Stock: 17726A

MHSRV has very competitive prices and great, quality coaches. Don made for a smooth sales experience. Very informative staff at MHSRV and it was a pleasure dealing with everyone!!

Stock: 18514

Your website was the best! I purchased an Entegra Cornerstone and love the recliners, vega touch, heated and cooled seas and the interior. Pricing and quality of RVs are both very good. Brandon made things simple. Lee was very thorough during the walk through. Will absolutely send friends and family here for their RV needs.

Stock: 15155

Ted Eaton was easy to work with. The service here was top notch and they have fair prices and a great selection of RVs. Additionally, I like that you post sale prices on the website. No pressure to buy additional insurance or other items at closing.

Stock: 17725

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist! Great prices, a great selection of quality inventory, great overall service! Oscar and Arturo were both great to work with. I found the pictures and videos online to be very helpful when making my decision to purchase here. When we get ready to upgrade, we will be back. Thank you all.

Stock: 16272

We are so excited about our brand new 2018 Entegra Cornerstone. The process of buying this RV deserves a 5 star rating. Jordan and Lee were both excellent to work with. I definitely recommend this place!

Stock: 15474

Overall, an excellent experience. Carl made our sales process easy and the closing experience painless. Lee was very thorough during the walk-through.

Stock: 15157

We found you online that my wife discovered. Everyone seems to really care about the good service. You have fair prices and excellent coaches. Lonnie Roselle made the sales experience excellent. Excellent service. Thank you.

Stock: 16274

Motor Home Specialists is the only Integra dealer in Texas, and dealer location is great for service. They have great prices, and very good motorhomes. I purchased an Integra Cornerstone really like the 600HP engine, interior color, theatre seating, king bed, and 2 year warranty. Carl in sales was very easy to work with and straight forward. Matt also did a great job. Great experience! Everyone was nice, and very helpful - Carl, Don, Mat, and Matt. Thanks MHSRV.

Stock: 16271

Visited MHS for a trade in. Good prices here at Motor Home Specialist. They have a good lineup of quality coaches and great service. Sales with Calvin Lockwood were great along with the walk through with Lee. 5 stars across the board.

Stock: 16373

We really like the MHS website pictures, which helped in choosing MHS as our preferred motorhome dealership. Also, they offer good prices, quality RVs, and great overall service. We ended up purchasing an Entegra Cornerstone and mostly like the high quality for a good price, the technology, interior lighting, and the paint job. Lee was details, thorough and he took the time to answer all our questions and walked us through all the features of our new RV. We really liked Lee’s service. He was very patient with us. Curtis did our closing and was very nice and pleasant to deal with, which made our closing easy. We will definitely be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15473

5 stars for the excellent service and friendliness! I have purchased from Motor Home Specialist before and really like their excellent inventory. They offer competitive prices and good, quality service. JD Moore in sales is easy to work with, friendly and very knowledgable. The finance portion of the sale was easy and they were able to walk through the entire process quickly; it was a good experience. The walk through with Matt was very thorough; he was awesome! I purchased a Diesel Pusher Entegra Cornerstone this time and mostly like the 600HP motor, luxury feel, and the larger bathrooms. Great service, super friendly, excellent experience here at Motor Home Specialist. JD was an absolute gentlemen - love him! Will recommend him to all our friends and family!

Stock: 13135

5 stars for MHSRV! Good prices, a great selection, and great service. I purchased an Entegra Cornerstone from Jimmy Campana who did a great job throughout the sales process. Lee did a great walk through for me as well. I really like the floor plan in my new RV.

Stock: 15895

I give MHSRV a 5 star rating! It was recommended to me that we shop here. The prices are very good with quality RVs. I purchased a 2018 Entegra Cornerstone and like everything about the new coach. Jordan in sales did a good job and Lee performed a good walk through. Friendly people at this business and very good service.

Stock: 15156

The best priced motor homes at Motor Home Specialist. They have an excellent selection of quality coaches. I especially like the quality of construction of my new Entegra Coach. Brandon was excellent doing business with and delivered a good walk-through of the new RV. Excellent service overall.

Stock: 15161

MHSRV has the best prices! Brian in sales was great. Lee did a great walk through. We received great service at Motor Home Specialist and will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 15791

Because of pricing. Purchased an Entegra Cornerstone and really like the 600 HP and it's all electric. Kris made things easy and Lee was fun to work with. Received high quality of service from MHS. Will recommend them to friends and family.

Stock: 13133

Chose this dealership primarily because of the people and price. The sales interaction with Brandon was great. Lee also did a great job during the walk thru. I stayed overnight and they give you a loaner car to go shop and eat out.

Stock: 13314

chose to do business with MHS because of their excellent selection. Pricing is here is excellent along with their excellent service. Kris was pleasant to work with and Matt did an excellent job at the walk thru. 5 star rating for MHS.

Stock: 15355

Our friends recommend that we come to Motor Home Specialist. They have friendly sales people, great inventory, convenient location and very competitive prices. Worked with Jimmy in sales and he was very friendly and did an excellent job!! We purchased a Cornerstone and really like the washer/dryer, vega touch collision mitigation, bath and 1/2 and adaptive cruise. Lee was very informative during the final walk thru of our Cornerstone. Lee and Carlos were also great! Their pictures and detailed info on the website was also helpful. Overall the experience was great! This is our first Motor Coach. MHSRV made every effort before and after the sale to make this painless. Everyone from the receptionist, salesman, financing, and service. These folks are great!

