Stock: 2150C

5 stars for MHS! They have a great selection of coaches on their lot. We love the Entegra quality, fit and finish of our new unit. Brandon and Mark made the transition easy and seamless.

Stock: 18523

The main reasons for doing business here is because of their pricing (the best I could find) and their excellent selection of coaches. I really like the seating and layout of my new RV. Rodney and Juan were both excellent and I really found the walk through videos beneficial. Everyone was very patient throughout the entire process.

Stock: 16280

We were able to find a model available here at MHS of our new 2018 Entegra Aspire. We loved the exterior paint job and the layout of this RV is amazing. Billy and Mark were very attentive to us during the sales and closing process making this an easy purchase. Lee was very thorough and professional while giving us the walk-through. MHS offers top of the line service. Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase a motorhome.

Stock: 16276

Thank you for your patience and the back and forth. We loved the experience with Jimmy and Bill. They did a great job. Thank you again!

Stock: C2041

We got our 2016 Entegra Aspire 44B with help from Marty directing out search. All options that our RV were great. Marty and Billy were wonderful to work with from beginning to end. We absolutely recommend MHS!

Stock: 16282

We were very impressed from start to finish with every aspect of buying from MHSRV. You go above and beyond of what we expected – top notch!

Stock: 15430

Everyone we met were very nice, friendly and very helpful. Brandon and Lee were both very smooth and informative. Thanks, 5 stars!

Stock: 16285

5 stars for MHS! We bought the 2018 Entegra Aspire 44W because of the good deal and value great customer service. Brandon and Arturo were great to work with. All around good experience.

Stock: 16289

My friend recommended Motor Home Specialist to me. The best prices is what sold me. Ted and Arturo were both made the buying process great.

Stock: 16231

We bought a new Entegra Aspire from Motor Home Specialist and worked with Steven. What I liked most about the Aspire was the front independent suspension this vehicle offered. We chose to purchase from MHS because they the best prices and quality. Everyone we dealt with was pleasant and did an excellent job!

Stock: 16287

I was referred to MHSRV from a friend. I really like the big inventory at MHSRV and their very competitive low prices. Working with Justin throughout the sales process was very easy. I purchased an Integra Aspire and really like the styling, flooring, and floorplan. Mat did a very thorough walk-through. I also really found the MHSRV website to be very helpful. I will definitely be a referral of this company.

Stock: 15431

I have purchased here before and was pleased. Prices are better than others, and they an excellent selection of motorhomes to choose from. The sales experience with Jimmy was very easy and Arturo was very thorough thru the walk-thorough. Great service at MHSRV. Will recommend to anyone.

Stock: 16855

Ted and Mark were both amazing to work with. If I ever buy another motorhome, I will come here for sure. Prices are good, the quality of their motorhomes are good, as well as the service they provide. I give 5 stars for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 16361

Great prices & great service at MHSRV. They are highly professional and had what I wanted in stock. Jimmy in sales was quick and positive and Arturo did a great walk through of the Entegra Aspire. I really like the neatness of the lines and color scheme in the new RV. I will be a referral of Motor Home Specialist. 5 stars.

Stock: 15426

Five stars. Great prices and you had what I wanted. I really like the two awnings in my Entegra Aspire. Justin made the sales experience quick and easy. Matt was also great to work with. Outstanding service at MHS. I will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 15429

Justin, Mark, and Lee were all excellent! I am a repeat buyer of MHS and this was an easy deal. MHS has good prices, good RVs, and excellent service. I purchased an Entegra Aspire motorhome and really like the heated floors, bunks, and bath and a half.

Stock: 13360

We found MHSRV to provide an excellent facility with extensive inventory paired with knowledgeable, professional, experienced staff who are very responsive to requests and needs. And, the lunch was awesome! :0) Thanks for taking such great care of us... Prices here are very competitive. Jordan was efficient, excellent and informative throughout the sales experience. Arturo was also excellent, informative and efficient during the walk through procedure. We will definitely recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 15893

Chose to purchase with MHS becuase of the price and we found our dream coach! There are too many great features and options to list in the Aspire. Justin was friendly to work with and Steve was very thorough. Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15352

Motor Home Specialist had just what we were looking for. Good prices and excellent RVs at Motor Home Specialist. We like all the features and options in the Aspire - it fits us perfectly. Justin was excellent to work with and Joe did an excellent walk through. Everyone here is very nice, we appreciated all the help!

