Stock: 16645

Excellent prices, excellent RV selection, and excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. Of all the features in my new coach, I especially like the automation of systems and controls. The website is very helpful when trying to make a decision. Thanks for the excellent service!! Thanks John Powell & Chris, the prep-worker — the walk through was excellent!

Stock: 19053

Excellent customer service from everyone we met and great inventory at MHS. Great prices and an excellent selection of quality motorhomes. The sales process with John was excellent and Roy did an excellent walk through. We will definitely recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 15200

The service at MHSRV is excellent. Collin was straight forward and easy to work with throughout the entire buying experience.

Stock: 16653

We appreciate all the hard work Billy did to make our deal and to get us prepped and ready to go. Billy was very helpful and our closing and financing experience is he whole reason we purchased here.

Stock: 15199

I felt I was treated fairly and honestly by the MHS folks. Some dealerships feel shady but not MHS. Jimmy was patient and thorough while making the closing process painless. Chris was excellent through the walk-through as well. Thanks!

Stock: 17430

Motorhome Specialists had the coach we were looking for. They offer excellent prices, excellent of selection of quality coaches, and excellent service. Brian Kelley made for a smooth and easy sales experience. Steven Rogers did a complete walk-through on our new coach. We even found the MHSRV web page to be very beneficial. Thanks to everyone helping make a dream come true.

Stock: 15205

Great experience! Staven gave us an excellent education. He is a good guy…patient, knowledgeable and very thorough. Billie explained all financing options. I mainly did business with MHSRV because of their good prices, amenities, and good selection. They have some good people here.

Stock: 16688

We previously purchased from here and had a great experience. MHS offers fair prices and excellent coaches. This time we purchased a Thor Miramar and we are big fans of the floor plan, rapid camp remote, and Direct V antenna. Mitch Bennett in sales was excellent. Don in finance was great to work with as well. I can’t recall the rep who performed the walk through (i believe is was Collin). He did an excellent job walking us through all the options and features in our new coach. I also love the MHS website, which has great pics and descriptions. I will absolutely recommend MHS to family and friends.

Stock: 14675

I purchased a Thor Miramar from Motor Home Specialist mainly because of the fantastic price. They have a great selection of RVs and great overall service. I really like the bunks and 2 baths in the new Miramar. Calvin in sales was very professional and courteous. The finance portion of the interaction went smoothly, and Stephen did a detailed walk through of the Miramar. Great service at this business. Will absolutely be a referral!!!

Stock: 14679

Purchased a Thor Miramar and really like the outdoor kitchen, king bed and inside kitchen. Curtis was great in sales. We would recommend him and Billy to all our family and friends. Omar did a great walk through as well. The MHS website was also really helpful. 5 stars.

Stock: 13962

Pricing is the main reason for purchasing from MHS. Prices here are great. Additionally, they offer a perfect selection of quality coaches. Curtis and Omar were great to work with. 5 stars.

Stock: 14677

Main reason for deciding to purchase from MHS was because of their prices. Kris was great to work with and the website was also helpful. I'll be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 13963

MHS has great prices, better than any seen online or in real life. They have an excellent lineup of quality coaches. They also have excellent service. Brian made the buying process painless. I purchased a Thor Miramar and really like the ext kitchen, fireplace and w/d. 5 stars for MHS. Will refer friends and family.

Stock: 13961

It was the price, financing, availability and quality people at Motor Home Specialist which prompted my decision to buy from them. Their prices are hands down the "best" and they have an excellent selection of quality motorhomes to choose from. I ended up purchasing a Thor and really like the modern open floor plan of the RV, the stadium seating, king bed, and split bathroom. Buck was excellent throughout the sales experience. Even the finance and closing experience was excellent. I am one happy customer!

Stock: 13965

Very good prices and very good products at MHS, which is why I did business here, and I really like the space, storage and extras in my new Miramar. JD Moore was my salesman. He was very nice and treated me with respect. Thank you JD and Billy.

Stock: 14676

good prices. good selection. good service. Worked with Marty and Steve who were both good. 5 stars overall.

