Stock: 18238

Five stars for MHSRV! Total satisfaction in all areas. They have a great informative website, fair pricing, excellent inventory, and great staff. What else could you ask for?! Collin was our salesman and he made things easy and fun. Roy did an excellent job as well. We will absolutely recommend MHSRV to family and friends.

Stock: 16612

From the first visit we felt comfortable. We were given the freedom to look. Once we found what we wanted, Nolan was so helpful to assist with everything we needed. Mark Henry in finance was very quick to assist and the entire process was a blessing. We are very excited for our purchase. A few options we like most about our new RV is the outdoor TV, kitchen, cab-over bunk, and safety net. Best of all, the added options were already there for us. We will absolutely tell our friends and family about Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 18980

I talked to friends who bought from you and I reviewed customer reviews on you tube. I also shopped here because of the prices and selection. I worked with Mitch in sales and it was a fantastic experience. Matt did a great walk through for me. I also really liked your website, which contributed to my purchase decision. Great quality of service at Motor Home Specialist. I will be a referral.

Stock: 17333

Well thought out on providing pleasant, friendly, trustworthy product selection. Features, sales, walk through and financial – Thank you!

Stock: 16760

I came to MHS for the location, great prices and selection. Collin was very smooth and made the closing quick. Everyone has been so friendly. I had a great experience.

Stock: 16245

Everyone has been super polite the whole way through the sales process. Brandon was wonderful, informative and fast through the sales and closing. Ivan was super thorough when he walked us through the selections. Thanks for the Coach!

Stock: 17902

I had a very good experience with MHS and already planning to purchase a new RV within 2 years with MHS.

Stock: 15618

Motor Home Specialist had great prices and all of the RV features we wanted. Marty Hunt and Arturo Rodriguez were very good at getting us through the sales and walk-through process. I would rate MHSRV 5 stars!

Stock: 15555

We purchased the 2018 Thor Four Winds RV from Brandon and Travis. We chose this one because of the gas oven, queen slide out, remote mirrors and cameras. Motor Home Specialist has great prices and selection of RVs.

Stock: 16250

The price was good, the size was perfect and just what we were looking for in a new RV. We purchased a 2018 Thor Four Winds and as I mentioned, really liked the size, price, and the looks of it. At MHSRV, they take the tie to show you everything. Calvin in sales was very good and did an excellent job. Chris also delivered an excellent walk through of our new motorhome. Everyone was wonderful. This was an excellent experience! We are very happy with our purchase! We will definitely refer our friends and family to Motor Home Specialist for all their motorhome needs.

Stock: 15551

The very reasonable prices and the friendliness of the sales staff are two main reasons why I decided to purchase with Motor Home Specialist. They have an excellent line up of quality motor homes. I purchased a Thor Four Winds unit and really like the storage and quality of the home. Marty Hunt was easy to work with and Roy performed an excellent walk through for me. Excellent service received at Motor Home Specialist. I will absolutely be a referral of this company.

Stock: 15548

I chose to purchase from Motor Home Specialist becuase of their excellent prices, quality coaches, excellent buying experience, and excellent service. The Thor Four Winds is a total package RV for the model. JD Moore and Arturo were both excellent to work with. Motor Home Specialist made it worth the while to take the leap. 5 stars.

Stock: 14804

The main reason I chose to purchase here was because of their prices, which are very good and competitive. They have an excellent lineup of quality RVs and excellent service. Rodney and Toby both made for an excellent experience. Great Dealership!

Stock: 14865

MHS has great prices and an excellent lineup of quality motorhomes. I worked with Lonnie Roselle and he did a good job during the sales portion of the interaction. Omar also did a very good job at the walk through of my Thor Four Winds. I really like the layout of my new RV. Great service overall from Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15547

Price and options at Motor Home Specialist are 2 reasons for doing business here. I like the jacks and outdoor kitchen in my new Thor Four Winds 29G. Sales w/ Justin were very good and quick and Toby did a very good walk through before our departure. Also, the MHS website was very helpful. Very good experience — first motorhome purchase. Billy and Justin were awesome!

Stock: 14862

Good service and friendly people at MHSRV. My son recommended I purchase here. Marty in sales was 100% and Arturo, who walked me through the new RV, was great. 5 stars for MHSRV. I will be a referral of this dealership.

Stock: 13727

5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. They offer the best pricing and good service. Juan did a good walk-through of my new Thor Motor Coach. JD Moore in sales was good. I'll be a referral of MHSRV.

Stock: 15554

I have always wanted a motorhome and decided to get one! Prices at MHSRV are great and their selection is better than my local dealers. I ended up purchasing a Thor Four Winds and love that they came loaded with everything. Toby did a great job at the walk through.Ted made the sales process great. He was a great sales person and helped us find the right RV that we were looking for with the right price. We drove 1400 miles instead of buying one 12 miles away. Overall, it was great service at MHSRV.

Stock: 13999

Biggest reason for choosing MHS as my motorhome dealer was because of prices, which were the best I’ve found. I especially like the 3 cameras, upgraded A/C, swivel chair and no slides in the Thor Four Winds RV. Roy did a very thorough walk through and Jordan was easy to work with from start to finish. Outstanding service at Motor Home Specialist! Will absolutely tell friends and family about you!

