Arturo are excellent. MHS has excellent, quality RVs and pricing. 5 star service.

5 star rating for MHSRV. They have the best prices, and a very large selection of RVs. The bunks and diesel engine are 2 of our favorite features on the Forest River Berkshire. Jordan made things easy when purchasing and Lee did an excellent job walking us through the new coach. Service and selection at MSHRV is perfect.

Went with MHS mostly because of price and they don't have a dealer prep charge. They have the best pricing and best coaches. JD and Matt are very knowledgeable. Best service! Great experience even in the rain!!! Will absolutely recommend MHS to friends and family.

Thank you! It was a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you for the direct TV upgrade. Thank you for doing a thorough but speedy experience. I shall name my 2 pillows Billy & Steve. You two and the whole crew are awesome. It was almost like the whole state of Texas was helping us. You had the coach we wanted (Forest River Berkshire) and we really like the spaciousness when all the slides are out. Thank you again!

Purchased a Berkshire RV from Motor Home Specialist because of their location, no sales pressure and my boys. MHS has competitive pricing and 5+ quality RVs. We had a fantastic time researching and buying from you all. My four boys love the RV. It has everything we wanted on the coach.

Ted is a great person to do business with. He helped sell us the Forest River Berkshire, and out of all the options this RV has to offer, we really like the air ride and diesel engine. Great pricing and selection here at MHSRV. Yes, will refer friends and family!!

The sales interaction at MHS is smooth and easy, just like our rep Brandon. Michael was also very informative during our final walk through. I really like the bath and half and bunk beds in the Berkshire and found the youtube video of my coach to be very beneficial. MHS has the best pricing I've found. Terrific service! I appreciate your professionalism Motorhome Specialist!

MHSRV is our RV dealer for life! We've had prior experience with this dealership and they offer outstanding prices and RVs. We purchased a new Forest River Berkshire and loved the tile floor, bunk beds and fireplace. Mitch and Michael made things smooth and were very informative. 5 stars MHSRV!

We got the coach that we wanted at a great price and a fair trade-in! What we liked most about the Berkshire was the bunk beds. The great prices at MHS was one of our driving reasons for purchasing with them. was also a big help when deciding to make our purchase. Mitch was a good salesman and provided an easy sales process. Lee was very informative when showing us our motorhome during the final walk through. The quality of service at Motor Home Specialist was above and beyond.

I would give Motor Home Specialist 5 plus stars. They have the best selection of RVs with fantastic prices, which is why we decided to buy from them. Their motor homes are very, very nice. We liked the Berkshire's floor plan and the many options it had to offer. "Buck" Buckner was an awesome salesman and Stephen did a better than better job at showing us the RV. We would definitely recommend MHS to family and friends. Their staff are all very friendly and helpful.

Billy and Brandy made our experience quite personal. They gave us a great deal of their time. MHS will have all of our future business and we will be spreading the news!

We drove 17 hours from North Carolina and we are certainly impressed with our service, the pricing and selection of choices. We will tell other and will be sure to come back in the future.

Everything was great. The best thing was providing a low price upfront. We were given very good service the whole time which is why we are giving Motor Home Specialist 5 Stars.

The low prices and large variety of product made us decide to come from Montana to buy from MHSRV. We received friendly quality of service from the smooth sales process to the well-oiled financing experience. Everything was great and more importantly as advertised.

I liked the bunks, engine size and paint job on my Berkshire and Motor Home Specialist had the lowest price I could find anywhere. Jordan was a no pressure salesman and made my sales process easy. MHSRV is 5 stars all around.

We received great service from you guys. Boyd was very easy to deal with while the finance staff was very friendly and so helpful. Brandon was just wonderful and was very patient with our walk-through. It was a very long drive to get here but well worth it. We enjoyed our stay with you.

MHSRV is 5+ Stars. The main reason we decided on MHS was the price, Billy!! & the Fantastically Friendly Staff. The prices at MHSRV are the best available anywhere. The quality of the RV is excellent and what I liked most about it was the washer/dryer, kitchen, fridge and it's roomy! The sale process with Billy was very efficient and easy. The closing and finance was awesome and Steve was very thorough during the walk-through. There is none better when it comes to quality of service. Billy has become a great friend and has been extremely helpful. The service department has gone above and beyond. We wouldn't go anywhere else!

Your advertising says it all... People, Product, Price.

Jordan and Stephen were great and the prices at MHSRV are the lowest.

MHSRV is 5 star.

We really appreciated the no hassle sales & easy finance process. The prices are excellent! The quality is superior!! The sales process with Buck was awesome! Our walk-through man Arturo was amazing! 5-Stars, Fantastic! Top Notch! Great experience!

Thanks to all, one of the best businesses I have done business with. Very easy.

The prices at MHSRV are fantastic.

I was recommended to MHS by a friend. The buying experience was great.

Jimmy our sales representative was great in making us satisfied with a smile. We will definitely recommend Motor Home Specialist to family and friends. Everyone @ MHS were great.

The main reasons we decided to purchase from MHS were the large selection, price and option to stay the night in new motorhome before leaving. The prices are the best we have seen. The sales process with Rodney Melton was perfect. Very pleased with the quality of service. Appreciated the pick-up from the airport!! :)

You made buying a RV easy!