Stock: 15030

I am a return customer. You have great prices, a great line up of quality RVs, and great customer service. Worked with Lonnie and Mat this time. Both were great. 5 star rating.

Stock: 13144

Excellent purchase price here. 5 star rating for MHSRV. The Entegra Aspire has great standard options. Purchased from Calvin who made the sales process very smooth. Arturo was very informative during the walk thru. Will refer MHSRV to friends and family.

Stock: 13150

The service department has all been very helpful at Motor Home Specialist. Billy Fussell made the financing easy and Ted was very helpful during our experience. Great prices at MHS. Purchased an Entegra Aspire and really like the luxury of the coach.

Stock: 13357

FIVE STARS!! Our biggest reasons for deciding to purchase with Motor Home Specialist is because of their prices, which are pretty dog gone good, and becuase of their willingness to work with us. MHS has superb, quality RVs and excellent service!! We purchase an Entegra Aspire from Buck and we love that the RV is brand - spanking new!! We also really like the dishwasher, heated floors, king bed, track lighting, and everything else on the coach. The sales process was seamless and problem-free. Even the finance portion of the interaction was swift yet thorough; it was great! Michael did an excellent walk-thru of our new coach. Additionally, Buck was super. Actually everyone was, but Buck took a ton of time to show us around, feed us, show pics of his new grandson, Eli, and answered all of our questions. Mark was friendly and very professional as well. We will absolutely refer friends and family to Motor Home Specialist - we already have!

Stock: 15382

MHS has a coach I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. Excellent prices here and an excellent selection of quality RVs. I really like the 4 slides in the Entegra Aspire. JD Moore was my sales person. He was easy to work with, laid back, attentive and honest. Arturo performed an excellent walk through of the Entegra. From start to finish, this was the best RV buying experience I have ever encountered. I've been an RV owner for over 20 years. I'll be sure to tell everyone about MHS. Excellent overall service here.

Stock: 13149

Chose MHS because of the coaches pricing and the sales contact through the internet. Excellent selection and excellent prices here at MHSRV. The Entegra Aspire's finishes are tasteful and we really like the spartan chassis. Ted, our sales person, made good contact through email and offered quick responses. Stephan was also helpful and informative during the final walk through of the Entegra Aspire coach. Will be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 14046

Main reason for choosing MHS is because of the good prices they offer. Received super service from MHS during the experience. Jordan was fantastic to work with. Ended up purchasing an Aspire and like everything about the new unit. Arturo performed a walk through of the RV and did a good job as well.

Stock: 14044

It was their inventory and price that drove us to buy from MHS. Purchased an Entegra Aspire and really like the floor plan and chassis of the RV. Ted Eaten was the sales rep, which he made for a good sales experience. Billy did a great walk through of the Aspire. MHS was all around professional. Great service.

Stock: 14008

MHS had what I wanted for a good price. Purchased an Entegra Aspire and very much like the hydronic heating. I worked with Jordan Buckley who was very professional. During the financing/closing experience, the rep explained everything well. Lee was very knowledgeable and informative during my final walk through of the Aspire. Excellent service received at MHSRV.

Stock: 1894

Chose MHS b/c they had the unit we wanted, which was an Entegra Aspire. We like everything about the Aspire. Marty Hunt was easy to doing business with. Collin did an excellent job walking us through our RV. The experience here was quick and easy.

Stock: 13147

Selection & service, the fair prices, and the dealership is done well. Went with a 2017 Entegra Aspire becuase of the company reputation, it's well made, has a good floor plan, and it comes with a 2 year warranty (even though we're getting additional). Carl was not stressful during the sales process and made things run smoothly. Finance portion of our experience was easy. Lee was awesome! He performed an informative and long walk through for us. Will definitely recommend MHS to friends and family. Excellent overall service received from MHS.

Stock: 13316

MHS has high end available inventory at competitive prices. They have a knowledgeable sales staff and no pressure. The sales experience was simple. I did business with Brian and Steven who did a detailed job at walking me through the new Aspire. Top notch service received from this dealership. From the initial inquiry to the delivery, the process was easy and hassle free.