Stock: 13992

MHS offers a great selection of quality coaches, great prices, and great service; all of which are reasons for doing business here. Of all the options and features in the Thor Four Winds, some of my favorites are the outside kitchen, flooring, the outside TV, and the bedroom. Jordan, Collin and Roy were all great to work with during my experience at MHSRV. I will be a referral for Motor Home Specialist going forward.

Stock: 14809

It helped to be able to email back and forth with Lonnie before we came down; appreciate the frequent updates to the website to show which vehicles are no longer available; great hospitality shown to us during the whole process! It was mostly price / value / reviews of service that helped drive our decision to buy from here. They offer top quality RVs with the best available prices. We ended up getting a Thor Four Winds and especially like the slide, space, storage, 3 TV's, roomy shower and kitchen, cameras, and led awning. Lonnie was friendly, helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Great overall service. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 12976

This is an amazing place - perfect service and great prices. Carl and Billy made my decision to purchase here easy. I like everything about the Thor Four Winds. Stephen performed a perfect walk through of the new coach. I'm totally pleased in all ways!!!

Stock: 14855

They have a great selection of very good brands and very reasonable prices at Motor Home Specialist. Jordan Buckley in sales was excellent. Mat delivered an excellent walk thru. Nice experience and the staff are friendly and professional at Motor Hoe Specialist.

Stock: 14806

It was mainly their selection and price that helped drive the decision to buy from here. Really liked the ability to go thru the RV's without a salesperson, but they were readily available to answer any questions. Marty was excellent to work with throughout the sales interaction and Omar performed an excellent walk thru. I really like the slide outs, price, storage and outside kitchen in the my new Thor Four Winds.

Stock: 14800

Chose MHS because of the up front pricing, education and the ability to spend the night. Kris in sales was very easy to work with. Everything went as promised - far better experience than others I've talk to at other dealerships. I received great service overall from Motor Home Specialist. I'll absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Stock: 14849

Excellent service, excellent prices, and an excellent selection of quality coaches at Motor Home Specialist. It was mainly their prices that motivated my decision to buy from here. Carl Lewallen in sales was excellent. Roy was very thorough during the walk thru. Will recommend friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13757

We appreciate the ride from the aiprot and the use of the car. Thank you! Very nice people to deal with from sales (Marty), the walk thru (Omar) and finance. Very friendly office greeters! Good prices and a good selection of coaches at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14852

Fair prices and good, quality coaches at MHS. Purchased a Thor Four Winds and out of all its options and features, my favorites would be the location of the generator and the big shower / bathroom. David was very pleasant to work with and Bryson was informative. I received excellent service at MHS.

Stock: 13759

Main reasons for doing business with MHS is because of their prices, which are the best we have seen, and their high quality selection. Jimmy was easy to work with and Bryson delivered a thorough walk through of our Four Winds. Fantastic service at MHS and will be referrals of this business.

Stock: 14001

All in good order. Carl was very professional and Don was very thorough! Chris was very nice and Bryson, very professional! 5 STARS for MHS! There are several main reasons as to why we decided to do business here; their inventory, MHS is a family owned business and has a military owner. GREAT prices, GREAT selection, and EXCELLENT overall service! We purchased a Four Winds and really love the color, Ford Floor Layout and it offers great features. The sales process w/ Carl was easy, efficient and streamlined. Bryan did the walk through, which was very easy and understandable - what a GREAT young man! Lastly, the MHS website was excellent. Will recommend MHS to family & friends.

Stock: 14799

Chose Motor Home Specialist mostly because of their great prices & very good service. Purchased a Thor Four Winds and really like the automatic leveling and Rapid Camp features. 5 star rating for MHS.

Stock: 14811

Everyone was very polite and helpful. Smooth transaction. Prices at MHSRV are reasonable and the service was good. J.D. was good to work with in sales and Bryson did a good walk through of the new unit. Even the finance portion of the process was good and also fast! We really like the couches and tv's in our new Thor Four Winds. Thank you!

Stock: 14860

Did business here because of price / selection. Like the size of the Thor Four Winds. Worked with Buck in sales who made the process easy. Arturo performed a great walk through. Great quality of service. 5 star rating.

Stock: 13729

Went with MHS for our RV purchase because of their prices and personnel and they offer no pressure. Really like the Four Winds backup and side cameras and interior design. Marty in sales made things easy and Bryson, who walked us through our unit was very good and delivered a complete walk through of the coach.

Stock: 13466

MHSRV had the best interest rate. Good prices and good, quality RVs to chose from. The service for us was excellent. Liked the pick up from the airport. Rodney did a good job selling us the Thor Four Winds. We really like the floor plan, it was what we needed. was very helpful as well. 5 stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 10791

Main reason for purchasing from MHS is because of the online reviews. Awesome prices at MHS and wonderful RVs on site. Kris did a great job. The walk through was wonderful! Very helpful! A++ service at MHS. Very satisfied with everyone! Love the low pressure atmosphere, free lunch, pet friendly, and getting to use the golf carts to explore. Love this place!

Stock: 11521

Main reasons for choosing MHS as our RV dealership is because of their very good selection, location, and great customer services. Purchased the Four Winds and out of all its features, I especially like the space, room, and 360 camera. Jordan was easy to work with and Arturo did a very good job at the final walk through of our new RV. Great service! 5 star rating for MHS.

We would absolutely recommend Motor Home Specialist. The purchasing experience was great and the prices are excellent!