Stock: 13008

MHS had a great inventory to choose from. Excellent prices and excellent RVs. Purchased a Thor Miramar and especially like the recliners and all around it's a very roomy motorhome. Excellent service at MHSRV. Will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 14112

Chose MHS as our motorhome dealership becuase of their great selection, awesome service, and great prices. Calvin was awesome to work with. Stephen did the walk through of the new Miramar, which was also awesome. 5 stars for MHSRV. On a separate note, really like the ease of use of their website and the quality photos.

Stock: 14113

Purchased w/ MHS because of price and availability. Prices here are the best I've found. The Thor Miramar has 2 full baths, class A pricing, and great cabinetry which I really like. Mitch, Mark and Bryson were great! Thank you.

Stock: 13005

MHSRV has great prices and the best service! And they have a top notch, quality RV selection. Purchased a Thor Miramar from Jordan who did a great job! It was the best closing experience ever. Bryson who is very knowledgeable performed our final walk through. Will absolutely send friends and family here!

Stock: 13013

Market discount 34%. Very good prices and good quality motor homes at MHSRV. Purchased a Thor Miramar and especially like the floor plan and safety features. Marty was excellent to do business with and Stephen did a very good job walking us through the new coach. Very professional at MHSRV.

Stock: 13015

It was because of the very competitive pricing and good selection at MHS, which is why we decided to do business here. Great overall service received. Billy was great. Really like the bath and 1/2 in the new coach.

Stock: 12579

Excellent price and selection. Great sales process with Easy and a great walk through with Arturo. It was so easy at MHS! Everyone was great! Really like the hotel pickup, orientation, car, and knowledge provided to us. Great service.

Stock: 10249

The best pricing I found was at MHS. They have a top quality RV selection. Calvin was very courteous and knowledgable. The finance experience was very cooperative. Stephen did the walk through of the RV and was very informative. Top notch service received during my experience. A few additions - they offered a convenient airport pick up, and overall were easy to deal with. Very happy with the experience. 5 star rating.

Stock: 12622

Pretty awesome place! Flew in from Florida, and we were picked up by a great guy, Charlie! On time, very professional - set the stage for a seamless day. Interactions with all staff was extremely professional. Worked with Calvin who made the sales process seamless and professional. Mike and Chris were very patient and professional during the final walk through. We purchased a Thor Miramar. The color paint, interior colors, style of the RV and the bunk beds are some of our most favorable features of the new coach. The service and delivery of information in a timely, professional manner are the main reasons we ended up doing business here. Great job MHS team, across the board. First time buyer - long term customer!

Stock: 12814

We are so excited about our "new home away from home!" Buck's customer service was excellent which made a huge difference when doing business from North Carolina. He, and all the staff we came in contact with were very professional, kind and courteous! Lee was also professional during the walk-through process. We ended up purchasing the Miramar and really love the floor plan, dark wood, and the overall size of the RV. Excellent service here at Motor Home Specialist. We will definitely be referrals of this business.

Stock: 11814

Thank you so much for a pleasurable experience in purchasing our new motor home! Your pricing is the best of any and you have an excellent selection of motorhomes. We wanted to upgrade to a larger class A and the Thor Miramar works great for us. We mostly love the fireplace heater, outdoor kitchen and large shower of this new RV. Kris and Lee, you were both excellent to work with. Will refer our friends and family.

5 star rating for MHSRVS. They had the biggest selection and best prices. Pricing here is extremely competitive with a great lineup of quality RVs. We especially like the theatre seats and king size bed in our new Thor Miramar. Ted was easy to work with. The finance / closing experience went smoothly as well. Michael was extremely through during the walk through. Excellent service at MHSRV; will absolutely be referrals.

We liked the freedom to look at RVs without sales presence. The sales rep was available whenever we needed them and offered excellent assistance. The 22" wheels, king size bed, and larger shower in the Thor Miramar are some of our favorite features of the new coach. We chose to do business with MHS because of the quality for the dollar spent. We also had a good recommendation. They have excellent prices and a great selection at MHSRV. We will absolutely be referrals.

