Stock: 17016A

I decided to purchase a Thor Chateau at Motor Home Specialist. They have great reviews, excellent service and the unit we wanted in inventory, which was literally everything I was looking for. This was the best experience I could have asked for! Thank you all!

Stock: 18282

As first time buyers, we really appreciate the time Brian took with us. He was excellent in the way he assisted us in purchasing our RV. We really like how our new Thor Chateau is the right size for us with storage. We especially like Motor Home Specialist’s very good pricing and how there was no salesman bugging us. Great service at MHS!

Stock: 18284

Decided to purchase at Motor Home Specialist primarily because of the price. It was the best we found and also the long distance convenience for purchasing. Really like the side mirror cameras on the Thor Chateau. Marty had very good communication throughout the sales process. The RV was easy to buy and pick up long distance. Service overall was very good at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 18285

Contacted sales person John Powell and he was very helpful to my concerns. The process was easy and informative. Steward did a great walk through for me.

Stock: 16255

The testimonials of previous customers were very helpful when deciding to purchase with Motor Home Specialist. Prices here are absolutely insane and they offer exceptional quality RVs. The whole process was absolutely fantastic. The entire staff was very courteous and friendly. The RV hook-up for the processing was the bonus for out-of-state customers. Jimmy Campana made for an exceptional, no pressure sales experience. 5 stars for MHS. I will definitely be a referral.

Stock: 18275

Our main reasons for shopping here was their quantity, selection, and fair prices. Marty in sales was efficient. The walk-thru on our new Chateau was informative. Good service overall at MHSRV.

Stock: 17613

Brian went out of the way to make us feel comfortable about the purchase by even facetiming us a walk through and answered all of our questions. We definitely was great to work with and put in the extra effort. Competitive prices, good inventory, and respectful service at MHSRV.

Stock: 16751

Since we first stopped to look, everyone would get very high marks for the way we have been treated. Customers are definitely put first here. Thanks for everything! We found your website very helpful and you offer very competitive prices and an excellent selection of quality coaches. We will absolutely recommend MHS to our family and friends.

Stock: 16623

We purchased a Thor Chateau from Motor Home Specialist and really like that it’s a diesel coach and is easy to use. The MHS website is easy to use which also made things easy for me. Marty and Mark were extremely helpful and patient with my sales process. Thanks fellas!

Stock: 18988

We chose MHS because of their very competitive prices and because of the features on the RV we wanted. We purchased a Thor Chateau and of all its options and features, we especially love the TV location in the living room, the outdoor TV and outdoor storage. David Garza was our sales person and he was very easy to work with and made the sales process painless. David and Billy were awesome! Couldn’t ask for any nicer people. Everyone we came in contact with greeted us by name and was super nice. Outstanding service received! Great staff! We found the website very helpful. It had lots of photos, videos and all information needed, especially price.

Stock: 16622

I will definitely buy here for my next need and I will recommend! :0) I ended up purchasing a Thor Chateau and I like everything about the RV. Prices at MHS are the best and they have great inventory. Carl and Juan were both great. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 19069

The sales people were helpful, courteous, and kind! Great prices and RVs at MHSRV. Brian Kelley was our salesman and he helped to make the sales process very smooth. Roy delivered a very thorough walk through of our new RV. Thank you for making this a smooth, pain-free experience.

Stock: 16745

Charlie has been very accommodating. We came home late last night because we stopped to see my grandma in McKinney who was found out to have stage 4 cancer. We were given an opener and for some reason, we couldn’t open the gate. We were terrified so I decided to call Charlie at 1 AM to ask for help. He answered the phone which I didn’t expect at all and told me he will call somebody. That comfortable feeling that made me feel cared for is so good. Then we tried again and we were able to open it. David has been so helpful. Matt here, has been awesome! Omar took time to educate us and is very knowledgeable. I felt so cared and loved in this company and thank you for this entire experience! I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

Stock: 18816

We give MHS 5 stars! We were able to find exactly what fits us. Our experience with Jordan was the main reason we decided to purchase form MHS. Jordan made the sales process very easy and the closing process was actually fun. Billy was pretty cool too! Jose was very informative during the walk-through and helped us decide that the 2014 Thor Chateau 31F was the RV for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did to make our dream come true! We are forever clients!