Stock: 13531

MHS has a high quality selection of motor homes. Sales with Mitch was a painless experience. Ended up buying an Entegra Aspire and out of all its features, the dishwasher and heated floor may be some of our favorites. Lee performed a thorough walk through. Overall, 5 star rating for MHS. Excellent service here.

Stock: 13317

The Entegra price and the salesman we worked with were reasons why we decided to purchase with MHS. Also, your website was helpful with deciding to do business here. Carl offered low pressure during sales and we nice throughout the process. Arturo performed a good walk through of our new Entegra. The color and layout of the Entegra are two of our favorite features of the new RV. Very good prices and quality RVs at MHSRV.

Stock: 12200

Motor Home Specialist has the best price and what we wanted and they have great service. Their selection of RVs is top of the line and you can't beat their pricing. Efficient and pleasant experience. :) We like everything about our new Entegra Aspire.

Great pricing & selection. Brandon was great to work with. 5 stars for MHSRV.

We purchased the Entegra Aspire, Diesel Pusher from Motor Home Specialist. We like so many features, but the floor plan and quality of the interior on the Aspire are some of our favorites of the new coach. Brain and Steve were both excellent to work with. The finance and closing experience was also excellent. Fair prices and an excellent selection of coaches at MHSRV. We've already referred another family to buy from you!

MHS had the RV we wanted in stock. The spartan chassis, color of the RV and the 2 bathrooms are some of our favorite features of our new Aspire. Carl and Lee are great! Very pleasant from the first phone call until the final papers! Thank you!

Good pricing and excellent RV selection at MHS. 5 star rating. There's no pressure and it was an easy sales experience with Justin. Financing was quick / painless / good.

Jimmy is awesome! He is one of the reasons we purchased with MHS. Him and there's no haggle and great, 5 star service! Michael Stephens was fantastic to work with as well. He performed our walk through. Ended up purchasing the Aspire and really like the keyless entry and 2 bathrooms of this coach. We've already referred friends and family to shop here. Very happy. Will be back!

Excellent service here! Calvin was excellent in selling us the Entegra Aspire, which we liked the construction, ride, cabinetry and overall quality of the RV. MHSRV has very reasonable prices and quality coaches.

The quality of RVs at Motor Home Specialist are first class. Purchased the Entegra Aspire, which is luxurious. It was an enjoyable experience from our sales person Mitch, to Jamie, to our finance officer Don.

Calvin did an excellent job in sales. The inventory at Motor Home Specialist is excellent, which is the main reason we purchased from here. Reasonable pricing and excellent service. Steve was also informative during the final walk through of our new quality Aspire. Will definitely refer friends and family to MHSRV.

Brandon ad Lee did an excellent job! 5 - star all the way. The website helped us because of all the photos, floor plans, write-ups on each coach. We will be back and will recommend to all family and friends.

Best experience ever! The lighted countertop and central vacuum system is great on the Aspire. MHS offers excellent pricing which is the one of the main reasons for purchasing with them. Brian K. and Brandon were both excellent. I will continue to refer friends to Motor home specialist.

The walk through process was thorough and informative. The quality of service we received was excellent. MHSRV is the BEST.

This is our 3rd Coach from MHS. The people are great, knowledgeable, and not pushy.

Thank you for making our buying experience a very pleasant and easy one! This is the first time that we have made a large purchase over the internet and needless to say we were apprehensive. But, when we met you, met other purchasers from all over the country, and saw the Aspire all of our apprehension was gone. We were very impressed with the hospitality and service provided by you and everyone at MHSRV. Everyone that we met was very nice and more than willing to assist us with becoming acquainted with our new coach and answering our questions. We are very glad that we were able to stay on the premises until we were comfortable with the new coach.

We chose our new Aspire because of the tag axle, 450HP Cummins engine, the automatic reels and the very good price MHSRV has. Our salesman Mitch was extremely knowledgeable and made the entire process pleasant and effortless. Excellent service!!

The quality on our Entegra Aspire is top of the line. We really like the woodwork and the quality of the interior. We came in from out of state to buy from MHSRV because of their selection and they have the best prices. Keeping your prices low from the get go is the most pleasing way to buy something. Also thank you for the use of the rental car. It was very helpful to us since we were out of town.

I bought my Entegra Aspire from Motor Home Specialist because of the unbeatable price and 1st class service. Jordan made the sales process quick and painless while Steve gave me a fabulous orientation on my new Aspire. I will be recommending MHSRV to others.