We were pleased with the service at Motor Home Specialist. Jordan is exceptional when it comes to knowing any and everything about the RV. We ended up purchasing a Thor Miramar and really like the flooring, outside kitchen, 3 TV's, and king bed. 5 star rating for MHSRV. Very good service and will recommend them to our friends and family.

Went with MHS b/c of the number of units to choose from. Great pricing, great selection of quality coaches. Sales w/ Justin was the best. Collin also did a great job at the walk through. Best ever service at MHS. Great people and an easy experience.

Our entire experience has been great! From our first conversation with Robert to signing our paperwork. The bunkhouse, king bed, drop down electric bed, and no carpet option in the new Thor MIramar are some of our most favorable features. Thanks for you honesty and accommodations MHS! Excellent service overall! We will absolutely be referrals.

5 star rating for mshrv. They have very good pricing and very good motor homes. Calvin made things easy and the finance dept was very helpful. Colin also did a good job walking us through our new RV. Also, the website was very beneficial with making our decision to buy from mhsrv.

We purchased the Thor Miramar from Carl at MHS. We really liked the floor space and paint of this RV. Carl and Bryson were great to work with.

Very friendly & easily available. Calvin is excellent!

We will tell everyone we know who has an RV about the great experience. What an unbelievable place to come do business. You found the vehicle we wanted and it was easy to work with you. Good pricing and great RVs. Liked many features of the Miramar, mostly the king bed and outdoor kitchen. Marty was easy to work with and Collin did a very good job walking us through our motor home.

I give a 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. Prices there are excellent, along with the RV selection. I really liked the Thor product in general and purchased the Miramar. Barndon did an excellent job selling this vehicle. The video with the complete walk through of the coach was also very beneficial when deciding to purchase. Excellent service overall at MHS.

Thanks for everything! We were happy to know you had the Miramar in stock. You offer great prices and a SUPER RV selection. We like the washer & dryer most about the Thor Miramar motorcoach. Jordan was outstanding and did a great job. Michael was also super and informative. A+ service at Motor Home Specialist. Thanks for everything!

We felt that Motor Home Specialist was professional at every level. Their prices are fair and the sales process was excellent. Brandon did an excellent job showing us all the features of our new motorhome. Out of all the features, I would say we love the king bed the most. We also like the electronics and auto levelers. We would recommend MHSRV to our family and friends.

The huge selection, customer reviews, and competitive prices is why we purchased from MHSRV. The prices were the best we found. The sales process was very smooth with no pressure. The features we like most on our Miramar is the outdoor kitchen, interior & exterior storage, king bed, Overhead bunks, and huge dinette and sofa. We really liked that we could browse your sales lot on our own by a golf cart you provided. All your units were unlocked and powered on. Your huge selection both in models and pricing saved us a lot of time and money.

We received the best quality of service from MHS. EVERYONE WAS AWESOME - DON'T CHANGE A THING.

The customer service and price are absolutely the best of all the RV places. The Customer service is the reason we chose to purchase our RV at MHS. Our salesman Boyd was a constant communicator!!! Our sales process was unbelievably smooth, constant communication, quick responses, and positive attitudes. We would absolutely recommend MHS to our family and friends

We really liked the low-key, no pressure sales approach. It was a pleasant experience all the way around. The sales process, financing, walk-through process and overall quality of service were all excellent. MHSRV gets 5 stars from us. Thank you all very much!!

The customer service was just excellent and is ultimately what made me decide to purchase from MHS. Our Salesman was awesome and Steve game me a very thorough walk through. I will be recommending MHS to my friends.

We absolutely would recommend MHS. The prices were very fair. The quality was superior and our salesman was wonderful, low pressure & thoughtful. A wonderful experience from start to finish.

5-stars - main reason for deciding to purchase from MHS was internet and no pressure sales.

5+ stars - Fantastic customer service... knowledgeable employees, amazing experience.

Been looking for 2 years and the prices and quality at MHSRV are excellent.

MHS has great prices and super quality of service.