Stock: 17336

We came to MHS for the inventory and large selection of RVs at a great, discounted price. WE stayed for the excellent service. Ted and Martin were both very helpful, friendly and thorough. We absolutely recommend MHS to our friends.

Stock: 16606

The main reason for purchasing with Motor Home Specialist was because of price. Great service! Brandon and Omar get 5 stars for their service. Brandon was the BEST!

Stock: 17829

5 stars! Garth made the buying process excellent and the prices were great. Max also gave us a great walk-through. Outstanding service. Thank you! Very appreciated!

Stock: 16598

Staven was very patient and informative. The rest of the staff did a fantastic job teaching us what we need to know about owning our MH.

Stock: 14880

I chose to work with MHS after being recommended by a friend. MHS has the best prices that I've been able to find. Collin was easy to work with by taking care of all my needs and being quick during the closing process. Omar was great during the walk through!

Stock: 17828

The availability for overnight stay to become acquainted with motor home is very much appreciated. The help returning our rental car and use of a loaner vehicle is very convenient. Thank you Rodney!

Stock: 17377

We chose Motor Home Specialist because of their unbeatable prices! Their quality and selection of RVs is great. Brian Kelley made the sales process easy. Roy was very thorough during the walk-through. 5 stars!

Stock: 15587

Motor Home Specialist has the best prices, salesmen and availability offered. Carl Buckner was the fastest and easiest salesmen I've yet to work with. Mark was friendly, patient, and super informative about the RV selections. Everyone was great! No questions went unanswered - they treat people the way people really like to be treated. P.S. I am not an easy sale! I've been looking for a couple of years.

Stock: 15581

Mitch, Mark and Travis were very helpful and responsive to all of our questions and needs. The whole process was stress free and easy to navigate. We appreciate all of their help!

Stock: 17435

We decided to shop with MHSRV because they offered a better selection of motorhomes to choose from. Their prices are good and the quality of service we received was great! We ended up purchasing a Thor Chateau and especially like that it's a small sized RV with low mileage and in good condition. Jimmy Campana was the salesman who helped us and the overall process was easy. Omar did a great walk thru prior to us leaving. MHS has up-to-date websites and nice people. Everyone was vey helpful and friendly.

Stock: 14898

A wonderful experience purchasing our first RV. David Garza was patient, answered all our questions, and applied no pressure. Martin conducted a thorough and enjoyable walk-through. Chris Purnell was thorough and explained the finance expertly. I really like the V10 engine, compact size, and drivability of my 2018 Thor Chateau. Will absolutely recommend you to family and friends.

Stock: 16604

From the first time we came in Staven was very patient and helpful. Staven listed to our wants and what we thought we needed, and helped us make our decision from a Class A to a Class C because we wanted to downsize. Our main reason for deciding to purchase here was because of the product and personnel. The Thor Chateau offered more than we expected. We like everything about our new RV. Great service overall. 5 Stars!

Stock: 15575

It was the customer service and final, unbeatable prices at Motor Home Specialist. This was our first RV and we loved the transformable bunks. Justin Nassiff in sales was very detailed and Martin delivered a fantastic walk through for us. Service overall was the best I received, the presidential treatment! From Justin, JD, Jeremey, Billy, Martin and Mark, starting me out to the keys being placed in my hand, I feel like everyone cared about my wants, needs, and all of my family's wants and needs. Thank you! Thank you! And God Bless.

