Stock: 17015

I’m a repeat customer. I did not look at other dealers before deciding on a new purchase. I love the MHS website and they offer the best prices (below market) and an excellent lineup of RVs. Lonnie Rozelle in sales made things easy. A great walk through by Arturo – he covered all items. Excellent service overall. 5 stars!

Stock: 15984

Would come back but it will be awhile. Great place to do business. I am a return customer and came back to Motor Home Specialist because of the great customer service. Prices are better than others. I ended up purchasing a Thor Windsport and really like the space and storage. Brandon in sales made things simple. Steven was very informative during the final walk through. Again, great service overall at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 17601

The prices and quality of RVs at MHSRV are great. Rodney, you are outstanding and very helpful through the whole sales process. Roy thank you for the outstanding walk-through. A+ from start to finish!

Stock: 16680

The prices and service is the best you can find anywhere. JD and Roy were easy to work with and very informative. Love the shuttle service!

Stock: 15977

We went to MHSRV for the prices, helpfulness and friendliness from the staff. Very pleasant experience at MHSRV. I could honestly see a friend in John and Mark.

Stock: 15374

Excellent place to visit, browse and buy. Great folks all around. Best prices. Honest.

Stock: 16676

Customer Service was top notch and more extensive than any other dealership we visited - from the lunch, golf cart options, no stress/pressure to buy. Staff accessibility (available via cell), the walk-through process and the option to stay overnight to test everything. We are extremely pleased. Thanks!

Stock: 16687

I decided to purchase my RV from MHSRV because of the fantastic prices and the top of the line people. Marty gave me a no-pressure sales pitch and Travis was excellent to work with. Everyone that I have come in contact with is top notch and will recommend them to anyone.

Stock: 15981

Great price and more importantly honest pricing. Prices at MHSRV was the best we've seen. They have a large selection of top quality coaches. We worked with Buck Buckner who was easy, friendly, and honest!!! We purchased a Thor Motor Coach Windsport and really like the bunkhouse, outdoor kitchen, and the level of quality for the price. Omar did an excellent walk through for us. Thank you for the top quality service and experience. Everyone that we have spoken with has been nothing but helpful and friendly. Without a question, we will be referrals of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15377

Your crew that helps with repairs is phenomenal! They are very courteous, polite and professional. Everything we asked to be fixed was NEVER a problem. Martin, Carlos and Gabriel were exceptional. A+ service from them! They really know their stuff and gave us EXCELLENT service. This crew made our experience positive! We initially chose Motor Home Specialist because of the prices, availability and selection. Prices were the best nationwide. We purchased a Thor Windsport and really love the floor plan, wind sensor in the awning, dual a/c, rapid camp, and exhaust fan. JD was smooth and offered a no hassle approach to selling and was also very helpful. Martin delivered a very complete walk through and was kind and courteous. He is amazingly knowledgeable. We will definitely be referrals for Motor Home Specialist because of their excellent customer service. I give 5 stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 15373

Thank you so much for a pleasant experience. Great salesman (Calvin) who took a lot of time with us. Omar was awesome during the orientation walk through. Wonderful overall service, awesome prices, and an excellent selection of coaches here! The Thor Windsport has so many great features / options; I especially like the auto leveler, king bed and outdoor kitchen. I will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 13741

It was time to trade for a new one. Prices at Motor Home Specialist are good along with their overall service. Arturo did a good walk through of the new RV, Jordan in sales was easy to work with, and financing was no problem. I really like the recliners, the bed over the driver, and the bath and ½ in my new Windsport. Five star rating for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 15375

Very good prices and the reviews were good and we liked what we saw. We especially like the floor plan in our new Thor. Buck and Omar were both very good. I received excellent service at MHS and will absolutely recommend them to friends and family for their RV needs. You have good customer service and a knowledgeable staff MHS. And your website is very easy to use.

Stock: 14617

Went with Motor Home Specialist primarily because of cost. They made pricing easier up front. Jimmy in sales was quick and professional. He had a personal touch. Arturo performed the final walk thru which was good. He is an outstanding young man, very professional and answered all of my questions. Outstanding service overall at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13478

It was their extremely competitive prices that had me purchasing here. Also, the MHSRV website was beneficial. Jimmy in sals was efficient and friendly. The walk thru with Lee was educational and informative. Purchased a Thor Windsport and really like the bunks, kitchen and dual AC's. Pleasant experience from sales to closing!

