2013 Monaco Diplomat Review, Diesel Pusher sold to Muniz of Uvalde, Texas

We live in:
Texas , United States

We bought a:
Monaco Diplomat , Diesel Pusher

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Why did you choose Motor Home Specialist?

The prices are very reasonable! The quality is outstanding! Carl Lewallen was very nice, friendly and truthful. Steven who performed our walk-through was also very patient & thorough.

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What would you say was your main reason for deciding to purchase from MHSRV?

friend recommended

How would you describe the prices at MHSRV?

very reasonable!

How would you describe the quality at MHSRV?


Who was your salesman?

Carl L.

How would you describe your sales process?

very nice, friendly & truthful

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Who performed your walk-through?


How would you describe your walk-through process?

very patient & thorough

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