Stock: 14822

5 stars! It was mostly the selection and prices that had me purchasing at MHS. I ended up getting a Thor Chateau and really like the floor plan, RV refrigerator instead of electric only. Sales with Buck went smoothly and the walk through with Travis was great. Good service at Motor Home Specialist. The website is also very helpful.

Stock: 14821

Rodney treated us with dignity and respect. He went out of his way to treat us 1st class while purchasing an entry level RV. Don and Mark provided excellent finance service. Toby and service did a quality job on making the RV ready. Prices here are competitive and they have a variety of quality RVs from entry level to high end options. We purchased the Thor Chateau and really like the slide outs, awning and over the cab bunk. We received excellent service and will be referrals of this company.

Stock: 15584

Our main reasons for choosing Motor Home Specialist are becuase of their reviews online, excellent prices and excellent service! 5 stars! Ted in sales made for a great experience. We dealt with him a lot over the phone and he was very nice and informative. Juan did an excellent job at the final walk through. Additionally, the MHS website was very beneficial. Thank you!

Stock: 13450

My main reasons for shopping here were becuase of their price and selection. Prices are lower than most and their lineup of coaches are of high quality. Justin was excellent throughout the sales experience. Toby delivered an excellent walk through. Service at Motor Home Specialist was also excellent. i really enjoyed the walk through of the sales videos on youtube. I will be a referral of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15573

It was mostly the customer service, which was top notch, and the “no fee” pricing that convinced me to buy from Motor Home Specialist. Prices are straight forward and the quality of their coaches are great. The Thor Chateau is great for our family with room to expand. We purchased with Brian who did an excellent job and was easy to work with. The finance portion of our interaction was simple, even with kids!!! Toby was very informative during the walk through. We were hesitant about purchasing long distance, however, the experience has been perfect and all the staff provided assistance and support. We will absolutely tell our friends and family to shop MHS for their RV needs.

Stock: 14894

The main reason for doing business with Motor Home Specialist is because of the salesman, Jimmy. He was very easy to work with and took the time to explain everything. During the final walk through, Omar was very patient in explaining things as well and answered all questions. Prices at MHSRV are reasonable and they provide excellent overall service! Will absolutely be a referral of this business. And even though we live 300+ miles away, this is the best sales/service we have found!

Stock: 14878

The main reasons for choosing Motor Home Specialist as my RV dealership was becuase of their truthfulness and knowledge. Prices here are excellent along with their excellent selection of quality coaches. I worked with Carl Lewellen in sales and he did an excellent job. I purchased a Thor Chateau and really like the functions of all of the equipment and ease of use. Martin did an excellent job during the walk through portion of the sale. He was very knowledgable. I will be sure to tell all my family and friends about Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14823

5 stars for Motor Home Specialist! The biggest reason for deciding to purchase here was becuase of their awesome prices. The quality of their RVs is awesome. We purchased a 2017 Thor Chateau and especially like the storage. Jordan Buckley in sales was awesome and Martin did an awesome job walking us through the features of our new coach. Billy was awesome as well - 5 stars! We will definitely be referrals of this company!

Stock: 14881

I especially like the customer service at Motor Home Specialist and the 2018 Thor Chateau that I purchased has exactly what I wanted in an RV. Prices at MHS are reasonable, and WOW, the selection of motor homes they have is excellent. What I love most about our new RV is that my dogs have a great spot to hang out over the cab. Carl made the sales process painless. He is a saint! Arturo the great delivered a quick and informative walk through of the RV. I will absolutely refer friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14893

It was the fair prices and our salesman, Brian Kelley that helped us to chose Motor Home Specialist. Also, they have a great reputation. Toby was informative when walking me through the new coach. Excellent service overall. I will be a referral of this business.

Stock: 14875

I chose to purchase here becuase of their unbelievable prices and their people. The service overall was excellent. This was one of the best experiences I have had. You all are amazing people. Thank you so much!

