Stock: 15221

10 out of 5 stars! The product lines and quality of RVs that Motor Home Specialist has to offer is excellent. The prices they offer are very competitive and some lower than what you will be able to find. We were able to check out what they have to offer from their website. Carl Lewallen and David Garza were both very smooth and made our entire sales and closing process an excellent one. Arturo was also very good to work with during our walk-through. We recommend MHS to anyone!

Stock: 18186

This purchase was better than our first motorhome purchase. From the phone call to the drive out to the salesperson (Marty) and our finance guy (Chris). Nothing more to say but that we are extremely pleased! Feels like family! Thank you very much!

Stock: 15230

We got our 18 Thor Challenger from MHSRV because of the excellent price and quality they had to offer. Justin helped us during the sales and closing process and made it pleasant and efficient. Omar took us on our walk-through and it went perfectly. Thank you MHSRV!

Stock: 15223

We came to MHSRV because every product I was looking for was available and competitively priced. The prices were very reasonable and quality of the RVs were top notch. Jordan made the sales process pain free and the closing experience quick and concise. Mat gave us an excellent walk-though. At this point I feel like we made the right choice coming to MHSRV.

Stock: 14665

MHS has nice people to deal with; everyone was very helpful during my experience. It was actually the good prices and overall customer reviews that had me purchasing here. I really like the 3 room layout and cabinet space in my new Thor Challenger. Jimmy Campana made for a great sales experience. The finance portion of this experience along with the final walk through with Martin were both great. The MHSRV website was really helpful as well.

Stock: 14663

We went with MHSRV because of their availability and prices, which are the lowest we’ve seen. We worked with John who helped to make an excellent sales experience. We purchased a Thor Challenger and especially like the floorpan in the RV. The walk through with Stephen was very thorough. Highest rating for Motor Home Specialist! They are so helpful here. We will recommend you to friends and family going forward.

Stock: 13952

I can’t thank you guys enough for my experience in purchasing a new RV. Everyone (Coach, Billy, Curtis, Mat and Robert) was extremely nice and very diligent in helping me through the process. Doing this all on line was scary in the beginning but when I arrived at your dealership I realized I was dealing with professionals and not just a dealer. You can own a dealership or you can provide a the means to be a great dealership. MHSRV definitely provides the means and professionalism that goes with a great dealership. From your on-site ( and free I might add) Restaurant for customers to the Service area and the delivery process you guys made it all feel right and never once did I feel like I was making a mistake or have second thoughts.  What an experience and process! It was simply an awesome way for me to feel good about buying new when I normally would not. When my wife and I started our RV search a few years ago it was crazy. We spend over a year looking at different coaches and went to dozens of dealerships in several states. None of the other dealers we visited holds a candle to what MHSRV has in a dealership! Keep in mind I said we looked for over a year! We ended up purchasing from an individual because no dealer made me feel good about our purchase! But that was all erased when I drove on to the MHSRV lot. The minute I arrived in my old RV I was absolutely blown away!! Just the sheer size of the place is awesome! But seeing all those RV’s hooked up like a campground that was just the best! Each one I walked in was like walking into my own. The lights were on and the AC was blowing cold and it was just remarkable!  I was even given a golf cart to ride around on without a salesman to tag along! What?! That’s crazy!! Who does that?! MHSRV does, that’s who! Guys, this was simply the best way to end the search for a new RV. Now there is one negative to this purchase. Sorry to end this on a bad note but when I got home my wife loved it and said to me; you better get me a Washer and Dryer in here. When I asked why she said “we’re going to be doing a lot of traveling.” J So now I got to find her a Washer and Dryer. But on the good side of that, during my deliver process Mat told me the hook ups were there so that’s good! I can’t say enough about how great this experience was and how great you guys were! In the great words of John Fogerty: Put me in Coach, I’m ready to Play! ( I mean RV ) From the bottom of our hearts, Thanks Coach and all of you at MHSRV!!! God bless you all!!

Stock: 13958

The experience was superb. Everyone including the COO got involved to do one thing “they made things right!” This was the most credible dealer experience ever! I will absolutely be a referral of Motor Home Specialist! Not only do they offer the best prices, a great selection, but also provide 5 star service! Brandon Murphy was very nice to work with and Arturo delivered a perfect walk through of my new coach. 5 star experience overall.

Stock: 14664

5 star rating for MHSRV. Good prices and great service! Their lineup of motorhomes is also very good. I really like the floor plan in the Thor Challenger. I purchased with John who was easy going and offered no pressure. Martin did a thorough walk through of the Challenger. I'll be sure to recommend friends and family to MHSRV.

Stock: C1914

We chose to do business with Motor Home Specialist mostly because of price, service, quality, and their reputation. Mitch in sales was no pressure and did an excellent job at the walk through of the Challenger. We really wanted to buy private party. This was even better. There was no pressure, just help to find the best fit.