Stock: 13526

Purchased a Cornerstone from Motor Home Specialist mostly because of the excellent price. They have an excellent selection of coaches. We really like the quality of our Cornerstone. Sales with Brandon went smoothly and the walk thru with Lee was very good. I would recommend this dealership to everyone I'm in touch with.

Stock: 15111

We were very pleased with the customer service, the financing and the walk through! Calvin was an awesome salesman and we would recommend MHS to anyone looking for an RV! Thank you!

Stock: 14043

Pleasant experience at Motor Home Specialist. Chose to do business here because of price. MHS offers good prices and good, quality RVs. The experience overall was easy with no hassle. Marty was good in sales and Lee did a good walk through of the Cornerstone RV. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 14429

Chose MHS because I'm a former customer here and I'm teated fairly. MHS offers very fair pricing and a great motorhome selection. As for the options and features in the Cornerstone - I like it all. The walk through with Lee was thorough and informative. I've bought 2 coaches from here and 2 from Lazy Days. You do business the right way. It's direct and to the point. I'd recommend your dealership over theirs anytime. A plus service received.

Stock: 14498

5 star rating for MHSRV. Good service at this company.

Stock: 14041

5 stars. Excellent overall service.

Stock: 12812

Mhs offered the best pricing that I could find and very good, quality motorhomes to choose from. Really like the quality of the Entegra Cornerstone that I purchased from Brian. Brian was courteous and helpful during the sales process. He was very responsive and on site to assist. Michael performed a final walk through of the Entegra and he was very thorough. MHS provided a car for an overnight stay, which was nice!

Easy was excellent during the sell of our new Entegra Cornerstone. Everyone has been great! Excellent service and will absolutely be a referral of MHSRV going forward.

From start to finish we were very happy with the experience. Every person treated us like we were their most important client. Awesome service! We did some research and MHS had the coach here we wanted to see. We really liked Robert!! He was very easy to work with and professional. Michael was amazing too! He performed an excellent walk through for us. We mostly like the Cornerstone's ease of driving, the floor plan, the 2 year warranty and that all the features were standard on the coach. MHSRV has very competitive prices, excellent motor homes, and 5 star service! We will absolutely be referrals.

We LOVE the Entegra Models and the quality finishes. We purchased the Cornerstone from Ted who was very good. Jamie also did a great job at showing us our new coach. LOVE THIS PLACE! MHSRV offers VERY COMPETITIVE pricing! We plan to refer our friends and family to purchase from here going forward.

MHS has a very professional and knowledgeable staff, excellent pricing and inventory. The new Entegra Cornerstone is a total package and is already loaded. We worked with both Jordan and Steve. Overall service received was 5 stars; it was excellent.

Great pricing and selection at MHS and the best sales experience. Steve did a great job at showing all the features available on the new Cornerstone. Will refer friends and family to MHSRV.

As a repeat customer of MHS, I can say the pricing and quality RVs are very good. Carl made this recent purchase a smooth experience. Michael was very thorough at walking us through the Entegra Cornerstone. Entegra did a great job with all the new options they've added since 2013.

I decided to purchase from Motor Home Specialist because of the large selection. They also have great pricing and quality RVs to chose from. Jordan was our salesman and Michael performed an informative final walk through. Overall the quality of service was great and we will definitely send friends to MHS.

The entegra cornerstone has great eye appeal and seems to be an excellent buy for the money. The quality of the RV is GRADE "A" ALL GOOD! We have already sent you business!!!

I chose to buy my Entegra Coach from MHSRV because of the brands reputation and the ease of doing business over the phone. Steve and Brandy were all great and all provided excellent service.

MHSRV has a great prices and selection. Jordan was our salesman and he was very professional while making our sales process smooth. We would recommend MHSRV to our family and friends for sure!

We experienced a long delivery/pick up period (7-8 days) due to misfortune & weather but Steve worked with us until everything was resolved. He was very informative, patient, and concerned with our comfort with our new Cornerstone. Motor Home Specialist accommodated all our needs and overall gave us a very good quality of service the whole way through. We will definitely recommend you to others.

Everything about Motor Home Specialist is excellent from the price, sales process, financing, and walk-through process. MHSRV gets 5 stars.

Smooth transaction! Lance was great and the financing team was quick. Brandon gave us a perfect walk-through and everyone gave us excellent quality of service.

We bought from MHSRV because they have the best prices and a huge selection. We love all the features on our Entegra Cornerstone and Carl stuck with us during our 10 month sales process. Yes we will be recommending MHSRV to our friends!

Michael Reardon made the sales process painless and the very competitive internet price is what made me buy from them. We received an excellent and very thorough walk through from Steve as well. Thank you guy for a GREAT experience!

Within a year I bought two Entegra Coaches from MHSRV- Lance and both experiences were great! The competitive prices, availability and customer service are excellent and because of those I have sent 3 sets of people that bought from MHSRV.

I bought from MHS because of the great price and product. The Cornerstone had great quality and I liked all the extras. The entire experience was wonderful.

We chose to buy from MHSRV because they made our trade easy and they had what we wanted at a good price. Mitch made our entire sales process easy and we were given a very thorough walk-through by Steve.

We bought our Cornerstone from MHSRV because of the great price and selection. The sales process was simple and easy and Mr. Ewing did a really great job with the walk-through process.

Every one from our salesman Robert E. to the financing team made MHSRV 5 Star.

Your website was very helpful. Jimmy/Steve/Sesty were all great to work with; knowledgeable, forthright and very professional.

MHS was recommended to us by a friend. The prices, quality and service were all very good and the walk-through with Steve Ewing was outstanding.

The prices and quality are great. From 1 to 5 stars? 5

The finance, closing & walkthrough with Brandon were all super great. MHSRV is 5 star.