Stock: 14896

The experience was very personal, professional, and they offer great pricing! Thank you! 5+ stars for this MHS! I worked with Jimmy during the sales experience and it was smooth, easy, friendly and fun. Arturo was fantastic during the walk through. I will for sure be a referral of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 16722

5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. They had the RV we wanted at a good price! We really like the wall slide, length, options and condition of the Thor Chateau we purchased. 5 stars for the walk through and for the service we received during our experience at MHSRV. Additionally, David was great! He was so helpful, informative, patient and always stayed in touch while we were checking out your RVs, eating or waiting. He represents MHSRV very well. Will definitely ask for him during our next purchase.

Stock: 14840

Thank you to Brandon and Billy for the good salesmanship and for the walk through with Martin. It was an enjoyable experience. It was well worth the flight to Texas! You have excellent prices and excellent motor homes. Service overall was top notch!

Stock: 15583

Great experience at MHSRV. It was their excellent selection and prices and there were no gimmicks, just straight forward, which is why we decided to purchase here. We purchased a Thor Chateau and really like the fully equipped back up cam and auto stability. The sales process with Brian Kelley was easy and Juan did a thorough walk through. We will be sure to refer our friends and family to Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15569

We liked the model and all of the options on the Thor Chateau at MHS. They have excellent prices and excellent quality coaches in stock. The sales experience with Ted went very well. Collin delivered a very good walk through - he was patient with us! We are very pleased with the staff and service at MHS. 5 star rating.

Stock: 14173

5 STARS! Location and selection are 2 reasons for deciding to purchase here. Their prices are the best I’ve seen on the internet. They offer GREAT quality coaches. I purchased a Thor Chateau from Jordan Buckley who was very easy to work with. I really like the W/D hookups and tow capacity in the new RV. I will absolutely refer friends to this dealership; I already have!

Stock: 14174

Very pleased with the customer service. From dealing with Jordan, Tom picking us up from the airport, JD's friendly and professional welcome, Martin’s patience and thorough walk-through to closing. Everything at MHS was straight forward. They have fair pricing and we are very pleased with the RV we selected, which fit our current needs. Jordan made for an efficient and excellent sales interaction. 5 stars for MHS.

Stock: 14884

Main reason for choosing MHS as my motorhome dealer was because of their terrific prices. Their website details were also helpful in making the decision to buy from them. The airport pick up was a nice extra. It was the easiest purchase and sales procedure ever. Collin delivered a very thorough walk through and John helped to make the sales process seamless. Awesome service at MHS. I'll be a referral of this dealership.

Stock: 14890

Love the idea of staying the night to "live" through the experience. Also it was great to have a loaner car. It was the cost and what they had, which was the ultimate driving factor for making our purchase. I ended up purchasing a Thor Chateau and especially like the bed, bathroom, and kitchen in the new RV. John Powell made the sales process pleasurable and Martin did a very good job at the walk thru of the new RV. Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist. I've already referred friends and family here.

Stock: 13720

We did business with Motor Home Specialist because it had lots of inventory. Prices at MHS are good and the service is great. We enjoyed being able to walk through many models on our own without a salesman constantly with us. It made this experience very enjoyable. Jimmy was great and easy to work with and Collin delivered a great final walk through. We will be sure to recommend you to friends and family.

Stock: 14876

Chose to do business w/ MHS becuase of the customer service and the reasonable prices. The line up of quality coaches at this dealership is awesome. I really like the overall features and the size and floor plan in my new Thor Chateau. The sales process with Jimmy was pleasant and honest. Arturo was very informative during the walk through of the new coach. I already have referred people to MHS and I will continue doing so. I can't wait to come back and purchase my upgrade!!!

Stock: 13225

Great experience all around. 5 star rating for Motor Home Specialist. Ended up getting a Thor Chateau and especially like the upgrades that seem to be standard for MHSRV. They have a very good selection of motorhomes at good prices. Omar did a very good walk thru for us and Jimmy was good to work with throughout sales. For sure will send friends and family to MHSRV.