Stock: 13950

Good prices and great motorhomes at MHS. I worked with Buck Buckner who did a great job during the sales process. I purchased a Thor Challenger and really like the bunk house, cabinets and interior color. Matt Goodin did an excellent job during the walk thru of the new coach. 5 star rating for MHS.

Stock: 13394

Billy and Mitch were a pleasure to deal with. I was very pleased with the process. At Motor Home Specialist, they offer reasonable prices, exceptional coaches, and great overall service. Of all the features in the Thor Challenger, my favorites would be the bunks, fireplace, fridge, wood, and bath and 1/2. Mitch was friendly and easy to work with. The finance portion of my experience was great and easy. Also, Collin performed a thorough walk through of my new Challenger. I'll be a referral of this operation.

Stock: 13956

This was the best deal. Very good prices and selection at Motor Home Specialist. The service we received was excellent. We were taken care of very well. Bryson did an excellent job walking us thru the new RV and John did a very good job and made the sales experience convenient. We will be referrals of this company.

Stock: 13947

MHS was the nearest THOR dealership. They offered good prices and good personnel which is why I purchased from them. The Challenger has many great features, but my favorites are the floorpan, bathroom, outside colors and all the reviews. Jordan Buckley delivered an easy, A+ sales experience. Lee was great during the walk thru. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and professional at MHS.

Stock: 13703

Marty was great and helpful. Mark was great to get me the info I requested. This was the easiest process I have experienced. Really like the sleeping arrangements in my new Thor Challenger. 5 star service for Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 14659

We chose to purchase our Thor Challenger with Motor Home Specialist becuase of their selection of inventory and competitive pricing. We especially like the 3 slides and bath and a half in the Challenger. The sales process with Ted went very smoothly and he had a great follow thru. Martin was also very informative during the walk through process. All persons involved in our transaction were very helpful and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a motorhome. They made it extremely easy to do business!

Stock: 13957

Mostly because of the very competitive prices they offer. Mitch Bennet helped to sale us a 2017 Thor Challenger. We really like the size of the Challenger. The sales experience and overall service received from Motor Home Specialist during our visit, was good.

Stock: 13508

MHS as lots to pick from and great prices, and friendly sales people. Prices are lower than anyone else and they have top quality coaches. Lonnie was excellent to work with during the purchase of our Challenger. We really like the unit's LED lights, overall design, and everything is on one remote. The walk through with Collin was great and very informative. Excellent service at Motor Home Specialist.

Stock: 12834

It was the friendless of the sales people that influence our decision to buy from here. The MHSRV website also aided in our decision to purchase from here. Great service from Lonnie and the rest of the team. Purchased a Challenger and like the bunk house in the RV. Stephen did a great job during the walk through and was informative. Super service at MHSRV - 5 stars.

Stock: 12933

We chose Motor Home Specialist because of their excellent inventory and pricing. Service here was excellent. Both Marty and Chris did an excellent job assisting us in the purchase of our new coach. We especially like the theater seats in our Thor Challenger.

Stock: 13949

MHS is close to home. Great prices & super RVs. The sales process was professional. Calvin and Billy were 1st Class! Very enjoyable to work with. Even the finance and closing experience was professional / relaxed. Matt did a great job as well during the walk through. He was very thorough.

Stock: 13393

reviews, price, and selection. They have amazing prices at MHS. Calvin in sales was effective and efficient. Stephen also did a good job at the final walk through of our new Thor Challenger. We've already referred friends and family to MHS.

Stock: 14975

Prices here are unbeatable. The quality of their RVs are 100% as discussed. Purchased a Thor Challenger with Justin. His sales process was smooth and delivered A+ service. I really like the big kitchen size in this coach. Bryson did an excellent final walk through. Overall, excellent service at MHS. 5 stars. Great, smooth process. Thank you!

Stock: 10951

It was the product selection. MHS has great RVs at very fair prices. Carl did a good job. We really like the Thor Video and MHS website; both were also helpful when making our decision to purchase here.

Stock: 12932

High quality selection of RVs at MHSRV. Brandon did a good job selling me the Thor Challenger. I really like the king bed in the new RV. Good walk through with Arturo. I would give 5 stars for MHSRV.

Stock: 11823

The service here at MHS was outstanding. Low prices and great motorhomes. Billy is easy to do business with and Arturo was great!! Everything in our new Challenger is marked well and pretty self-explanatory!

Stock: 11827

You had the styles we liked at a great price. Ted, our salesman was very knowledgeable. Mat performed our walk through and was very thorough. We will be referrals of this dealership.

Stock: 12494

Family fun environment at Motor Home Specialist. We really like the living space and outdoor kitchen in the new Thor Challenger. Kris and Lee were good to work with and we received a good walk through of our new motorhome.

Stock: 11824

Really like the bunks and auto generator of the Thor Challenger. Worked with Ted at MHS who did a good sales job. Arturo did a great walk through of my new motorhome. Over, great 5 star service.

Rodney did a good job. It was a great price and answered all of my questions directly! Excellent RV selection. I liked where the TV was located in the Challenger. The MHSRV website was also helpful. I will definitely refer my friends and family to purchase from here.