Stock: 14607

So far this was the best buying experience I have had! 5 stars for Motor Home Specialist. Mainly did business here becuase of the customer service and price. Pricing here is the best I could find and their RV selection is above average. Out of all the features on the Thor Windsport my favorites are the bunk beds and outdoor kitchen. Rodney was fantastic to do business with. Overall, I couldn't ask for better service.

Stock: 13924

It was the solid selection of motorhomes, the aggressive pricing and the helpful people that drove my decision to purchase from Motor Home Specialist. I worked with Brandon who was easy to do business with and provided no pressure. Bryson did a final walk thru of my new Windsport which was informative. The quality of service overall with MHS was positive. It was a very easy process. Everyone is helpful!

Stock: 14616

Went with MHS becuase of their reputation. Prices here are the best I could find. Purchased a Thor Windsport from David Garza who was friendly. Really like the length and floor plan of the 2017 Thor Windsport. I will buy here again, and I will be sure to recommend MHS to friends and family.

Stock: 14614

The process was seamless at MHS, great prices, and a friendly staff. 5 stars. Purchased a Windsport and especially like the auto level, cameras and king size bed. John Powell was a friendly sales person and Collin was patient and did an excellent walk thru of the Windsport.

Stock: 14608

Purchased from Motor Home Specialist becuase of their good choices. Ended up purchasing a Thor Windsport and mostly like the decor, outside cooking area, LED lighting and W/D connection. Lonnie, my sales representative was good to work with. Omar performed a good final walk through of the new RV. Overall, good service received. 5 stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 13016

Biggest reasons for doing business at Motor Home Specialist is because of price and selection. The prices are wonderful and the quality of their coaches are excellent. The website was also helpful when making the decision to purchase here. The Thor Windsport has 2 half baths, which I really like. Ted in sales, made for a very smooth sales experience. Arturo was very thorough during the walk through. I received super service overall from MHS.

Stock: 13740

Went here because of their price, location and reputation. Prices are the best, bar none. They have outstanding motorhomes and wonderful service. Purchased a Thor Windsport and esp. like the 1 1/2 bath and sofa option. Lonnie helped to make the process painless. Bryson was very informative during the walk through of the Windsport. Will definitely be a referral of Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 13927

MHS has a variety of quality motorhomes to choose from at excellent prices. The Thor Windsport has 2 a/c's, a 50 amp service, and a front sun shade which are some of my favorite features. David was fantastic to work with. The closing portion of the interaction was comprehensive and quick. Bryce did the final walk through on the Thor Windsport, which was excellent. 5 star service received from MHS.

Stock: 10731

Price! Price! Price! You have such a variety of quality coaches to choose from. We ended up purchasing a Thor Windsport and especially like the 1 1/2 bath, windows at the head of the bed, cameras and the theater seats. Buck was wonderful. He was helpful and answered all of my questions and provided us with good information. The finance portion of our experience was a piece of cake. We received superior service from MHS. Lee performed our final walk through and was so patient and friendly. We are total newbies so he gave us very clear step by step instructions for all these systems and equipment. Lee answered so many questions and did it with a friendly sense of humor. Lee worked through our punch list and pointed out and fixed a few other things that needed it. When he needed to have another technician to assist, they worked together with fraternal respect and cooperation. We left MHS with confidence that our new motor home would let us tour the United States for many years to come.

Stock: 31519

I really like how everything was handled at MHS. They said what they could do and they made it happen. Great pricing. Good RVs. Great overall service. The Windsport is the right size for us and I really like the kitchen, TV, and color scheme. It was a pleasure doing business with an honest company!

Stock: 10726

No sales pressure & quick processing. 5 star rating. Really like the size and power drivers chair in our new Thor Windsport. David made for a easy and fast sales experience and Chris was thorough and pleasant to work with. Will refer this business to friends and family.

Keep up the good work! We will tell everyone our excellent experience with your company. And this means a great deal to us. Have a wonderful year! :) *****!